How to Build a $50k/Month Agency in the Canna/Hemp Industry (Part 2) – Interview with Molly Rose

Molly Rose, dubbed “Queen of Cannabis Marketing” by peers and clients is the founder of Molly Rose Media & co-owner of Insights Consulting. Molly specializes in creating campaigns in restricted markets with a background in traditional and organic marketing as well as business development.

She is known for her cutting edge digital marketing strategies, influencer campaigns, coaching programs and agency consulting as well as her non-profit work with the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation and as a blended family advocate.

In this episode, Molly tells us how she got started in the cannabis industry and how she went from zero to $50,000  a month agency in the cannabis hemp industry. She will also share with us some of the key things that we need to know if we are entering in or starting to build this business in cannabis. She will also tell us her strategies for being successful in the cannabis marketing industry.

It’s not the facts that make you different from anyone else. It’s the way that you do things. It’s who you are as a person. So when you give a little bit of value and show who you are, those people come back tenfold. So if any of you are in your business and trying to market yourself, that would be my number one tip.- Molly Rose

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

1:05 – Molly Rose talks about the three key things that you need to be aware of if you plan to start to build a cannabis/hemp business

3:15 – The transformational stories, how the cannabis industry is beginning to be mainstream news

5:20 – Molly talks about her marketing agency which is fully targeted in cannabis. She explains how they help business owners

8:12 – The reign and journey of the Queen of Cannabis, how being a go-to person of all things cannabis  spread like wildfire

16:21 – How giving value is one of the most important things when we go into the cannabis space. How you do things and how you are as a person will help you in marketing yourself

19:33 – She also talks about how she used her research and marketing expertise and all her knowledge and knowing how to turn that into a system, to be successful in the cannabis space

22:59 – Molly talks why being vulnerable will also benefit you in the business, letting the audience watch how you grow, how you fail and how you get back up

26:40 – Sonia talks about leveraging your audience as a focus group and gives Kim Kardashian as an example of the use of leveraging and power of connections

31:18 – Molly talks about how 100% of her success, she attributes to the way she engages and interacts with her clients. She also explains how she helps people on whatever their unique skill set is to translate that into the cannabis business

33:05 – Sonia explains why she thinks that this is the time to jump in the cannabis space because of the massive explosion of this industry

37:00 – Molly talks about the challenges she had in this industry, the education and social stigmas about cannabis

41:14 – Her income goal of  $3000 per month and how she actually didn’t notice that they’ve hit $20,000 a month already

42:24 – Sonia talks about the key things that you have to understand in order to start your business, understand what kind of business you’re starting, and really understanding what your end in mind is because sometimes you need to look at the end to know what your beginning is going to be

44:14 – Molly shares the importance of the education base, making sure to be educated before jumping into the business. She also tells us that the industry is beautiful and we shouldn’t focus on the stigmas about cannabis

45:54 – Connect with Molly Rose

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Connect with Molly Rose

Connect with Sonia Gomez


Sonia Gomez: We have another part to you rocking episode with Ms. Molly Rose, the Queen of Cannabis.

And in today’s episode, we are going to be diving into the three things you need to know to go from zero to 50k in the green rush which is the fastest growing cash-rich industry in the world right now. And if you are considering making a move, perhaps you are considering jumping from corporate to cannabis. Maybe you are currently running and operating your own business and you want to understand how you can start to make cannabis offerings, or perhaps you have heard the buzz around CBD, fido-cannabinoids or cannabis. And you are considering jumping in, you just need a little bit more information or some key things that you can follow in order to get started in this space.

In today’s episode, we are going to be hearing from the “Queen of Canna” herself on how she went from zero to 50k per month. And some of the key things that you need to be aware of as you are entering or starting to build this business.

You do not need to touch the plant to build the business in this space. -Sonia Gomez Click To Tweet

Now, some of the important things that you need to know are you do not need to touch the plant to build the business in this space.

Number two is you can leverage or if you need skill sets or existing certifications to start to serve the cannabis industry.

And number three is there are tons and tons of education and opportunities available for you to develop new skill sets that you need to somehow potentially profit or participate in this industry in a professional manner. So I’m super excited to dive in. Go ahead and give a warm welcome to our guest Ms. Molly Rose. How are you doing?

Molly Rose: I know. Ooh, I’m super excited to be here. And if you guys didn’t see the first segment one the biggest thing that I spoke about was Pharma and a few other things hurt my life in cannabis. So, I am so excited to be here and I’m so excited to talk about this journey with you guys. This is such a new industry and we’re seeing so many amazing names prevail here. And I’d love to see you be one of them. So if that’s what you’re looking to get into this is what you need to watch.

Sonia Gomez: Yes. So this is super, super exciting for me, you guys, because the help conversation is definitely the foundation of everything. The results that we’re seeing with people tells the transformations that we’re celebrating promotes to talks that they were on their last leg or in their deathbed or has been suffering for years and years and years and somehow finding relief and reprise through the utilization of this plan, and other natural remedies to improve their overall health and function.

