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Cheryl Shuman – Beverly Hills “Cannabis Queen” Wants To Change The World

If you have women on board, you can change the cannabis game!

These words seem true around Cheryl Shuman – The marijuana activist and cancer survivor and founder of Beverly Hills Cannabis Club. The 57-year-old mother is the face of Moms of Marijuana, the largest activist groups for women in the industry. Shuman has decided to change the way the world perceives women who consume weed.


Shuman uses marijuana for a variety of medical conditions. She ingests the drug regularly via a morning marijuana smoothie, vaporizer, or food seasoning,

An American TV channel named her “Martha Stewart of Marijuana”.

Shuman’s Cancer and Cannabis

The eyeglasses store worker turned to be the most recognizable cannabis activists. Cheryl’s psychiatrist prescribed her marijuana in 1996 because of major anxiety disorders. In 2006 she was diagnosed with cancer and underwent a radical hysterectomy. Her condition went so worst that she started believing it was incurable.


She decided to treat herself with high-doses of marijuana oil, which she had to smuggle into the hospital. In next 30 days, she was off her IV morphine pump was able to bathe and walk easily. After 90 days, she resumed with her full-time job.

The Beverly Hills Cannabis Club

People associate pot with stoners. Celebs and high-profile folks don’t want to be known for that negative image. The club incepted with the idea of changing this public perception of weed in a specific group Shuman calls “High Society”. The club is striving to mix the cannabis and celebrity culture. It all started with an online social network of like-minded people.

The Beverly Hills Cannabis Club is the Starbucks of Pot Industry.


For cannabis connoisseurs seeking the very best of life, the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club is the essential luxury resource. The club showcases cannabis products and services from the most luxurious brands.  It also offers its members with detailed insight into a range of subjects such as 420 travel, fashion, vaporizers and much more.

Want to be a member of the club?

The candidates must be referred by an existing member of the club. They must complete the application process and approved by the board of directors. Members’ privacy and discretion are their top priorities. So, you can have a luxurious cannabis lifestyle in the safest atmosphere.

Encouraging women in cannabis industry

Cheryl Shuman is a marijuana expert for media and selling lots of pot accessories.  Besides these, she also guides other women to start their pot-related careers.


Shuman formed Women Grow in 2014. This networking group motivates women, through community and events, to join cannabis industry. She’s also the executive director of Moms for Marijuana. This group connects aspiring and current female professionals in the pot industry.

Helping opiate crisis in Ohio these days

She is working with the University of Jerusalem and a Canadian company called Medipure. The team has created a new prescription-quality cannabis compound to help combat the opiate crisis in Ohio, her home state. Shuman says it’s not synthesized, but molecular-level cannabis that replaces harmful substances like Suboxone. The best part – it’s covered by insurance.  s

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