Chelsea Handler is the Newest Woman in Weed

In an announcement on Instagram earlier today, comedian Chelsea Handler said that with recreational weed now available in California, that she’s ready to get into the green rush.

Who is Chelsea Handler?

For those of you not familiar with Chelsea Handler, she’s a comedian, late night talk show host, author, and entrepreneur. After doing standup she landed her own show in 2006, “The Chelsea Handler Show.” After two seasons, she moved on to another show called “Chelsea Lately” that ended up running for seven years.

She’s also got two shows on Netflix. “Chelsea Does” is a mini-documentary series that explores four topics: technology, racism, marriage, and drugs. “Chelsea” is a weekly Netflix series where she chats with dignitaries, celebrities, and surprise guests about education, health, sports, parenting, politics, and more.

Aside from all this, she’s also written five books, all of which have appeared on the New York Times Best Sellers List. She’s sarcastic and straight up…and undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s favorite women.

Never seen Chelsea Handler before? Check out the following interview on Ellen from 2016.

Chelsea Handler Loves Weed

Not only does Chelsea Handler support legal cannabis, she’s 100 percent outspoken about using it. She’s made reference to her marijuana use in her books, and even smoked with Willie Nelson on an episode of “Chelsea Does.”

And as far as legalization’s concerned, Handler believes all drugs should be legal “unless you’re an asshole when you’re on it.”

On Instagram, she said she was on her way to a weed farm to “pick a grow. It’s called a grow for those of you not in the know.”

She says, “I want people to understand that you don’t need to get blottoed. You can just get a nice buzz to take the edge off.”

While she hasn’t made an official announcement on her business plans, she’s on her way to becoming the newest woman in weed.

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