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Cheech Marin is Helping People Register Retail Cannabis Businesses in California

With legal recreational weed scheduled to start in California in just a couple weeks, Secretary of State Alex Padilla busy preparing the registry process for cannabis startup businesses. He’s getting by with a little help from his friends on this one, enlisting one of the most legendary potheads in history as one of the faces behind the registry process.

Cheech Marin is the New Face Behind Registering Retail Cannabis Businesses

Cheech Marin will be one of the people helping to register cannabis businesses in California. Marin recently starred in a promotional ad for new website, Cannabizfile, a site where prospective cannabis business owners can register their new businesses online. According to Padilla, who created the site, the first step for any budding cannabis entrepreneur needs to be registering with the secretary of state office.

The ad that runs about a minute long, has Marin’s face partially covered by a computer monitor as he answers the questions of a young women seeking to start a legal cannabis biz. At the end of the ad, Marin reveals his face, and the woman acts shocked to see the one of the most famous pot heads in history. You can check the ad out for yourself below.

Is Cheech Too Stoner Stereotypical?  

Cheech and Chong brought pot smoking to another level in the 70s and 80s, becoming a staple of pothead counter culture during this time. Although the dynamic duo has parted ways since blazing their way through an era gone by, the two will forever remain one of the most iconic pro-pot comedians in history.

While most people welcome Marin as the face behind cannabiz registration in Cali, not all view Padilla’s decision positively. Shayna Schonauer is a medical marijuana retail manager in California.

“We’ve worked really hard to kind of pull ourselves away from that to show that we are a legitimate business,” Schonauer said. “And that we’re not just your stereotypical stoners.”

Marin doesn’t feel the same.

“Who better to spread the news than Cheech?” he asked.

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