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Can Cannabis Cure Skin Cancer and Other Skin Diseases? Interview with Aracelis Vidal

Episode 127 - Aracelis Vidal

Aracelis Vidal‘s cannabis journey started about three years ago. When she learned about the cannabinoid receptors within the human body, she began taking CBD like a multivitamin.

With the incredible results that she felt, she started studying the homeopathic attributes of the plant and stumbled upon Rick Simpson’s unique extraction method that creates a super-concentrated, potent CBD that cured his skin cancer.

Using this method, Aracelis created a formula for a CBD topical, and the results were terrific. Together with her husband, she has created many cannabis products.

In today’s episode, Aracelis talks about her company, Goddess Oils, and why their products are the best in the market, how she got involved with the Psoriasis Foundation, and how she is giving back to the community.

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The universe is abundant and there’s enough for everyone to make a business of and be successful. – Aracelis Vidal

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

3:43 – Aracelis Vidal’s cannabis journey
6:50 – What makes her products the ultimate moisturizer
14:06 – Giving back to the community
24:00 – Biggest challenges in scaling the business
34:32 – Next phase: expanding the business

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Sonia Gomez: What’s up, guys? Sonia Gomez coming to you from Denver, Colorado on another rock your socks episode of The Hemp Revolution Podcast, where we are sharing and telling the real story of cannabis from the eyes of the entrepreneurs and changemakers who are pushing the industry forward. 

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If you are a budding entrepreneur or established business owner with a cool story or perhaps you’re hitting some brick walls or glass ceilings, shoot me an email. I’d love to hear your story,, and let’s get to know each other a little bit better. 

As you know, a lot of my mission and focus here in 2020 has been around minorities and women or the lady bosses in the cannabis and hemp industry and today is no different. I have found yet another incredible lady boss in this space, who started in the industry three years ago with a processing facility in Spokane Valley. 

There she created, along with her husband, many cannabis products and this is where she learned the difference between CBD and THC, When she learned about all of the cannabinoid receptors within the human anatomy she began taking CBD like she would any other multivitamin and really loved what she felt and how she felt at working with her body. 

She started studying the homeopathic attributes of the plant and stumbled upon Rick Simpson and his unique extraction method that creates a super-concentrated, potent CBD that actually cured his skin cancer. She created a formula using this method as a CBD topical and has have been experiencing and sharing in some incredible results. 

What I love about this is not only is she a woman in cannabis, but she is a, like me, a minority woman in cannabis and I believe that we are misrepresented, underrepresented and don’t have too many opportunities to share not only our passion but our purpose with the world that is behind our projects and companies.

So, put your hands together and help me welcome a fellow lady boss in the cannabis space, Aracelis Vidal. How’s it going?

Aracelis Vidal: Oh, wow, Sonia. That was so beautiful. What a beautiful intro. Thank you so much. I’m so honored to be here with you.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. Awesome. I’m so excited to have you on the show. Welcome to The Hemp Revolution. I have done some pretty extensive research into you and your company and all the things that make you amazing, but my audience has not been so lucky. So why don’t you just quick and dirty, tell us a little bit about who you are, what your background is, and how you ended up in the cannabis craze?

Aracelis Vidal’s Cannabis Journey

Aracelis Vidal: Absolutely. Well, I’m very much, like you said in your intro, I did start in the industry about three years ago with my husband with the processing facility. That’s where I learned about the homeopathic attributes of the plant. I am an Earth goddess. I live here in the beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. It’s right by Washington where I have my processing facilities and facility.

I’m always looking for nutrients and herbs that heal the body. And so when I learned about the homeopathic attributes of the cannabis plant, that it wasn’t just about the psychotropic which is the feel-good, you know the THC. I started studying it and taking it myself and like you said I came across Rick Simpson. 

And after reading his story, I only used natural oils on my skin. So I created a formula using this Unique extraction method. And I started to use it and I saw amazing results. And people would ask me about– here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s very dry, the skin. And with my formula, I was able to maintain suppleness, almost like a dewiness to my skin throughout the day. 