Perhaps you’re one of them who have to relate to some of those transformational stories that you will hear here on On The Rise podcast and also mainstream media.

And as this movement, and this mission and this industry gets bigger and warming stream, you’re starting to hear more and more of these stories pop up. And if they’re not, new news, this is old news that is becoming the new mainstream. So I’m really excited to introduce this idea of professionalism and you know how this industry is developing and the opportunities that are presented to your everyday people like you and me.

To be able to participate and really empowering you guys with the information and resources And key relationships like my friend Molly here who can really help fast track your learning curve and the results that you’re able to cultivate here. But it all comes from a foundation of health. So being aware of that, being conscientious of that and starting to educate yourself in that space is going to be really super key for you as you’re considering building a business.

Now, Molly, you weren’t always in the cannabis space. You’ve been in the market…and if you guys did not hear the first interview. She tells a little bit of her journey and story and upbringing here, but what we did not touch on and I’m excited to get into in this interview is what was the key moment where you decided I’m not going back to my old way work. I’m going to stick with this. So first of all, introduce yourself. Tell us what you do in the marketplace and how you made the transition from corporate for cannabis.

Molly Rose: This is my favorite subject. You know what? This is actually pretty exclusive cause I have never really told this story. So I’m very excited. People ask me on a regular basis how I got into this industry, especially as a marketer.

We have a full-service marketing agency 100% targeted in cannabis. -Molly Rose Click To Tweet

So I’ll start by giving you a brief bio about me and tell you a little bit about our business. I did grow up with the cannabis industry in my life, but I didn’t work in the cannabis industry. What I do now is we have a full-service marketing agency hundred percent targeted in cannabis. So we worked with business owners from their conception of an idea all the way through to the launch of their website, the launch of their product, building on new products, and maintaining that growing business.

Sonia Gomez: I wanted to stop you like in between because I know that the people who are listening right now have questions. Some of them simple, some of them complicated. So let’s just get some of like the sexy and dirt out of the way really quick so that we can dive into the story of it. So you’re currently a marketing agency specifically focused on hemp and cannabis, how long have you been in business?

Molly Rose: That’s a good question. Our marketing agency, I’ve been in marketing for about 10 years. Cannabis, I was just telling the story and I don’t remember when we took our first official leap into the cannabis industry. I believe a little over two years now. I keep saying it’s six months and that six-month person going by but fast, how I kept track.

Sonia Gomez: Okay, so let’s call it two years and you’ve got in business about the same amount as I. So let’s say two years. So in two years you already have a marketing agency, but your agency was not specifically focused on cannabis. That’s when you really started to make your transition into cannabis. In that time period, you’ve gone from zero to how much money are you making from right now.

A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency for Cannabis Businesses

Molly Rose: We make 50,000 a month.

Sonia Gomez: Okay, perfect. So you guys who are listening, and really super sexy information, been in business for 10 years. And two years ago, decided to make the leap from corporate to cannabis. In that two year period, we’ve gone from zero to $50,000 a month. Fully serving cannabis and hemp based businesses.

So, a good thing for you guys to listen to, number one, Molly is running and operating a business daily that does not have…everything to do with the plant, but without having to touch the plant specifically. So if you are in a state where it is not yet legal or a country where you cannot access it, hear with the years of ancillary business. Secondary, she used an existing business and existing skillset to build, to transition into the cannabis space, to increase her revenue.

So leveraging your existing skillsets or business to be able to come into space. Finally, she’s going to talk about how the new skillsets that she’s acquired has helped her to grow exponentially and experience that hockey stick growth that we’re all looking for as entrepreneurs. Okay, so now that the sex is out of the way, let’s get into the dirt, time to talk about the journey.

Molly Rose: All right? It’s wild. And why I didn’t have a great time frame for you is it happened so quickly because I have some grassroots in the cannabis industry. And help out a dispensary here or there because I had the business and marketing knowledge. Like you said, taking your skills in translating.
So I did that here and there and I was at a conference and a couple of people were speaking about cannabis and I overheard and I realize they didn’t have all the facts. So I sat down and I just started talking and next thing you know, the group I was speaking to got a little bigger and a little bigger.

As I said, I was just running my mouth, the fact, because it’s something I’m so passionate about in my personal life and in every facet of my life to be quite honest. I didn’t realize that by being vulnerable and by speaking my truth there were so many people that needed that information. And the next thing you know, one client, turned to two clients, drew to the entire inner circle, and many different digital marketing areas were calling me.

And the next thing I know different groups. It would be a Facebook tag, Facebook tag after Facebook’s tag. And it went around the internet, Molly’s the Queen of Cannabis, if you have any cannabis needs or questions, please call her.

