Cannabis Infused Wine – What’s In Store for the Future?

With the governments waging major war on drugs, life of fellow marijuana users is becoming more and more difficult every day. Cannabis, the ‘wonder drug’ or the ‘Gateway drug’, whatever one decides to call it has a long list of factors to be considered. With advancement and leniency in medicine, doctors are now relying on weed to treat many forms of illnesses. The results have varied from person to person. In most cases, the patient has had a positive outcome.

The question that wrecks super minds of today is ‘What is the future of marijuana?’ Well, the answer to that is not that simple. The World could end up legalizing it completely or banning it completely. This theory has not stopped the pioneers of blending.

Bread goes well with some butter. Some whiskies leave a smoky aftertaste when drunk with a cigar in hand. What about weed and wine? Weed infused wine?

cannabis infused wine, weed infused wine, wine, red wine, medical marijuanaCannabis Infused Wine

At first thought one might consider the idea to be insane. Then came the first bottle of weed infused wine, and the speculators were blown away. The combination is excellent. Ganga and grapes complement each other in a very promising way. With the earthly sweetness of vintage grape juice and the erotic essence of ganja, this drink turned out to be a booming success.

The laws of the land are stringent and uncompromising. You will not be able to pick up a bottle of cannabis infused wine from your local liquor store. Consuming weed is still a sin in many countries of the world. The future seems oblivious of itself. There is no way of speculating on how things are going to end up.

 World's most popular addictions in wineglasses. Coffee, Chocolate, Wine, Cannabis, Tobacco, weed infused wine, cannabis infused wineAncient History

You would be quite surprised to find out that this drink is not a new trend. The Han Dynasty physicians infused marijuana into wine to knock patients out or relax them before a surgery. It was also given to patients suffering from acute pains or depression. Then came California in the late 70s and 80s. Pot Wine became a delicacy. There is still a mini distillery in California called Humboldt County which makes weed infused vodka.

 Walking into Future

The war on drugs has made making cannabis infused wine a risk. Anybody caught doing it commercially will be punished by law. It can still be made, but the process is long drawn and costly.

From where the world stands today, a future which has bottles of pot wine stacked up in your local F.L. Shop is bleak. The World will take time to compliment the taste of this delicacy.

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