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Canadian Community College Offers Cannabis Cultivation Courses

There are already a few higher education facilities that have dedicated classes to the study of cannabis. Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California is one of the most renowned, and THC University allows you to take cannabis courses online at your leisure. A community college in Canada is the latest to develop a cannabis curriculum of their own.

Students Will Learn How to All About Cannabis Cultivation at one New Brunswick Community College

Dieppe Community College in New Brunswick sits close to Organigram, one of two licensed medical grow facilities in the province. Dieppe and Organigram teamed up and received $70,000 from the federal government to offer free tuition to the first 25 students that enroll in the program.

The first group of students in the cannabis cultivation began classes in November. They will learn the science and craft of growing cannabis in a 12-week course designed to “develop an understanding of all aspects of the cultivation of medicinal cannabis and the process and factors influencing the quality of the products.”

What Will Students Study?

Over the 3-month course, students will study exactly what plants need to achieve maximum growth, health, and quality flower production. They will learn how to maintain high standards when growing, as well as the best methods for sanitization, preparation, cleaning, packaging, storage, and delivery of the final product.

Subject areas of the course include:

  • Production of cannabis for medical uses
  • Plant biology: morphology, photosynthesis, nutrition
  • Cannabis life cycle
  • Plant propagation (seedling and cuttings)
  • Climate control systems and probes calibrations
  • Irrigation systems installation and controls
  • Identification and control of major plant diseases
  • Flowers harvesting
  • Post-harvest operations
  • Material disposal and traceability
  • Plant transportation
  • Stock plants maintenance
  • Tools operation, testing and calibration

In the end students will know how to grow high quality, medicinal cannabis, essentially becoming the future that will lead this rapidly growing industry. According to Michel Doucet, “It’s a science-based program. Horticulture-based-so vegetation, plant care, control, environment, the watering, the elements that are required for successful growth.”

This is the first course of its kind to be offered in Canada, one that will perhaps serve as a model for other cannabis curriculum to develop. In an industry that is reportedly going to be worth $30 billion worldwide in just a few years, individuals with extensive knowledge about all things cannabis are undoubtedly needed.  

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