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Cannatonic: All You Need To Know About This Wonder Strain

With the ever expanding cannabis culture in the world today, more and more people are swaying in favor of legalization. Most of the states in US have put on a ban on this wonderful herb. Most countries in the world exercise this ban due to its drug like effects. People have a twofold view of cannabis intoxication. On one hand, the high can be amazing. On the other hand, this high is not advisable since you’re not at your best in its influence.

Doctors have carried out several research works and experiments to prove this wrong. Infact cannabis high can be really helpful in treating a plethora of diseases. Cannatonic is one such strain.

cannatonic, cannabis strains, marijuana strainsStrain Details

This particular strain is a high CBD product. It has higher proportions of CBD than THC. It is a hybrid between MK Ultra and G13 haze. Doctors and patients favor this strain a lot due to its healing properties. Inspite of some Indica features, Cannatonic sways greatly towards sativa.

The propertions of CBD and THC depends on the phenotype of the plants. The cultivator and cross-breeder is responsible for the CBD ratio in the strain. On one hand this strain is famous for producing 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. On the other hand, this same strain can have a ratio of 30:1 CBD to THC, or conversely 30:1 THC to CBD. The average percentage of CBD varies from 6-17%, whereas THC amounts are generally around 6%.

If you are growing this strain it is best if you perform a set of lab tests to determine the CBD to THC ratio. The strain is prepared depending on its usage.

cannatonic, cannabis strains, marijuana strainsCannatonic has a faint citrus/lemon aroma with a touch of earthly pine towards the end.

Effects and Uses

The high of this strain depends on the level of THC and CBD. If the THC content is higher it will generate a mild euphoric and uplifting sensation. In general, Cannatonic produces a pleasant and energizing head rush that will keep you calm and focused.

The THC is responsible for the slight psychoactive effects and the CBD is responsible for the light headedness, feeling of joy, ease and overall stress relief. With time, the head-focused effects will dissipate and generate a sedated and relaxed body-centered sensation.

CBD has anti-convulsant, anti-epileptic, anti-inflammatory and antiemetic properties. So doctors are prescribing Cannatonic to patients with muscle spasms, chronic and spinal pains.

Keeping all these points in mind, it is safe to assume that this strain is not just good for medicinal purposes, but also as a recreational drug to keep you stress free and happy.

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