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Colorado Proposes New Bill to Track Cannabis Sales

As advanced as Colorado’s legal cannabis industry may be, there are still a few things that haven’t been implemented. One of these is a system that tracks cannabis sales. Seed to sale tracking is nothing new, and there are several marijuana companies that use some type of seed to sale technology.

The fact that Colorado doesn’t have a system set in place for tracking sales might come as a surprise in the state that regularly experiences $100 million months in cannabis sales. This however, could soon be set to change.

Colorado Proposes New Bill for Tracking “Agent” to be Applied to Marijuana

The state of Colorado recently proposed a new bill that would track marijuana sales throughout the state. But they did so in a way much different from any other seed to sale tracking system that has thusly been implemented.

According to Senate Bill 18-092, the proposal has a somewhat distinctive way they plan to apply new changes. The bill reads:

“The bill requires the institute of cannabis research at Colorado state university—Pueblo to develop marijuana tracking technology. The technology must include an agent that is applied to a marijuana plant, marijuana product, industrial hemp, or industrial hemp product and then scanned by a device.”

What Will Tracking Agent Be? And How Will It Affect Marijuana?

The scan, according to the bill, will then be able to tell whether cannabis or hemp was grown, manufactured, and distributed legally or illegally. The “agent” lawmakers are referring to has not yet been specified. This has people left wondering exactly what it will be, and exactly how it might affect the marijuana plant.

If for some reason, the agent in question somehow alters the plant or seed at a cellular level, there could be some serious repercussions. The developed agent must meet current growing standards without compromising the natural structure of the plant.

Senate Bill 18-092 still must be approved by lawmakers before research for new Colorado marijuana tracking technology begins.

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