Women would ask me about it, and I said, you know, what, and then the legalities, you know, the Farm Bill, the President, took CBD off of the title one, and it just all kind of came together where I could take it to market, kind of the shackles were removed from the holistic part of the industry, and I was able to bring this product to market and it’s been doing very, very well, Sonia. Very, very well. 

Sonia Gomez: Well we know it ain’t doing bad because you wouldn’t be on here telling me about– she’s like oh I built this product and it fucked up. That is not the story we are here to tell. 

Aracelis Vidal: Yeah, right right. 

Sonia Gomez: I’m so excited and I’m like sitting here thinking to myself the Pacific Northwest is dry compared to what because I’m over here in the Rocky Mountains, one mile up into the sky with the moisture is quite literally non-existent. And being in California [crosstalk] 

Aracelis Vidal: I’ve got you.

Unknown Speaker: [crosstalk]

Aracelis Vidal: I’ve got you. I’ve got you, Sonia. I really do.

Sonia Gomez: It is dry over here. And I was like, looking on the camera and I was like, is that a fold or is that [unitelligible]

What Makes Her Products the Ultimate Moisturizer

Aracelis Vidal: Right, right, right. To continue on a little bit about my product and what’s so unique to my product to other CBD on the market, and that’s something that’s kind of a little frustrating. I’m sure, you know, there’s a lot of shite out there. 

I only make four quarts at a time. I have it all tested Of course by Trace Analytics here in Spokane. Quality is really, really important to me. And using the Rick Simpson extraction method, I was able to create a very concentrated CBD. 

My initial market was the beauty industry. And so I would reach out to different spas and whatnot and because it’s a strong anti-inflammatory, right so when these spas do any kind of invasive procedure like microdermabrasion, chemical peel or anything, I suggest that they finish up with my goddess oils because it’s going to maximize whatever they’ve done exponentially but it’s going to heal the skin in a beautiful way. It is the ultimate moisturizer. It’s it blows any serum lotion. 

A lot of shite that you see. I know I can curse but I don’t really curse in life but there’s a lot of shite on the commercial market. Millions of dollars of marketing, but it’s all nonsense. I mean collagen, the molecules are too large to absorb in the skin so it just lays on the top of the skin. 

I used to buy the most expensive, you know what you can get at the drugstore and either broke me out, it seems the more expensive it would break me out. So that’s why I took the holistic route. 

But back to what I was saying about the spa. So I have sample bottles. I make an appointment. I go out there, I leave a couple of sample bottles and my product speaks for itself. You know, I say okay, just give me a call, you know. 

So I came across this woman at Whole Body Medi Spa. Her name is Kendra, she’s the owner there. And she had psoriasis. And it was a very aggressive type of psoriasis. And so I went and I met with her and she just opened up to me and we just had a lovely conversation. She said, how to [unintelligible] that your product could help me? And, she lifted her shirt up, showed me that, you know, she had all over her stomach. It goes into her orifices, like her belly button, her ears and I said, I don’t know.

Honestly, Sonia, I did not know. But in my spirit, I felt like it could because you know, Rick Simpson, hey, it cured his skin cancer, you know, and this is, you know, maybe it could and I shouldn’t say cure because illegally, I can’t say cure, but it really helped. It really helped. 

There were some things that were different.

Yeah, something unique. So I said, you know, here are three bottles, that’s what I always do. Here are three bottles. Will you do me a favor? Will you please take a before and after picture for me? She said she would. She called me three days later and she said, Aracelis you will not believe what’s going on with my skin. I was like, well, what’s going on? You know? And she said it’s just you have to come and see me. 

So that was on a Thursday, I came and saw her on Monday. It was like night and day. And so I reached out to the Psoriasis Foundation. And I said, look, I think that I have something that can really help your clients. And so I just did stamp out I was a bronze sponsor just here fed past February 22, I was in Portland, I’m the first CBD company that they haven’t officially endorsed me but, you know, I was able to give out my pamphlets and my samples and stuff into the goodie bags. And they had me on their website so I say the kind of sponsor me, but I’m the first CBD so I mean, that’s huge. 

Sonia Gomez: Yeah.

Aracelis Vidal: Super huge. Yeah. So it’s branched out to something that I didn’t even expect but I am filled with such gratitude and happiness.

