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Chronic Ailments relief with Medical Cannabis

Although a subject of mass controversy, medical cannabis has been gaining wide importance in the field of holistic medicine and therapy, offering relief to patients of chronic ailments such as cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder and ALS just to name a few. The active chemical components of medical cannabis have been scientifically proven to reduce pain and inflammation, soothe nerves, increase appetite and improve insomnia where other conventional medications and treatments have failed.

A study from Israel founded by Zach Klein, who graduated from The University of Tel Aviv’s Department of Film and Television Studies produced an extensive documentary highlighting the effects and benefits of medical cannabis on patients suffering from various chronic diseases. He called the film ‘Prescribed Grass’. Along the process of developing the film, Zach developed a close and keen interest in the medical uses and applications of medical marijuana and the scientific research behind it.

Medical Cannabis

Now, serving as a specialist policy-maker involving medical cannabis and also an MA student at TAU’s Porter School of Environmental Studies, he is now actively involved in conducting his own personal research about the benefits of using medical cannabis as a means of holistic treatment for numerous illnesses. A farm called Tikkun Olam which is also famous for the Jewish concept of healing the world, has been kind enough to provide Klein and his team of researchers, samples for testing the effect of therapy on 19 local residents from a local nursing home in Hadarim, Israel.

According to Klein, the results have been absolutely phenomenal. The treatment with medical cannabis not only resulted in exceptional physical improvements, including healthy weight gain, dramatic reduction in pain and tremors, but also saw a massive improvement in the mood, motor and communication skills of the patient. He states that in addition to providing relief, it also helps in reducing the need of chronic medications. Klein states that Israel is a world leader in the scientific research for medical cannabis.

Research on Medical Cannabis

THC, the active ingredient in marijuana has long been studied and proves to ease pain scientifically in cases of inflammation, tremors, nausea, mood and memory. During the course of the study, practitioners and other healthcare professionals at the Hadarim nursing home reported noticeable changes in the overall quality of life of patients treated with medical cannabis including better appetite, healthy weight gain, reduced muscle spasms and tremors and ease in completing daily routine activities. This resulted a major decline in the number of prescribed medications. Previously, patients took those medications for chronic ailments. These ailments include depression, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and other neuro-psychiatric conditions. Klein plans to start a new study on the effects of medical cannabis on dysphagia. One of the biggest obstacles for patients with chronic illnesses and a challenge for doctors treating them is food intake.

Klein explains, dysphagia can cause a drop in nutrition thus slowing down the healing process. He also believes that the active chemical ingredients in medical cannabis act as neurotransmitters in the brain, which in turn help with the muscles involved in swallowing reflexes, thus making it easier for the patient to swallow. Klein is confident in the prognosis of treatment with medical cannabis which he believes has miraculous healing powers. His research aim was to help thousands of individuals. Specially those who have tried conventional and other holistic treatments that have offered no hope.

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