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How To Make A Career In Cannabis Industry?

With legal marijuana hailed as the new “gold rush,” professionals are flocking to what they see as the next big boom.


The legal marijuana industry will add over 80,000 jobs in the U.S. in coming years.

By 2021, the direct and indirect effect of recreational and medical cannabis will create an estimated 400,000 jobs, according to industry analysts ArcView Market Research.

However, with medical and recreational marijuana legal in many states, competition for work is fierce as people from other industries try to break into the sector.

If you dream of a master in the cannabis industry and want to make big out of it, you’ve to choose a career carefully. Let’s talk about some highly-rewarding careers in the marijuana business.

The highest paying jobs in the legal cannabis industry

Money-making potentials are endless for the talented workers in the cannabis industry. Let’s explore some great options here:

Store Manager


Cannabis retail outlets require managers that can do pretty well financially by earning around $75,000 annually. They also enjoy perks like vacation time, medical coverage, and bonuses on the top of standard pay. These can be substantial, especially when managing one of the more successful stores.

Cannabis Sales Representatives

Marijuana sales reps are responsible for visiting stores and dispensaries with the purpose of forging business relationships. These professionals must be knowledgeable about all aspects of cannabis industry – from products to all relevant regulations. A significant portion of sales representatives come from commission like traditional industry.

Dispensary Owner

Dispensary owner and store managers differ in many ways. Cannabis laws vary greatly by state. The owners must stay current and adhere to these laws strictly. They must fulfill all responsibilities of running a business. Successful dispensary owners often earn upwards of $100,000 as compensation for their efforts.

Grow Masters


Being a growing master is the most desired profession in the cannabis industry. Grow masters cultivate a range of marijuana strains, using their specific skill set, which is sold to clients. Best grow masters are high in demand and are highly paid. They can earn above $100,000 every year.

Edibles Chefs


Marijuana edibles chef’s job is much more than just cooking. Their job often revolves around the careful concentration of marijuana into safe doses. Depending on the business size and the talent level, these chefs can earn anywhere between $50,000 and $100,000 per year.


Medical dispensaries often keep security guards on staff. These guards check IDs and guarding privacy for customers. They also ensure that that money and product transfers go off without a snag. As the industry kicks off, there are more opportunities for cannabis security professionals in urban locations and storefronts.



Want a dream job position? Be a marijuana reviewer with sites like Leafly and Wikileaf. Strains differ in multiple ways, not just basic sativa or indicia, but hybrids and specialty-bred strains are also popular. Reviews are extremely valuable for medical customers, looking for high THC or CBS strains.

Finding a way to become a marijuana reviewer is difficult, but critics are always needed in every industry.




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