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Cannabis & Injury: Can It Ease Spinal Pain?

Cannabis has varied usage in the market today. It is either used as a recreation drug to ease off and relax. Else it is used for medicinal and therapeutic purpose to treat various diseases and illnesses. Over the past few years scientists and doctors have conducted several researches and experiments to text the qualities of this wonder plant. Fortunately, many experiments have shown that cannabis does have a positive effect in treating the symptoms of a particular illness.

Cannabis is being used to treat diseases like nausea, sickle s\cell anemia, cancer, diabetes, AIDS, schizophrenia and many more. The strains have done wonders for some of the patients. When it comes to spinal pain and injury it’s a different ball game altogether.

spinal pain, chronic pain , pain medication, pain and marijuana, marijuana for painSpinal Pain

The spinal cord is a major part of the nervous system. It provides mobility to the body and acts as an information carrier between the brain and various parts of the body. Since this particular organ is a little delicate, it can be affected very easily. Spinal Pain is caused due to minimal or severe damage to the spinal cord. It can be a simple dislocated disc or it can be a major dislocation. The degree of pain depends on the type, severity and location of the injury.

The spinal cord allows you to perceive pain so even a little injury could upset your daily routine. These injuries are generally treated with various pain killers and opioids. Then again these default medication techniques have a lot of side effects and excessive usage of opioids can cause addiction.

Pain, painful, painfulness, spinal pain, pain medication, marijuana for painSpinal Pain and Marijuana

Doctors have undertaken various experiments to see if cannabis can help in reducing spinal pain. Up till now, the results have been mixed. Cannabis does not cure the pain in itself, but it does reduce the pain quite a bit. In severe cases, there is no option but to use opioids to provide temporary relief. In case of smaller injuries, the patient can undergo a cannabis medication course.

Scientists conducted a research with 42 patients suffering from spinal pain. Marijuana was used on some of the patients and the results were very good. Inspite of the psychoactive effects, cannabis reduced the pain temporarily.

All strains of cannabis cannot be used to treat spinal pain since the THC content and other factors vary. Only strains of Big Bud, Afgoo, Super Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue and Cannatonic can be used.

So cannabis can be used as a temporary solution to cure the spinal pain many patients suffer from and provide them with some relief.

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