Sonia Gomez: This is super fascinating to me and I’m going to make you get real deep. I want you to pull the panties off for this one, okay. This is stuff that people are really, really curious about, right? Everybody wants to know like how is this talking cannabis rush making overnight millionaires basically. Right?

And I don’t want to say that as an income claim, you know all of your results are based on what you put into your business. However, you’re choosing your purpose that they…well, you know, whatever the fcking claim is, we’re not making any claims.

We’re just sharing with you the results that we’ve been able to get. Molly, you told me this story one time and it needs such, like, I almost memorized it myself because it made such an impact for me as a canna-preneur. I’m like, it only takes one. That’s the big message that I got from our one conversation.

So I’m going to pull it out of you right now cause I, I want my listeners to be able to hear this from you. You were working a normal, regular, corporate marketing job. You have corporate clients. You had your whole thing, but you have this sort of secret knowledge and expertise in the cannabis space, which wasn’t necessarily mainstream of the time. Yes, some states had allowed it to be mainstream, but it wasn’t a mainstream conversation quite yet. We will write on the casts.

So the first thing I want you guys to write down is the right place, right time. Right place, right time. That is where Molly was. So Molly, when you say digital marketing groups and all of this stuff, it actually happened with the one person. One person, one problem, and the one solution that you had. So you were over here this specialized knowledge and expertise. One person made a referral to you, right?

Molly Rose: Yes, and it was absolutely amazing. So, and I can totally stretch on that.

Sonia Gomez: Your whole story. I want to know now what the problem was? What was the ground? Why did they recommend you and how did you solve that? And did that kick-off your whole business?

The Reign And Journey Of The Queen Of Cannabis

Molly Rose: Oh, totally. And what it was is, I was actually speaking with Rachel Pedersen who’s known as the Queen of Social Media. She was asking her group looking for some help with cannabis marketing and another marketer with Peggy. And I said, “Well actually, here’s the fact”. Then I sat down and laid out probably an hour’s worth of knowledge and that refer right there was what kicked it all off. And because I was able to be vulnerable and stop hiding in the shadows, so that was the truth.

And cannabis is a scary thing at the time back then to be in because you wanted to kind of hide in the shadows. And I took that time to stand up and explain my knowledge and when I did it started a fire because nobody has the amount of knowledge that I had on this particular subject. And probably that one post, I’m not even joking when I say wildfire.

Every group that Clickfunnels community, The Social Clique Community, and several other online business communities that I’m in. Every time there was a CBD or cannabis question ask, my name was passed. And that kind of brings me into, as we were talking about, I’m definitely planning on dropping re-fused pieces of gold for your audience and one of them is, “Being able to give value”.

No, I didn’t have to take the time to sit down and give each one of those people my experience and my expertise, but I did become part of the community and if there isn’t one, create one around yourself.

Sonia Gomez: Ok. So, I’m stopping you right there. I am stopping you right there. Because I, so, you touched on a couple of things. I’m like, sitting up I’m like, I’m going to smoke to that girl. Like this shit. This is like so. This is such a vibe. This is such a fire.

Ok. So, the power of one you guys, the power of one. The power of one it only takes one person to refer the right person to you and then everything, like if you produce the value and you give the results like this. That is the kick-start to everything.

So, Molly and I have been in business for the same amount of time online pertaining to cannabis. We both have extensive life experiences in this space, but as far as running a cannabis centered business, last two years. In two years, I go to an audience of over a million people and educated 27 million around the world. In two years, she’s gone from zero to 50k. Serving some of the top cannabis and clients around the world, or companies around the world. So, both fast bitches in this space.

We’re both spades in this space. We can’t cuss here cause we’ve some children.

Molly Rose: Same for me because they’re normally running around my office.

Sonia Gomez: I know, me to. So, I think that that’s super bossy but, like, the fact that you’ve got this one referral and gave massive value to this one client, not really expecting anything in return. Somebody’s returned the favor and started to express their experience with you which kickoff a wildfire.

And I want you guys to know like, I’m a little bit quiet behind the scenes. Yeah, I’m sure you see a lot of educational videos for me but I’m not out there being like, “Hey, look at me”. And neither is Molly, right?

So, when I start, I’m in the same communities as her in the same business communities. And one of the things that I started to see happen overnight. It went from like, “Hey, you can help me with this” or, “Hey, I have this problem with that” or, “Hey, can anyone solve this problem for me in the cannabis space”. And I was always so shy to answer anything. All of a sudden from one day to the next I started to see these same questions being answered with @Molly. @MollyRose. #MollyRose. Molly is tagged in every freaking post in every single group.

And I started to secretly stalk her. I was like, I have. I have a girl crush right now. And I don’t even know why. Who is this girl? Who is Molly Rose? So, I decided to stalk her and figure out who she was. What she was doing? And finally got into, I actually tried to get in touch with you for a while before we actually….

Molly Rose: I’m a horrible person, you guys. I am the worst cell phone person on the planet.