Amazing. Congratulations. What an incredible milestone to hit. I stand a little bit on the soapbox around women in cannabis and what we’re able to accomplish and this plant is actually very much feminine energy. It is a female plant. However, the majority of the people who will gain notoriety or that you will see in attendance at any one of these conferences happen to be a Caucasian male. 

Sonia Gomez: I always joke with my husband who is also like, he’s Dutch through and through. All this dark hair and all of the skin and I had myself a few blue-eyed, blond-haired babies. 

Aracelis Vidal: Me too. I am mixed, baby. She didn’t have blue eyes, but you know, I love all people. But the reality of the industry. 100% what you’re saying,

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, [crosstalk] I teach my husband all the time. I’m like, you must have some kind of karma with women, man. I’m telling you, you got all these mothers-in-law, you got me and your ex-wife, now you have three daughters and you work with cannabis like you have got some karma with women, you level up your game when it comes to the ladies.

I feel really honored and really excited about women in cannabis right now and our vision and the way that we are coming into the industry to really create change, but also how we’re holding each other accountable for how we are giving back to our communities and what the missions are behind our companies. 

I recognize something pretty unique in most of the women that I’m talking to, as we’re really thinking about, you know, the organizations or individuals that we can support who become a reflection of the success that we’re having. For you, as you are starting to hit these new milestones and growing and building your company and feeling the validation and acceptance from the communities that you’re serving, what is your plan for quote-unquote, give back? What are going to be some of the organizations or if you’re already giving back to it, how are you giving back to your community or to your clients as you build and grow success?

Aracelis Vidal: Absolutely. Great question. My brand is Goddess Oils, right? I’m very connected with the divine feminine energy and I get that from you too Sonia, just speaking with you. And so, for me, I believe that every woman is a goddess, right? And some of us have forgotten that, but I believe that.

What my company is founded on is, I’m a girl’s girl, right? Sisterhood. I love women. I’m not intimidated. I believe in sisterhood. If I uplift myself then I’m uplifting my sister. If I love myself, I love my sister, I’m uplifting my sister and she’s uplifting me. I feel that that bond that we’ve had that was back in ancient times has been broken manipulated. And that’s what I found my brand on is goddess and sisterhood and love. 

So, I’m particularly, specifically, about reaching back. This is a good example of reaching back. I hired my graphic artist, is a black woman. Her name is Cheryl. And I reached out to a few different graphic artists for bids for– She did my pamphlet, my logo, all that you see. And what she did is when she presented me a bid different than all– she was the only woman, all the other men. She gave me a mock. I told her what my principal was, what my seened the energy that I wanted to portray, represent. And she did a mock for me. And it was beautiful. And I said you’re hired, you know. So if I have an opportunity to have a talented woman, doesn’t matter what color she is, come across my threshold in business, and there’s an opportunity for me to either hire her or mentor her or uplift her in some way. I will do so.

Sonia Gomez: I love that. I’ve been doing a lot of volunteer work with women and families, particularly women with young children who are transitioning out of domestic violence situations or abusive situations and into transitional housing. And it’s kind of started out with like a spring cleaning. I want to get rid of some stuff. You know, where am I going to send all this stuff? I’m sick and tired of dropping stuff off by the truckload to Goodwill where, like, they literally have 100% profit margin where you like you drop off your stuff, they throw a price tag on it. And now there’s [crosstalk]

Aracelis Vidal: Yeah, yeah. My uncle told me about that. I had no idea. Yeah.

Yeah, it’s 100% profit and back in the day of Goodwill. It used to be way different where they actually did help people of all different capacities from living but now it’s like just normal people with anxiety disorders. I’m like, that’s it, buddy. You guys there’s nothing unique about your goodwill anymore. So I am a bit frustrated by that and I have like nice clothes for my kids and I have nice stuff for our family and I was like, I really want to see this go somewhere place where maybe they don’t have so much confidence or they don’t have so much self-assuredness on what’s going to happen next. 

Sonia Gomez: And I remember myself what it was like transitioning out of a domestic violent household and having to start completely over, literally only leaving the house with the clothes on my back. This woman that just took us into her home and let me and my two sisters and my mom start over in her home and provided everything that we needed and wanted and it was just like such a beautiful thing. So I started to get really active inside of that community to support these women, whether it was with furniture or clothing or whatever, it was a professional training. 

