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Colorado Considers Dismissing Non-Violent Marijuana Charges

As marijuana sees freedom in legal sates across the country, people who’ve been previously charged with pot are also regaining the freedom they deserve. 

In a meeting yesterday morning, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper discussed efforts to dismiss non-violent marijuana convictions in the state.

Hickenlooper Speaks Up About Dismissing Non-Violent Marijuana Convictions in Colorado

Hickenlooper told Cheddar news network on Monday that he had spoken to a couple other governors “informally” about throwing out prior non-violent cannabis convictions.

Hickenlooper says there are approximately 40 cases in the state of Colorado where “we can be absolutely sure there was no violence involved in the sentencing.”

He also stated, “For several of the people, or a number of them, it was multiple times that they’d been arrested and prosecuted for marijuana or marijuana sales. So, we’re going to go back and look at those.”

He believes the right approach is to look at non-violent marijuana charges on a “case by case basis.”

California Also Clears Cannabis Convictions

Colorado isn’t the only state that looks towards getting rid of prior marijuana convictions. Cities across the state of California have also had recent discussions about erasing records that pertain to pot.

In San Francisco, District Attorney George Garson said his office will erase “thousands” of prior misdemeanor marijuana convictions, as well as review some 5,000 felony cannabis charges.

Officials in San Diego also said they will begin to help residents clear up former cannabis convictions. In San Diego, some 700 cases have already been sealed or reduced, with plans to review an additional 4,000.

According to Summer Stephen, interim San Diego district attorney, “We wanted to be proactive. It’s clear to us that the law was written to allow this relief, and its important that we give full effect to the will of the people, especially for those who are most immediately affected.”

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