Colorado Girl Scouts Get the OK to Sell Cookies Outside Marijuana Dispensaries

The politics of legal pot are all over the map. What’s permitted in some places regarding legal weed can be frowned upon in other areas (even where weed is legal). And while one Girl Scout in California has been investigated for selling her (cookie) stash outside a recreational dispensary, Girl Scouts in Colorado have been given the go-ahead.

That’s right. Colorado Girl Scouts are now permitted to sell cookies outside marijuana dispensaries. The Girl Scouts of Colorado updated their policy for 2018 cookie sales to treat “adult-orientated” businesses (such as marijuana dispensaries) the same as other businesses.

Colorado Girl Scouts Now Allowed to Sell Cookies Outside Pot Shops, Tattoo Parlors, and Other Adult Businesses

“(Potential Cookie sales) sites are now all treated the same,” says Anne Marie Harper, Girls Scouts council spokeswoman, “and approval of those sites is contingent on whether or not they meet our guidelines and safety requirements.”

Harper says that “safety is the biggest concern.”

Safety issues that have been considered include where the business is located, as well as the distance from roadways and traffic where Scouts are selling cookies, according to Harper.

In a statement emailed to the Denver Post, Girl Scouts of the USA officials said, “Decisions regarding where, when, and under what circumstances girls can sell Girl Scout Cookies are made by troop leaders, with guidance and oversight from local Girl Scout councils. Local councils and leaders are best situated to set safety parameters in keeping with the wellbeing of girls engaging in the cookie selling in their area.”

Expanded Opportunity for “Budding” Entrepreneurs

According to Harper, “We think the new policy empowers Scouts to be the best cookie entrepreneurs they can be.”

Before policy was updated, Girl Scouts were forbidden to sell cookies outside any adult-oriented businesses. Including pot shops. Now whether Girl Scouts want to sell Tagalongs outside a tattoo parlor, Do-si-dos by the local dive bar, or keep it classic with the Thin Mints outside a cannabis dispensary, they’ll be able to do so.

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