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Can Marijuana Help OCD?

Marijuana is like an idiosyncratic drug. Its effects are varied and it is not constant. Different people have different reactions to cannabis. Even if you use for recreational purposes, you can experience some side effects. So when the question, can marijuana be used as a medicine, arises, the opinions are varied. Majority of the population still consider it as harmful, but there’s always a silver lining.

Cannabis has been used for treating many diseases over the years and the effects have been mixed. In most cases, the patients have had a positive outcome. In some cases the effects were not pronounced and in the rest, patients’ health conditions deteriorated. So can cannabis actually help OCD? The answer is in the smoke.

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The abbreviation OCD stands for Obsessive-compulsive disorder. This is a type of anxiety disorder seen in people with above average intelligence. The symptoms are varied and are different in different people, much like cannabis itself. Some individuals with OCD tend to wash their hands continuously. They keep repeating a certain phrase or a ritual. For some patients its excessive hoarding and extreme paranoia. At the initial stages there is an obsession to undertake a particular task over and over. Then it turns into compulsion. If not treated, it will reach an extreme level.

Doctors throughout the world still prescribe anti-anxiety or anti-depressant pills to help OCD. These meds have a lot of side effects and there is no real output.

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 Cannabis on OCD

Treating OCD with cannabis has had mixed results in the past few years. For some patients, the effects were really good. They found their moment of peace. Some patients complained that cannabis made them lose their self-control. Before one goes ahead and starts taking weed, one has to go to an experienced physician.

The effects of cannabis on OCD patients are sometimes unpredictable, therefore it is necessary to undergo a system scan and see if it would be of any use. When choosing the right strain, one should opt for cannabis indica instead of sativa. Research has proved that cannabis indica has helped many patients in the past.


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