And then the other group that I’m really super passionate about is, I’ve been obsessing actually it’s somewhat of a problem at this point about human trafficking and the whole sex trade this like global sex trade thing that’s happening.

Aracelis Vidal: Absolutely. 

Sonia Gomez: And these women and young children that are being rescued from enslavement, and are rehabilitating. And so I tend to sponsor one or two of these people, whether it’s with clothing or what however it is just making sure that they have what they need. So those are some ways that we are giving back and just do everything that we can to so that our family and our community is a reflection of the success that we are building. 

And I think that that’s something that’s pretty unique about our industry is that the majority of business owners I know especially the successful ones are building in those things to where 10% is going into their nonprofit organization or they’re doing strategic partnerships with nonprofit organizations, and I think it’s just really beautiful work. 

You’re a first-generation in the United States, your family’s originally from Cuba, right? 

Aracelis Vidal: Yes, yes. Absolutely. 

Sonia Gomez: Amazing.

Giving Back to the Community

Aracelis Vidal: Yeah, absolutely. There’s a lot of truth to what you’re saying here, Sonia and I’m really enjoying this conversation. You were doing a podcast or not, I believe that. You will be in my life because I really enjoy your energy and conversation. What you’re saying about the industry and that altruism, I think it has a lot to do with the plant itself. Like you said, I believe it is, and it is, a gift from Mother Earth, right. 

So, you know, I am a businesswoman but I also am a humanitarian and I’m Earth goddess, and I’m very connected to Mother Earth. And I think a lot of people that are in the industry are kind of, you know, the older hippies that can also make a business out of it but I do believe and then you but you do have those other bigger companies that are trying to come in and then kind of moving away from that and really about mass profit and mass production, which puts a nasty taste in my mouth but I feel like the universe is abundant and there’s enough for everyone to make a business of this and be successful. But I think that human connection really comes from the planets itself.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I 100% agree and let to be clear and I do you want to be clear in this. The ones who are able to make the biggest difference, I hear this quite a bit in my work like, Oh, I do this because I want to help people like that’s cool girl, you can help people at the fucking, excuse my language, at the homeless shelter down the road, but I don’t [crosstalk], 

Aracelis Vidal: Right, right, right.

Sonia Gomez: Let’s be real, you’re in here to make money. Okay, and there’s no shame in your game like, own up to the fact that you want to build a profitable business, otherwise, you’re just running a hobby, and nobody is in this because they want to like have an expensive hobby and this is energetically emotionally spiritually physically taxing. 

This is an awesome industry to be a part of, no matter how incredible your product is. So let’s talk about the trials and tribulations of building a profitable business period. As an entrepreneur, when you make more money, you can make a bigger impact in whatever area that you’re passionate about and whatever it is [unintellgible]. Okay, so make your money, please, and have it be readily available to start making a difference, whether it’s in your life or your family’s life or whatever. 

So knowing that we’re in business to be in business and to build something profitable, and that can be a legacy for the next generation if we’re doing things right. I have heard almost everything under the sun, but there’s really three things that stand out when it comes to the challenges in this industry, banking, marketing, and then quality control. 

So for you, not saying that this has to be one of your challenges, what were some of the challenges for you when you were getting started and deciding what you were going to do, whether it was extraction, or [crosstalk] your own CBD company? What were some of the things that you immediately came up against, and then what are some of the things that you’re faced with now, that could prove to be challenging for you to grow and scale to the point where that you want to.

Biggest Challenges in Scaling the Business

Aracelis Vidal: Absolutely. Tenacity is super important. So, the facility has been up and running for three years. For a year, I did research and development, licensing, bought a property, had to deal with all the legalities of the neighbors and the city, afraid I was going to give weed lollipops to their children. I mean, I just–

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Sonia Gomez: You probably should have. better than that Xanax they’re giving them.

Aracelis Vidal: Yes, exactly, or the Ritalin or whatever.

Sonia Gomez: Exactly.

