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How Can I Start My Child on CBD Oil?

For general education, I can’t recommend enough Dr. Bonni Goldstein’s book, Cannabis Revealed. You can read extra tips for treating epilepsy from her here.

Create a treatment plan and take good notes.
There is a comfort that comes with having a plan. Creating clear treatment goals and steps for how to get there are important because its very easy to get scared and go rogue. Especially parents weaning pharmaceutical medications and contending with withdrawal effects.

You can find a commonly used dosing calculator there. One awesome human created the CBD dosing app for your phone. There is also the Seizure Tracker and other apps that can track issues.

Educate yourself about the options.

Dr. Bonni Goldstein’s new book is a great resource for learning what all that means. You also may have heard of Epidiolex, the GW Pharmaceutical CBD product currently in clinical trials. This isn’t really the same thing, but sort of and there are advantages to the pharmaceutical model. Know that a variety of people are working hard to increase our options.

Tell your doctor.
Its really better for everyone. Cannabis is a really big topic in healthcare right now, I’m guessing you won’t be their first parent to ask about it. If your doctor isn’t “supportive”, there is either a good reason to be considered, or you need to find a more progressive physician. In San Diego, this doesn’t have to be a problem and you can find a list of doctors we’ve used here. Regardless of where you live, connecting with other families is the best way to find other doctors who are generally open (Facebook remains an excellent resource for networking all things pediatric cannabis). While most doctors typically don’t offer much guidance when it comes to how to treat with cannabis (and this isn’t the doc to provide a medical marijuana recommendation either), doctors are still key members of your child’s treatment team. They’ll order and interpret all your child’s diagnostic tests, blood work and help you manage potential drug interactions and weans.

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