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Cannabis Concentrates: Do You Know What You Are Smoking?

Cannabis is probably one of the most unpredictable drugs available in the market today. People share mixed feelings about this particular herb. For some it’s a wonder drug and a solution to all worldly problems. For some it’s harmful and they think it should be banned. Nevertheless, the use of cannabis has been prevalent for a long time now.

Cannabis can be taken into the system through various techniques. The most predominant method is smoking it. Some tend to mix it up with food and drinks and some use syringes. Even through there are various methods of intake, the effects on the human body remain the same. Only the degree of ‘high’ may vary at times.

Close up detail of marijuana oil concentrate aka shatter, cannabis concentratesCannabis Concentrates

A cannabis concentrate is a very potent high mass concentration THC extract. It can contain 40-80% THC and therefore the effects on the system are a lot more pronounced. The extract looks like thick honey or butter and is either ingested with food or drinks or vaporized. This product is mainly used in case of medicinal purposes. Due to its incredible ‘high’, it’s becoming more and more popular among stoners today.

What Extract are You Smoking?

There are various types of cannabis concentrates in the market and one is often not sure about which concentrate serves what purpose. Not all concentrates are suitable for smoking up or ingesting.

Here is a concise list of cannabis extracts everybody should know about.

A piece of cannabis oil concentrate aka shatter with glass tools isolated against black background, cannabis concentrates#1: Rick Simpson Oil

RSO is a highly potent essential oil extracted from marijuana leaves and flowers. It is mostly used for cancer and seizure patients. It can be ingested directly but the amount should be less.

#2: Live Resin

This is a rather new cannabis concentrate and provides a really blissful dabbing experience. With its rich flavor and taste it is pretty popular in the streets today.

#3: Shatter

This is probably one of the most common cannabis concentrates. It is highly potent and can contain up to 80% THC. This concentrate forms hard glass like structures and provide excellent dabbing experience.

 Cannabis extraction capsules infused with shatter isolated over black background, cannabis concentrates#4: Bubble Hash

This is a variety of hashish that bubbles on being heated. This product is extracted from the plant’s flower and broken down into powdery state which can be then rolled.

#5: Budder

This is a less potent cannabis concentrate that is viscous in nature. It looks like ear wax or say whipped butter. Due to its fluid nature it is workable and can be used naturally before dabbing.

These are some of the more available extracts in the weed market today. Make sure you understand the purpose of each product before indulgence.

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