Aracelis Vidal: Right. [unintelligibl] processing facility. So, they were worried about I mean, just the gamut of, just old mentality, like we were talking about that people just still don’t really understand the plant. how it’s evolved. I was planning on bringing– what we do we bring revenue to the cities that we’re in, we pay taxes, you know, we’re blowing tobacco and liquor out of the water far as the revenue of taxes that we bring in to the community. 

That means libraries, that means more for your police force. That means a lot of positive things. So, my initial you know, just my getting my feet wet in the industry was, you know, I came across a lot of adversity of just people’s ignorance about the plant and so, you know, I bought the land where I planned on having my initial facility, they put me through so much of the back and forth with the paperwork and legalities that it took a year for the city okayed me, you know, and I had my licensing and everything like that, and I could break soil there. But it took so long at that one location that I had a plan B. 

And you know how the universe works. God works, you know, where it feels like it’s an obstacle, but it’s actually divine guidance. Putting you another way. So, I mean, I just, I just felt like I was so behind the [unintelligible]. I saw so many other people, you know, doing what I wanted to do, but I was going through this kind of this. I was in this process. It’s not easy. The legalities, the paperwork that you have to do with the city, you have proof of income, all the things that you have to do. 

Everybody wants to be in cannabis. It is not it. cannabis is a business. That was one of the really most difficult things was getting my licensing and getting me up and running fine. You know, where I have green property $14,000 in cameras. I mean, you know what I’m saying? 

Sonia Gomez: Just like what was the challenge? My camera bell. 

Aracelis Vidal: The startup capital, you know, it’s just– the things that you have to do to appease the county. I mean, you know, the zoning and stuff that you have to go through. So that initially was my hardest hurdle was breaking soil and getting up and running. So it took me I say about a year and a half, maybe two years before I even have my facility because then once you do the paperwork, then you have them go Okay, so it takes another six 60 days and another 30 days and you need to have the fire mark, you know what I’m saying? 

Sonia Gomez: Yeah.

Aracelis Vidal: But tenacity, like I said is you have to be tenacious, and you have to and just be really positive. Like, oh, super positive. 

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. You seem super positive. Yes. I need the vibe, the sisterhood. Yes. Bringing positive energy. I got my sage over here. I’m feeling the good vibes.

Aracelis Vidal: Oh, I’m so glad, Sonia. Me too. Absolutely. So yeah, we woke up this morning. That’s a blessing in it. 

I tell my kids you know, there was a time where– there’s different seasons, different stages and phases of success. And especially as an entrepreneur, you find yourself like, sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down. And there was a time where we were not up, I’ll just say that. We’re not up and we had overleveraged and had to sell our home and all kinds of stuff that was like really shocking. And we had to start back down at the ground level. And my kids were just shocked. They were shocked. They were like, What do you mean? We can’t do the dance team? What do you mean, we can’t do this? It was a lot for everybody. 

Sonia Gomez: And I remember my dad who is originally from Argentina and had come here under a banana leaf like literally, with a backpack and hope and prayer had married lady to get us to this and ship-like, you know that just the thing that you do to get your green card in the ’70s in the United States, and to make empanadas and [crosstalk] and do you know, just artwork on the streets to make his way hustling? 

Aracelis Vidal: Yeah.

Sonia Gomez: I used to be like, oh, I want this. And I want that. And I remember him sitting me down and teaching me how to do some of the art and being like you can have whatever you want as long as you’re willing to work for it. And you have to remember that not everybody has the ability to create something with these because they may not even have them. They may not have the legs to walk them to the place that they want to be, or the hands to create the outcome that they want to create. 

And so I took my kids and we sat in a park and it just so happened, just so happens, that God has such a great way of putting the spirit to work before you. And when you don’t have the words as a parent, sometimes the lessons present themselves so that you can use God’s creation for some of your most important learning lessons. And so that day the spirit was at work and I was sitting there and just trying to find the courage to explain to our kids that this too shall pass in a way that would help them understand. 

Aracelis Vidal: Yeah.

Sonia Gomez: And a van pulled up and out of the van came people with Down syndrome and a couple of folks in wheelchairs and these happy, these bursting happy laughing faces of folks who would otherwise be considered disabled. And I sat there and I just like, inhaled this blessing I was like thank you so much. And my daughters were young and they were looking and they weren’t quite sure and one of them had a colostomy bag and it was somewhat of a profound moment there because they had not been around too much of that before. 

