Have You Explored The Health Benefits Of Cannabis Massage?

Cannabis is a wonder plant. Almost every part of the plant is used for some purpose or the other. The leaves and the flower are used for smoking purposes, the stem and roots are used for making various products. It is also used as industrial hemp. Inspite of all these aspects, cannabis is considered as harmful. The main reason behind it is because it generates psychoactive and hallucinogenic effects in the user.

Homemade cannabis (marijuana, hemp) oil in white bowl for the medical therapy, cannabis massageMarijuana is not just good for recreational usage or therapeutic usage. A new technique of usage of cannabis for the betterment of human kind has been introduced. It is called a cannabis massage. You need not worry, getting this massage or won’t get you high.

 Cannabis Massage

There are over a thousand masseuse services in the city of New York. There is just one masseuse who uses cannabis in her massages. Ellastina Gosein is the only licensed masseuse who uses cannabis in her therapy.

The process involves using cannabis infused lotion that is used to perform the massage. The cannabis massage gives the client a deep relaxing sensation of the mind and body. The cannabis infused oil was clinically tested and it contains industrial hemp. Since it does not contain any psychoactive compound, you will not be caught in a drug test.

Dr. Dara Huang, a fellow scientist, has concluded that this massage is completely safe and has no side effects. Due to the absence of any form of psychoactive compound, this therapy does not cause any of the general ‘high’ effects caused by marijuana.

Homemade cannabis (marijuana, hemp) oil in white bowl for the medical therapy, cannabis massageIngestion of marijuana means you are ingesting an amount of THC ranging from anywhere between 5-20%. A cannabis massage has no such effect and will not generate THC in your body. This means no matter how many of these massages you take, you will pass the drug test without any hassle.

Future Prospect

This massage therapy is clearly a very suitable and effective way of killing stress and helping you relax. Even though there aren’t many cannabis masseuses in the world today, the effects of a cannabis massage are being realized. Hopefully there will be more in the days to come.

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