Can you grow cannabis with bag seeds?

You’ve probably stared at your bag seeds and wondered if you could just stick them into some mud and enjoy the harvests later. Yeah, it’s amazing if you’re growing outdoors because you can afford to use your space for some bag seeds, but if growing indoors is your only option, stop right here. We’ve all wondered at some point if it’s possible to grow cannabis with bag seeds. We’ve all been there.

Every grower perhaps has that Eureka moment where he realizes that he doesn’t have to depend on his dealer anymore. The weed he smoked is perhaps spectacular, so the seeds must be the same too, right? Wrong. Let’s get the bag seed issue out of the way before you even think of growing. It’s cheap, yes, but you’re wasting all the money you’ve spent on nutrients, soil, electricity, and other supplies.

I know what you’re thinking. How could you possibly waste money on free seeds? Well, for starters, if growing bag seeds had decent results, most of the growers would have been perfectly content, but unfortunately, there are no guaranteed results with such seeds.

It’s very tempting to grow bag seeds when you’re a beginner because the seeds found in reputed companies are expensive, but I’ll remind you again – don’t waste your time. It’s like getting something free from your friend only to realize later that it’s useless.

When I started growing cannabis, the first thing I thought was the bag seeds. I had a great Sativa strain with me, and I couldn’t wait to try it out. So, without much ado, I planted the seeds. The first problem was that I hadn’t researched much, and whatever little research I did made it sound like growing cannabis with bag seeds was the simplest thing on earth.

After a few days, the plant picked up speed, and everything was great until I realized that it refused to flower. I kept waiting until months passed by. Note that I had spent quite a good amount on electricity, supplies, fertilizers, and soil by then. It was frustrating but I decided to wait. But, after six months, I decided to give up because it was just a futile effort.

Granted that bag seeds are free, but you’ll end up wasting your money. Also, another important factor to consider is that you might have hermies. The street weed you score is filled with seeds, but what we really need are sinsemilla buds that are completely free from seeds. Basically, sinsemilla is nothing but potent marijuana that’s grown in great conditions while preventing pollination.

By preventing pollination, we aim to avoid seeds, and with no seeds, you get the best bud you can hope for. So, if you grow cannabis with bag seeds, you not only waste your money, but you also have to settle for buds that are not as potent as you want them to be.

So, stick to seeds you can buy from a company you trust, and you’ll be fine. Of course, you can grow your own seeds, but hold your horses because it’s a little complicated to understand if you don’t know the basics of growing. The next time someone asks if you can grow cannabis with bag seeds, you know what to say!

If you want to start from scratch, read Guide for Noobs: The Basics of Growing Marijuana and you’ll be producing top-class bud in no time!

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