Sonia Gomez: No worse than me. So, we finally got hooked up through mutual friends, thanks, Brian. And this is how we pick up our conversation so it really happened overnight. The power of one and the power of value. Which I’m going to let you elaborate now because that’s your first sort of secret to success is, give massive value. So, give it to me. How does this change your life?

Molly Rose: And before I jump into that, one thing I do want to clarify is we’re doing the timeline. In the two years, you guys are the time period that I kind of started taking off, one off, two off the client and were living in the shadows. And in September of last year was when I had that vulnerable post and really jumped out and started speaking my mind. And so that growth that we’re all talking about is from September to the time of this live recording now.

Molly Rose: Talking about value, like when you said the reason that the times were becoming more and more, it’s a combination. One I had something that nobody else had. And it was the mix between the knowledge which many people had and the ability to share it. Not everyone was in a position where they could share it.

I have numerous friends who look at me and said, “No, the way with my agencies and the clients I have, I don’t want my name attached to your mastermind”, “I don’t want my name attached to your program”, “Please remove me from your friend’s list”. It happens, it will happen. However, it left room for the five thousand friends that crowded my page overnight. And for the many people that crowded our master classes live and online.

Giving Value Is One of the Most Important Things When We Go into the Cannabis Space

Giving value is one of the most important things we get into space. I know Sonia, you and I had this conversation because we’re so specialized. And because we have such extensive knowledge. We forget that we’re not that special. And this plant is something that’s amazing, that there’s to share with the world, through each and every business that’s coming out. And so, you’ve already written the way, and you fought those hard battles, and you run the tooth and nail for your client. You have that knowledge. It is cut in your bones; you have to share it.

Molly Rose: It isn’t innate faith. And when you share value with someone you may think, “Ooh, I’m giving my secrets away for free”. On the contrary, you have tons of gold within you. It’s not the facts that make you different from anyone else. It’s the way that you do things. It’s who you are as a person. So, when you give a little bit of value and show who you are. Those people come back tenfold. So, if any of you are in your business and trying to market yourself that would be my number one tip.


Sonia Gomez: So what I hear you saying and I’m going to just position it a little bit differently because I think it’s really super powerful information. You know, you’re talking about the delivery of value.

And one of the things that I’ve discovered in the work that we’re doing even collaboratively Molly is, people, don’t buy products they buy people. People don’t commit to brands they commit to the results of the brands provide. Right? So. And that is translated to the people who are sharing those results. So, who you are and how are you delivering this? There is no new information in the world, we’re all reading the same fcking get rich and die. We’re all reading the same seven highly effective. Everybody is reading the same books. There is no new information. You want to know what’s new about information, is the way that you deliver the information.

Molly Rose: Hundred percent.

Sonia Gomez: Right. So. The way that I’m going to do something or say something is not going to be the same as Molly and vice versa. And the same thing goes for you. You have your own unique experience that allows old information to become fresh and new and there are a group of people who will be attracted to you specifically for that.

Molly Rose: I totally agree. And what’s interesting about it is we all do very well in our business because of the sales funnel and that seems to be a very new trend.

How She Used Her Research and Marketing Expertise to Be Successful in the Cannabis Space

Molly Rose: However, the first sales funnel came out in 1930 or that’s the first written book that I see. So totally agree with what you’re saying. And along those lines and along being unique, the second tip that I have to give to each and every one of you that is pure gold for all of our clients and why they’re so successful is to be unique. To niche within your niche.

Your niche is not cannabis, your niche is not CBD. That’s not unique. It’s not new. It’s who you are and what you bring to your clients within that. So, for me personally, it’s the fact that I have the research and marketing expertise and I have all that knowledge and I know how to turn that into a system and top it off.

Molly Rose: For different CBD company, it’s what is your niche? Who are you and who are you trying to serve? What can you do that the next CBD necessarily can’t do? So, if you are in a nutrition-based world, you want to focus on your healthy plant. However, if you want to focus more on the pain side, don’t just sell it as a “pain aide”, compliance words in there, but instead, really dive in. Is it arthritis? Is it someone that’s a little bit older? Is it a sports injury? Who are you and what can you bring to the table?

Sonia Gomez: Ok. So, what I hear you saying there is really understands your marketplace. Identify a specific problem and then offer them the solution through your products.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, exactly. And you know, Russell Brunson is one of our mentors. Says it best I think, when he says you know, number one is you have to be an attractive character. That was what Mollie was talking about as far as becoming that brand. Being the unique deliverer, or this information, the spokesperson or voice for this movement, or mission, or whatever the brand is. Right? Or a piece of information. And then seconds of that is really understanding the audience that you’re speaking to. I think a lot of businesses fail to experience the kind of growth that you have. And let me know how you feel about this; I’d be very interested. And you guys comment to let me know what you think. But I think a lot of businesses fail because they’re trying to go to broad. And they don’t really know or understands their marketplace.