And So I got to share and pass on that lesson that you know what a beautiful gift we have no matter what it feels like right now, the reality is, we have such an incredible opportunity to create and design what we want our life to be like. It starts with our two hands. You know, in prayer, it starts with our feet on the ground. And these are the things that are going to help us be connected and inspired. and grateful. 

Aracelis Vidal: Amen. Yes, absolutely.

And so, at the end of that, my kids ended up playing with these kids who had Down syndrome and all of this stuff. And, you know, it seems, it seems trivial, but it was really profound. It was really profound because they could relax and rest. Some kids are intimidated by things that are different, but they can relax and rest into it and let go, and then, later on, that day they went home and they were like, Can I give some toys? Can I give this? Can I give that and they like did their own, you know, cleansing and feeling like Yeah, and I loved, you know, Ashley and we did, we did bubbles together and I want to give something to kids like that. 

Sonia Gomez: And so it was really sweet and it was very profound. And I feel like, through this industry, God is at work in a lot of ways, whether it’s the results that our clients are getting or the trials and tribulations that they’ve put before us to see if we have the wherewithal or tenacity to get on the other side of it. And the question always is how bad do we want it and what we’re willing to do for it. 

And so those things, although unfamiliar, is not unfamiliar to me never cease to be profound because the learning lessons that come into that when you are matched with these things that seem like the wall is never going to move. And then the secret passageway that it reveals itself to you. 

Aracelis Vidal: Oh, yeah. Always. 

Sonia Gomez: And then you’re going awesome. So, congratulations. That’s incredible. And I’d love to know from you like, what is it that you’re looking for now to grow? Is there a specific partnership? Do you want more clients or more product to extract or more people to pick up your end product? When right that you’re looking for next to help you guys grow into the next phase of impact and income? Right.

Next phase: Expanding the Business

Aracelis Vidal: Well, a great question, Sonia. Of course, expand my business with the work that I’ve done with the Psoriasis Foundation, you know, these walls that we’re talking about so I reached out to the Psoriasis Foundation, I’m working with them, I will continue to work with them. I want to get holistic health to as many people as I can. 

Sonia Gomez: Yeah

Aracelis Vidal: Not only just suffering from this because I plan on– I’m doing research and development for my ingestible as well. A high milligram ingestible and also a muscle topical. 

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. 

Aracelis Vidal: Which I’m going to be launching this week actually, I just finished fame so I’m going to be launching that this week. So but really, let’s go back to my goddess oils because it is had such a strong impact with people with skin ailments. So what I was talking about that wall is that I reached out to dermatologists as well. Okay, so I reached out to the psoriasis foundation. I say who else helps people with psoriasis, eczema, skin ailments dermatologist. I reached out to the dermatologist. 

And there is still a stipulation in the law that says That they cannot use dermatologist. The medical institution cannot use CBD. I forget exactly what the stipulation is. But basically, they can perhaps have their license taken away. 

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. 

Aracelis Vidal: So there was a there was an immediate, like, no, we’re not interested kind of thing. So that’s okay. Because just like the past shackles that we had on the holistic industry, that too will pass. Eventually, we will be able to, and I do believe that there was a reason why the federal government didn’t want CBD cannabis on the market because it is not pacifying problems. It is actually real healing. Right. And so that in the pharmaceuticals and all the nonsense and then disgusting industry that they are. So but that is what I want. That’s what I want my mission is to get holistic healing and health to as many people as I can through my topical, yeah, with my product.

Sonia Gomez: Love it. I’m so excited to test and try your product I have heard and seen some really incredible stuff about it which is how you ended up over here in my circle and now it’s like you’re stuck in my circle I hope

Aracelis Vidal: I appreciate that so much. And I have the main store hair holistic store is also caring so I have wellness stores that are carrying it in and so that really gave me such a cosign me so strongly that you know that because of the legalities and the testing that I have to do, I don’t have any THC in my product because I sell it in a commercial market. 

