California Native American Ceremonialist Embraces Sacramental Use of Cannabis

Not everyone consumes cannabis for the sake of getting high or helping with some physical ailment. There’s also a spiritual side to cannabis, with countless people using cannabis for spiritual growth and the “higher vibration” it elicits. Ordained ceremonialist of the Oklevueha Native American Church, David Warren Goodknife is one of them. And he’s intent on bringing the spiritual side of cannabis to others.

Embracing the Spiritual Side of Cannabis

Goodknife is well-versed in psychedelic plant medicine. He is also the first peyote expert to adopt the use of cannabis.

“Somebody’s got to convey the message that there’s not just recreational and medicinal,” says Goodknife. “There is a sacramental use of cannabinoids.”

Although Goodknife is the first plant medicine guide to embrace cannabis, he is certainly not alone in his thinking. In ancient Indian mythology, it’s believed the gods sent cannabis out of compassion for the people. It was believed that cannabis could help ease fear, increase happiness, and accentuate sexual experience. There are even some ancient Hindu myths that believe cannabis originated from a drop of nectar that came from Heaven.

A Higher State of Mind…Bringing Plant Medicine to the People

Goodknife didn’t always use cannabis. Since 1984, he was sober and involved in 12-step programs for years. He then found that one of the members of his church was making cannabis tinctures to reduce seizures in their young child. Goodknife saw how beneficial the cannabis tincture was and began studying the plant in depth.

It wasn’t long before Goodknife was making his own tinctures. He began using them for his chronic pain. He then discovered the spiritual properties of the plant and began using the tinctures for prayer and meditation. According to Goodknife, he was able to attain a state of mind similar to using the other plant medicines he was more familiar with.

“I found,” says Goodknife, “that it wasn’t far from the same energetic vibrations that peyote put you into.”

Goodknife deems that the use of psychotropic plants is suppressed in our society because they allow people to let go of the judgement systems that media projects into the minds of millions every day.

When Used as Sacrament, Cannabis “Will Lead You to the Truth”

“You pray with cannabis, you pray with peyote, you pray with that psilocybin or ayahuasca, and it will shift your reality,” says Goodknife. “It will lead you to the truth if you use it in a sacramental way.”

As more people began asking Goodknife for the tinctures he was preparing with cannabis, he started a line of tinctures and began selling them to medical cannabis dispensaries in California. During creation of the tinctures, Goodknife sings and prays over each batch.

Aside from his tinctures (which come in different options with various cannabinoid ratios), Goodknife has also come up with pre-rolled joints that are mixed with various smoking herbs conducive to spiritual connection. Known as kinnikinnick, this smoking blend contains sage, yerba santa, red willow, bearberry, and others. His product is known as Remedy Rolls by Healing Sacrament, comes in four different types. Those who want to connect deeper with their spiritual side can smoke joints that are made with hybrid, indica, sativa, or high-CBD strains.

To Goodknife, who is working with manufacturers to create new products, it isn’t about getting as high as you possibly can. He’s most concerned with offering the herb to those who are looking for the medicinal (and spiritual) benefits cannabis contains.

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