That they think that their product and service can help everybody. And you have to find somebody that you want to serve. And not only that but you have to be the new vehicle in the blue ocean. You have to be the new…in order to access the blue ocean, or wide-open space, a big marketplace, you have to have a unique proposition or unique selling points and something that is a differentiator about you.

So as long as, talking about getting into a specific audience, and while you’re considering who you might be able to serve. Think about, who it is? What is the problem that you want to solve? Do you want to help people sleep better? Do you want to help people lose weight? Do you want to help, you know, have better relationships? You know, there are these key marketplaces and then all these little tiny niches inside of each one of these places.

So, understanding who you’re speaking to will help you cross the masses to properly connect and capture that person’s attention and connect with the core feelings or problems that they’re trying to solve.

Molly Rose: And that takes me right into my second tip which is so perfect, and it’s “be vulnerable”. I know this sounds crazy, right? Because we all go into business and I think a lot of us were traditionally taught that we’re supposed to button up our shirt and grab our briefcase and stand tall.

And have this very bulletproof demeanor. However, when you are brand building or to use your words sorry belly. You are an attractive character or whatever you told them for your brand. You have an attractive character. Though the day everyone loves the Cinderella story. CarMax was through what, in November.

Molly Rose: Hasn’t been very long. It was mid-November, right? You haven’t been in business very long is the point I’m trying to make. So, stop telling everyone you’re a five-million-dollar CBD business. Instead, show up every day in your own unique framework and who you are.

Molly Rose: And allow your audience to watch you grow. Allow them to watch you fall. That is scary. I know, as a business owner it’s terrifying. Fall flat on your face and have that tribe ready to pick you up.

Because if you have a product that’s saving lives. If you have intimate relationships with your customers and board target market. You’re going to have a tribe behind you. They’re going to pick you up when you fall. You may even make connections. You don’t know, one of the people buying your products might be the merchant services that get you back online tomorrow.

Molly Rose: Admit your fault and celebrate your win. If you pretend to be a five-million-dollar industry coming in, what you can’t do is have a big party when you make your first twenty-five thousand dollars mark.

We’ve all been there. It happens for every one of us. It’s like if you got a fake I.D. and then you try to go into that bar on your 21st birthday. Not that I would know that but, like it happened. You can’t go in and celebrate your 21st birthday.


As a business, you need to do that so that your audience can grow with you. That’s how you create loyal fans and that’s how you compete in an ocean of similar products.

Sonia Gomez: I love it. So, what are some of the methods right now to capture and connect with the consumer. I know one of your sorts of ninja things that you provide is content marketing. Is that one of the key ways for connection?

Molly Rose: Yeah, within the content marketing niche. One being the education source because as you know, as the content marketing expert, there isn’t a lot of education that comes from authority and experience to be an education source and really helping your audience understand why they need your product.

And enhancing their life is very important and being able to weave that in with your story and your experiences. Jump in line and explain, “Hey, we have this bottle blonde, I’m working on the new packaging”. Allowing your audience to make decisions within the brand.

Molly Rose: “Hey, do you guys like the white label or the black label better, vote”. Having that, as I said, vulnerability, mixed into your content marketing allows you one, to be everywhere because if people feel a tight bond to you they’re going to like and share. So what you’re doing is you’re creating your tribe your own army of people who are helping you push that content out even further. And if you’re on the newer side you haven’t created that tribe yet. If you put out good content and you have good education people are naturally going to share that content because they need you.

Market like Kim Kardashian: Leveraging Your Audience

Sonia Gomez: Ok. So, when you were talking, I was talking about like leveraging your audience as a focus group and getting them involved in the growth of your business. I was thinking about this interview from Kim Kardashian that I know, I’m going to get whiplash about this.

Molly Rose: I was just thinking that and you said it, whiplash.

Sonia Gomez: I’m like, “What?” Yes girl, watch Kim Kardashian. That bitch is smart! Ok. And a shout-out to Kim K, cause she did exactly that. She leveraged social media and the power of connections to base her hundred must…I mean multi hundred-million-dollar empire.

Molly Rose: How many times has she fallen on her face in public.

Sonia Gomez: Well see, it’s my firm belief that she stages many of those as a media tactic but…

Molly Rose: But it works.

Sonia Gomez: But it frickin’ worked and it was because of the connection that it works so well. Right? As she shows, continues to show. And yes, it’s scripted blah blah blah. Know that I’m saying what I’m saying knowing that my chick, like, my girl Kim K and her whole family is smart A F because it started with a connection. They captured people’s attention, made an authentic connection with them, and they have worldwide forever fans. And that’s what every brand wants to duplicate.

You separate the person and the name, that’s what you’re trying to cultivate. Right? And she was…so, she was in this interview and she was talking about how she started to experience you know, this exponential growth when she started to include her audience as a focus group. She would ask and pull them on what bottle they liked for her fragrance. What, you know, what was their favorite scents?