So I really have a great product and Sonia mine is not the cheapest on the market. Right? So and it was really a woman used the analogy of my product she said it’s like a home-cooked meal compared to fast food. Right? Because I only make such a small quantity and because it’s such a high standard of testing that I do in consistent with my product, it’s not the cheapest on the market but it is the best, like the best quality. I believe so. 

I just want to convey that to the people that are listening because my product is not the cheapest on the market but it is a quality product. Sometimes you pay a little bit more for quality. I know I do. You know if there’s something out there, if it is quality, and I can consistently trust in that product I will pay a little bit more and that’s what it is. So it’s a real home-cooked meal compared to a lot of fast food that’s out there.

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Sonia Gomez: Yeah, ready to eat.

Aracelis Vidal: [unintelligible]

Sonia Gomez: Amazing. Amazing. I’m so congratulations on the launch. Where are you going to be launching your topical this week?

Aracelis Vidal: Yeah, absolutely will be on my e-commerce. It’ll be on And also I’m hitting all my spas and I’m going out to all my businesses and they’ll probably I haven’t got an okay yet because I like I’m saying, I’m just watching this. I’m just getting my samples out. But it will be on e-commerce, so you can get it there. 

Sonia Gomez: Amazing. 

Aracelis Vidal: 750 milligrams of cannabinoid. It tested for 900. But I already did my labels for 750. So you’re actually going to get this first batch 900 milligrams of CBD in my topical. I have a menthol that has menthol crystals. It’s a deep body rub or regular will just, you know, just the CBD doesn’t have the menthol. That’s what I want. I want high percentages. 

If you're out in this industry and you're purchasing CBD, and it's not over 100 milligrams, it's pointless. - Aracelis Vidal Click To Tweet

If you don’t have anything– if you’re out in this industry and you’re purchasing CBD, and it’s not over 100 milligrams, it’s pointless. My topical goddess oils is over 100 milligrams. It’s like 110, but it’s Rick Simpson. So it’s very concentrated. It’s not a regular CBD. But my topical my muscle rub is 750 but it’s actually 900 this first, this first gallon that I have. So that’s it. And that’s all. 

Sonia Gomez: That’s it. That’s all and were on social media and websites can folks find you? 

Aracelis Vidal: Absolutely. So my Instagram is goddessoils1111 angel numbers and then like I said my e-commerce is and then I have Facebook but not really I haven’t really been promoting my Facebook that much. I don’t know why. The whole what’s his name? I think he’s a reptile. [laughter] What’s his name?

Sonia Gomez: Zuckerberg?

Aracelis Vidal: Yeah. He’s a reptile.

Sonia Gomez: [unintelligible] She said

Aracelis Vidal: We talked about this, Sonia. Like, I wouldn’t do social media if I didn’t have to do it for my business. So I have Goddess Oils. 

Sonia Gomez: But he owns Instagram. 

Aracelis Vidal: I know. I know. But you know, they were selling your information. you know that whole thing on Facebook. Right? I know. It’s ridiculous, right? Why do I have Instagram and not Facebook? Okay, so it’s also I also have goddess oils on Facebook.

Sonia Gomez: Okay, there we go there’s a well-rounded you’re like I can’t with Zuckerberg he is a reptile. I’m sure he’s been called worse. It’s fine.

Aracelis Vidal: Yes.

Sonia Gomez: Reptiles need love too, girl. They’re a part of the [crosstalk]

Aracelis Vidal: No, they don’t. He just keeps on smiling and one starves but lower-dimensional entities but that’s a whole nother conversation over a glass of wine. We’ll focus on the business right now.

Sonia Gomez: Focus on the business that was too funny and caught me off guard. I like it. get. Yes. Okay. Well, for those of you guys who are tuning in, thank you so much for being a part of our community. As you know, it is our mission to empower you with the truth about cannabis and tell you some pretty awesome stories while introducing you to the incredible entrepreneurs who are pushing this industry forward. 

I invite you now to like and share this episode and make sure that you tag five people that you believe is going to make a difference. As you know, just by taking these small actions we’ve been able to impact over 200 million people’s lives around the world and we are not stopping there. So thank you so much for being a continued member and part of our Hemp Revolution family along with Legalize it, Don’t Criticize it the Green Rush and 

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