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Why California Isn’t Prepared to Sell Recreational Pot

California’s poised to start recreational pot sales January 1st. This doesn’t necessarily mean the Golden State is prepared. With only 8 weeks to go until California recreational marijuana laws go into effect, many cities are still grappling with regulations that aren’t quite clear for both retail cannabis shops and growers.

So What Is the Plan for Legal Pot in California?

California has yet to release their plan that will oversee the retail marijuana market in the state. There’s also confusion as to how to move marijuana from cultivation to distribution centers. Recreational weed will also need to go to a testing lab before it’s ready for retail sale. So far, there are huge gaps in how this process will proceed.

Temporary licenses are supposed to be issued in January, but how the legal market will work still seems to be undecided. Those interested in operating retail cannabis shops in California have expressed their concern about various conflicts within the system, complaining about apparently contradictory plans set forth by California officials.

Recreational Weed Regulations Fluctuate Across California

Regulations set forth for retail cannabis vary across the state, with rules that remain confusing for some. Local regulation is key for getting retail cannabis shops up and running, but in many places these laws are in an indeterminate state.

San Francisco is a California city that has long supported the legalization of recreational weed. With only two months to go until recreational weed is legal however, the city still debates local laws. Will San Francisco be ready to ring in the year with recreational cannabis? The answer is still up in the air.

In Los Angeles, suggested regulations have hit roadblocks. One was over certificates of compliance set forth. Many positioned to sell recreational pot believed they wouldn’t meet qualifications for state licenses. Some feared that the rules set forth by L.A. officials would fail to offer a quick way to license suppliers.

San Diego however, is one California city ready to hit the ground running when recreational sales start at the beginning of the year. The city moved quickly when recreational weed was legalized. San Diego set in place a system that will permit recreational sales at medical dispensaries, once they meet the criteria for a state license.

While some cities sit with their hands tied, others look forward to the multi-billion-dollar market just around the corner. The future of recreational weed sales however, still seems to be questionable in California, even though sales are scheduled to start soon.

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