What colors they liked. Like, what names they liked and they were part of the design. When it launched it was like this huge, huge success because it wasn’t any longer about the product that she was building, so much as it was about you know, including them on something. And then their commitment to that project, they want to like to buy it. Now it has her name and they contributed to it. It was like this huge thing.

So, the other thing and I’ll just…and then I’ll pass it back over to you. The other thing that she said that just cracks me up was, Kim K was being interviewed and she’s like, the journalist says, “You know, you’ve gotten quite a bit of whiplash being called you know, stupid or you know, this or that. People have a lot of negative things to say. And saying that you know, you’re too dumb to, or this, or that”. And she’s like, just leans back in this very confident way. And she’s sort of like fixes her hair and she’s like, “How dumb do you have to be to make a hundred million?”. I’m just staring into the camera and I was like, “What?” Yes, that’s what I’m saying.

Molly Rose: Totally, I mean there’s a reason that Kylie Jenner sets to be the youngest billionaire. That doesn’t happen on accident. It does have a framework from her family of course. It doesn’t happen on accident and it doesn’t happen for being stupid. Love her or hate her. You know who she is. You’re talking about her. You’re marketing for her.

Sonia Gomez: And you’re secretly buying her shit. And you don’t even know.

Molly Rose: For some reason, I can’t buy it but I’m talking about her and I’m marketing her on your podcast now.

Sonia Gomez: I swear to God. Thanks for the place, Kylie. No, but like, for real. Let’s just keep it straight up, for real. We talk about the people that we see every day. We engage on the products that we have the most exposure to and people want access to the vulnerability. If the time of glossy advertisement is sparkling everywhere. They want to hear like real life everyday conversation. Feel like they’re part of the inner circle. Especially in the US market like, “You’re a savvy consumer group here”. Every market in the world wants to tap into us.

Molly Rose: Yeah, Truman show that you know what I mean? It’s got to be real.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, it’s got to be raw. I love that. I totally love that. And that’s a huge part of what’s been able to contribute to our success too. And I, I…one of the things I like most about your work. And I got to witness this yesterday in the consultation was, how well you’re able to ask clarifying questions and bringing that awareness, that self-awareness, into the scope.

Like how you were asking clarifying questions for your clients and helping them like, understand the path that we were going to go on like you really do a great job serving your clients. Do you think that that is, I mean, I think this might be an obvious yes but I want to hear about this. How it…cause it plays into how you do one thing, is how you do everything. How much of your success do you attribute to your, the way that you engage and interact with your clients?

Molly Rose: I would say one hundred percent. And I’m so glad you said that this is something really interesting.

Molly Rose: So this ties into two things that we spoke about. One bringing your past life or your skillset innately not necessarily from your career as well as what you’re asking now. So for me, I grew up having to be an advocate for my mom whose cancer patient as well as. Being a middleman in a lot of different things in our lives. We had so many moving parts. And if you know anyone in my family or in my personal life, everyone knows I’m the person you call to like, get shit done. I get shit done and I’m kind of a liaison in many different methods. I’m also a step-parent so I’m between, we’re managing two very different blended families. That’s just who I am. I am the kind of person who liaises between where I need to be.

And with that being said, It helps my clients so much because they can take their expertise and I can be the vehicle that takes them into success whether that’s on the digital marketing side, the cannabis side, banking, whatever it is. That’s who I am. I am the connection person. Now, whoever you are and whatever your unique skill set is, helping you translate that into this business.

Molly Rose: To go back to the example I made earlier, if you have a background in nutrition and you’re naturally into fitness, or maybe you came from a life where you were a personal trainer or something like that.

Why couldn’t you go out with your new CBD product and teach people about how fitness, how nutrition, how diet affects your lifestyle and how this supplement can help. It’s not about you transforming to fit the industry. It’s about transforming the industry to fit each and every one of us. It’s a revolution.

Sonia Gomez: Yes. And we’re at the crest of the wave of right now, I mean there could not be a better time to grab life by the nuts. And like take action and get involved because you know, if you don’t like…I’m just sitting here in bewilderment that like, this industry is even happening in our lifetime.

I was a part of the legislative developments in Colorado here. And I could’ve sworn to you sitting in those grueling meetings where we’re fuckin’ sweating or drinking Dale. Fuckin’. We’re eating jail food like just, painstaking trying to get through these edits.

Molly Rose: Saving the world you guys, this girl.

Sonia Gomez: And the crazy thing was that I would have bet the bank like if you would have handed me the tea to the ball, I would have bet the bank from the fact that we had 10 years before recreation.

I could not conceptualize the fact that as many challenges and roadblocks that we were coming up against and even still how much progress you made with such a short period of time. I would have never guessed recreation starting three years. But the explosion of this industry was so massive that time has been cut into thirds.

