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3 Easy Steps To Flushing Your Cannabis For Better Buds

Cannabis users are a bit divided over whether they should flush the cannabis or not.  Flushing Cannabis is a process in the cultivation cycle that coaxes out the flavor. Flushing increases the smoke ability of the product, making it all the more valuable. The process of flushing cannabis involves the use of pure water at a particular time that leads up to the harvest. With this, nutrients can be leached from the root zone. Here is how you can flush your Cannabis in 3 easy step and get better buds:

better buds, cannabis budsStep 1: pH test the water

Drench the soil completely with double the water compared to the soil. To get the best-filtered water for cannabis, use an air stone or carbon filter. This will aerate the soil and remove compounds, like chlorine. You then have to pH test the water. This ensures that the cannabis plants are at an optimal range. The optimal range is anywhere between 6.0 and 6.8 for the soil. In some hydroponic systems, the pH can be as low as 5.8. If the flushing water is not pH tested, it is possible that metals and salts are not removed during the process.  Some growers also check the total dissolved solids with the help of a meter. However, this is not necessary for a home grower.  This is the first step towards ensuring butter buds.

Step 2: Flush until drainage runs clean

The next step would be to water the plants. Water the plants until the drainage underneath runs clean.  The initial drainage will contain soil lumps and the water might be murky and brown. Continue draining until the water becomes clear. Once you are done with that, let the soil dry. You need to decide whether you need to flush the plants again.

marijuana bush on a background of the cloudy sky at sunset, better budsStep 3: Let it cure

Once you have decided that you no longer need to flush the product, let it dry on its own. When it comes to drying and curing, the slower the better. Make sure that you are carrying out the drying process away from the dangers of contamination, molds and mildew.  You can then move the buds from the stems from drying to curing when the stems inside the buds can be snapped easily.

The best way to complete the curing process is by using size appropriate mason jars with wide mouths. Using a food-grade desiccant also helps maintain the best moisture levels while curing. You can also use a 62% humidity pack for better curing. So, these are some of the ways of creating better buds. What’s your secret?

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