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Can Cannabis Help you Avoid Menopausal Weight Gain?

Cannabis can do many wonderful things – and one that many women swear by is the lack of menopausal weight gain. So, does this really work?

Though cannabis is often associated with the munchies, recent research in humans has found that cannabinoids THCV and CBD may be useful in regulating metabolism and staving off type 2 diabetes.

Both cannabinoids improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the build up of liver fat. Animal studies have found that CBD is a mild appetite suppressant, encouraging weight loss.

The weight loss potential of cannabinoids has even gained the attention of the pharmaceutical industry. The anti-obesity drug Rimonabant was a synthetic cannabinoid that helped patients lose weight, decrease waist circumference, and increased good cholesterol.

However, Rimonabant just-so-happened to block a cell receptor that is critical to maintaining mood. So, it was pulled from the market after it caused patients to become suicidally depressed. It’s important to note that real cannabis is not associated with this risk.

And hey – if the synthetic cannabinoid worked for weight loss, why shouldn’t the real thing?

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