Sonia Gomez: We are seeing faster progress than ever. We are seeing more incredible results than ever. We are hearing more impactful stories every single day. And you could not be considering or looking at this or engaging with this at a better time because we are so also in our infancy. Right?
Molly and this industry is so new that we still have a real opportunity here to shape the way that it’s going to grow.

Molly Rose: One hundred percent and you know this totally take me into my last piece of gold but will be controversial over everyone. Like, my tagline to everything is up to that, cool. It’s the absolute truth. You can’t come into an industry in its infancy or in my opinion any industry at any time. And follow someone else’s rule does not how it work.

Molly Rose: You need to take who you are and what you see fit and change it. Blaze the trail. This is the time where we can mold this any way we want. So, forget everything that’s been done before.

Forget the boxes you’re supposed to fit in. Fck it. Go online and talk about your cannabis use. Go online and give your opinion.

Be one of the people who make that impact. Makes a change, because not only are you going to benefit from that as a person, you’re going to benefit from that as a brand. And of course, our entire industry is going to benefit from that because you’re bringing that to us.

Sonia Gomez: Ok. So, I’m going to ask you a couple of things that might catch you a little bit off guard but I’m going to do it anyway.

Molly Rose: Okay, I’m on my game.

Sonia Gomez: Just for tips and giggles, won’t be too much, I promise.

Sonia Gomez: Number one is, this industry, let’s just be realistic for a second in saying that every industry comes with its own set of challenges and triumphs. Right? There are some really unique things to work forwards in this industry and we are seeing very, I mean, really incredible measure. Measurable results happen daily. Your business is an example of that. There are also some very unique challenges in being involved with this industry. So, before we, in a second we’ll get to those key into the key wins that you can look forward to.

Challenges for a Startup Founder

Sonia Gomez: Let’s talk about some of the key challenges in building a business you know, from zero to 50k. Like you said…Forbes said it, 8 out of 10 new businesses will fail in their first year. Here you are on your second year and you’re already doing, hitting the 50k mark. Some pretty miraculous, some pretty impressive growth. Right? What are…what were some of the challenges, give me one or two challenges that you had as you were starting to grow.


Molly Rose: I haven’t slept in two years. Well, I’ve to tell you that right now. We were laughing the other day about this. I haven’t taken a date night, or a vacation or anything of the sort in God knows how long. And we were both laughing cause Date Night is usually in here with a whiteboard knocking things out and innovating. Innovators aren’t me working 9 to 5 schedule. So, one is really making that commitment and decision to, Are you going to have a brand that pays the bills or if you going to have a brand that changes the game completely. Because if you are you have to be willing to give your heart and soul. And so, that has been a challenge as far as from the industry itself.

Molly Rose: Banking. Banking, banking, banking, banking, banking, banking, banking. I can’t say it enough time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the middle of a 50000 or more dollar launch. And had a merchant processor go out. Had something happened with the actual tech side of thing?

The banking in the industry is shit and it is so hard to deal with. So, merchant processing and things of that nature is a huge challenge that we face. It’s also education and stigmas. As well as finding help as you expand and grow. So one challenge as an agency that’s been something I never could have foreseen is I had to pull people from my personal life and bring them into marketing rather than bringing marketers into cannabis because I couldn’t. The vehicle would not drive. I could not build the car fast enough.

So, it’s easier for me to teach marketing since I was kind of blazing the trail and making unique systems anyways to people I knew. And I can’t tell you how many times I called my dad and he had to fly up and help me work on a business measure or who’s not a marketer by trade at all. Brother, cousin, my other half. So, creating a team and finding people who are educated on the subject is very hard. Finding experts is very hard. I will also say I competition, and that isn’t any competition. We come from the school though, as I said, or like you said earlier Russell Brunson, whatever mentor.

They talk a lot about funnel hacking or having competition that you can lean on or reach through. Having other people who have done what you’re doing now, there’s nobody for me to call. For certain things that I am doing, I have nobody to call. If I can’t figure it out, it’s not getting figured out right now. You’re the only person that I could call with 90% of our job.

Sonia Gomez: Just a boss babe that I absolutely love. That she has this exact same thing, she actually has a term for it. Mary Forleo.

Molly Rose: Yes.

Sonia Gomez: Marie Forleo, praise Jesus for this woman. She is so amazing. She has this thing that she says, “Everything is figure-table, and we are the figure-outers”.

Molly Rose: Yeah. A hundred percent. It’s fun because you’re making the rules as you go, but it’s hard. You know, we both know because we’ve been on zoom call in the middle of the night in our jammies numerous times hammering things out because there’s no rule though. There’s no, there’s no calling another person.

Sonia Gomez: Ok. So, with all the grueling challenges thinking you know, probably having the time and energy, freedom. By the way, these are all challenges that happen. You know, not having time, freedom, running your own business is all glamorous and glorious like after year four, or five. Like that takes things slowly, fine. But their first few years are like, you know, making it happen. And I think it’s really, especially if you have big dreams and big goals like Molly said. Like being a game changer is different than making it. Like…

Molly Rose: This is not all work. A lot of it also rigging and I…

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. That’s something you should do anyway. OK so. With all of that hard work we’re now you know, you made it through. Hitting that first 5, 10k month mark is like. Like you’re saying like you hit the first three thousand dollars a month and you thought that, like, you have made it. Right?

Molly Rose: Can I share that with everyone?

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, yeah.

Molly Rose: So when I left my job and started my agency and then made the swap over to where we are now. Our big goal was if I could make, 1750 was the number we had to hit in order to meet most of our bills, 2500 if I wanted to hit all of our bills. We could one, have me home so we didn’t have to pay for daycare and two, everything would be paid. That was our dream. If I could make that staying home and working, the agency would be a success and life would be brand new for all of us. And that goal came and went so fast, we didn’t know it. We had hit it. When I hit my first 20,000 dollar month, I didn’t know, because we weren’t checking the books. We were so immersed in a client launch. We had no clue we had made, I’m like, so did we hit that 2500 dollars?

Sonia Gomez: Yeah.

Molly Rose: Blessed feel, completely.

Sonia Gomez: Well, every moment’s to celebrate cause you’ve now turned that into you know, a really substantial monthly income I mean a lot of people dream about making that. That’s somebody’s annual income. You know. Like that’s, you’re considered middle class if you’re doing like that. You know what I mean.

Three Key Things That You Need To Be Aware Of If You Plan To Start To Build A Cannabis/Hemp Business

Sonia Gomez: So, it’s the fact that you’re doing that every month in your business is really really incredible and I think the things that you shared here are really key things that you have to understand in order to (a) start your business, (b) understand what kind of business you’re starting, (c) you know really understanding what your end in mind is. Yeah, cause sometimes you have to look at the end to know what your beginning is going to be.

Sonia Gomez: So, search for the end in mind. Decide what it is that you want it set out to change. This industry is offering an incredible and unique opportunity right now to everyday working people to come in here and make a splash.

Sonia Gomez: It is also chock full of cheats and myths misfits. So I want to encourage you all to spend wisely on mentorships. Spend wisely on leadership and really find a community that is serving the greater good and not just you know, the individuals who were a part of it.

Sonia Gomez: You know, and do your due diligence. There’s a lot of people who are making the corporate to cannabis jump right now and don’t have the proven results in our industry. So if you are already in business or are considering getting into business and looking for leadership and mentorship. I would definitely recommend Molly, who’s here with us, and also Matt Seaver.

Sonia Gomez: And a few other key people that are in this industry who are really offering some superior programs and support for folks at every stage in this industry. So, Molly what are some final thoughts and words that you can share with our listeners before we end today’s episode.

Molly’s Final Thoughts and Words

Molly Rose: I wanted to throw out a couple of fun things. One is the education base. And that please consult a compliance expert if you’re already in business or if you’re looking at going into business before you jump.

Please consult a compliance expert if you're already in business or if you're looking at going into business before you jump. - Molly Rose Click To Tweet

Make sure you find someone that’s very educated both on the education side but is actually a practitioner. Because as we all grow and move those issues and those mess up that happened in compliance really hurt the rest of us. And it will end up costing you big time in the end.

So that’s something be very important along with doing your due diligence just to add that. Have a compliance expert on staff or call someone, get a consultation. The second thing is that this industry is so beautiful. In the fact that it’s not full of suit so to speak. If everyone gained, this is an industry full of misfits. Full of people who have been in the shadows. And full of people who are brand new and just being enlightened and coming in. And if you’re in the cannabis industry and your heart is here. It is a brotherhood and it’s like no other.

Sonia Gomez: I agree. That’s what I said, it’s the closest circle and there’s room for everybody. And I think you know, you just, I think that you are just an incredible, incredible human being.

And I love being in business and in the circle with you. And really understanding you know, how you work with people was a power for me. For me to see yesterday’s column.  I’m just super grateful for the work that you do in the industry. It’s people like, to say, us.

People like us who are really pushing ] this industry forward and making it possible for more people to take advantage of more opportunities here. So, when you guys are looking for or needing information about how you can step into this industry.

You can always check us out on medicalsecrets.com and Legalize, Don’t Criticize It. We are always doing episode here on On The Rise podcast. And I want to give you also Molly’s contact information where you can find her at mollyrosemedia.com/home and on Facebook @mollyrose. Molly, share the love for the people, any final word?

Molly Rose: So much love, just thank you so much for having me on. And thank you to you and James for being trailblazers and being a part of this amazing journey with me.

Sonia Gomez: And thanks for being a canna-boss big girlfriend. Hashtag classy. I love it.

Molly Rose: I’m going to be a mastermind soon.

Sonia Gomez: Oh yeah. Well…

Molly Rose: Great, Sonia


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