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Bringing CBG to the Masses, a Mission to Change the Hemp Industry for the Better with Steve Schultheis

Steve Schitheis

Steven Schultheis is the owner of Steve’s Goods, a Colorado CBD hemp company that offers high-quality products from the farm to the masses in all 50 states. After personally experiencing the wonderful benefits of CBD, Steve made it a mission to change the hemp industry for the better.

Tune in to this episode as Steve shares the frustration of not being able to find a trusted supplier that could give you the quality hemp that you are looking for. He also talks about his thoughts about the vape controversy, their philanthropic effort of giving back to the community and how Steve’s Goods is standing out right now.

If you’re just trying to create a sloppy looking brand and you just want to make some money, you’re not going to succeed. But if you put a lot of time and effort into making a brand and making yourself stand out and actually put quality products out there you will outstand a lot of these brands that are not doing that. – Steve Schultheis

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

3:29 – Steve’s transition from a super nerdy website developer to a cannabis advocate
5:15 – Bringing hemp education online to with the normalization of hemp
7:52 – The importance of banking and merchant processing in the success of the business
15:21 – How is Steve’s Goods standing out right now
24:41 – Steve’s thoughts on the vape controversy
32:25 – His favourite thing about his work right now
34:09 – How he’s supporting and compensating his team
37:40 – Steve’s goods’ philanthropic effort of giving back to the community
41:12 – Key Pieces of advice to other entrepreneurs
43:04 – The industry in the next three years in his opinion
45:19 – Upcoming events
47:13 – What keeps him committed to his mission

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Sonia Gomez: What’s up, everybody? This is Sonia Gomez coming to you from Denver, Colorado and yet again, are you surprised? I’m so excited to be back with you guys on another episode of The Hemp Revolution podcast where we are diving deep into the secrets of the industry and telling the stories and sharing the journeys of the entrepreneurs who are pushing this forward.

We have interviewed folks from all over the world from all different walks of life and at different phases and stages of their business. But today we are going to be diving into an East coaster who decided to come out to Colorado to find his love and joy for the CBD and cannabis movement, which have a hunch it probably existed before he got here.

Steve is a local entrepreneur with a mission to change the hemp industry for the better. Steve was living in Colorado where he was introduced to the health and wellness properties of the hemp products, specifically CBD oil and returned back to the east coast as he encountered the frustration of navigating the internet. I’m sure those of you guys who are using CBD and tried to order it can totally relate to not being able to find trusted suppliers or understanding which brands in which products actually give you quality hemp that will give you the trusted results that you are promised and are looking for.

And that is the small window of how Steve’s Goods was born after doing tons of research and making the connections that he needed to build and grow his company, Steve has been recognized and revered as having one of the higher quality products, offering discounts and doing giveaways inside all of his philanthropic work. Super, super excited to have him on our show today. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Mr. Steve from Steve’s Good CBD How are you doing Steve?

Steve Schultheis: Doing super well. Thank you so much for having me. This is awesome. Thank you for the intro, it’s lovely.

Sonia Gomez: Yes, I’m so excited to have you on the show as well. This was a long time coming. I’ve been stalking– I’m a closet stalker. Don’t quote me on that. But I go out I have all my little minions. And when I decided to do this podcast, I was like we need to find the people who are doing really cool stuff.

We need to find the people who are struggling, we need to find the people who are like, just so passionate about this industry and want to tell their story and share just sort of behind the scenes what’s happening and how and why we are doing what we’re doing. The way that we’re doing it.

So why don’t you just take a couple of minutes and introduce yourself to our community? Where are you from? What you up to? How did you find your way into CBD?

Steve’s Transition from a Super Nerdy Website Developer to a Cannabis Advocate

Steve Schultheis: Yeah, great. Thank you. So yeah, this started three years ago for me where I really started getting into it. I’ve been building websites for a long time. I’m super nerdy. I built my version one of the websites, but yeah, so I was helping someone with their website and stuff and I was doing a lot of guerilla marketing and I end up going out on Pearl Street in Boulder.

Are you familiar with Pearl Street?

Sonia Gomez: Oh yeah, I lived in Boulder for 10 years.

Steve Schultheis: Cool. So I would go with this little red wagon and I’d have some hemp plants in it kind of being a little risky, but going out there and I was engaging people and engaging families. And at first, it was like kind of a marketing thing. I started like, hey, check out the hemp plants and let’s talk about hemp. But then I started talking to these families and started getting really compelled by their stories.

People are moving to Colorado because their kids were having seizures, they’re dealing with a lot of issues with pharmaceutical medication and they didn’t want that for their kids and fully supportive of that. So, I thought about it, I kind of moved back to Maine and I just started on this, hey, I want to do something. I want to connect the farmers to the consumers. And I want to do it in all 50 states and the Farm Bill kind of allowed it, kind of lots of grey area, but I was like, Hey, cool, I’m going to do this.

And there’s people that need help, I can help. I have the skills and I really want to do it. So I launched the education first and then I launched the website and then I’ve just been really just supporting hemp and kind of being hemp’s biggest cheerleader, may not be its biggest cheerleader, but I’ve been on the hemp side for a while now we’re the ones to succeed, really be a part of our future.

Sonia Gomez: Yay. Love it. Okay, so you launched the education part of Steve’s Goods first. Tell me a little bit more about that.

Bringing Hemp Education Online to with the Normalization of Hemp

Steve Schultheis: Yeah, definitely. So like I said, I spent a long time just hanging out on Pearl Street just talking to people and educating people and doing all that and then I started bringing it online with the Instagram account and started doing more educational stuff. And my main thing is I really like to help out with the denormalization or the normalization of hemp, and having people go see it in the public and see it around and not be scared by it, and used to be normalized again people should be scared of a plant, of a leaf.

Like four people say hey nice jacket before I could even get to my spot so it's like I really enjoy that part of it and I feel like that's a big part of why I'm here is to make it normalized. - Steve Schultheis Click To Tweet

It’s weird that people are scared of it. That’s why I wear my weed jacket. I wear it to a lot of expos, I wear it around. I was literally on Main Street in Longmont yesterday, we’re making a video that is like my jacket. And like four people say hey nice jacket before I could even get to my spot so it’s like I really enjoy that part of it and I feel like that’s a big part of why I’m here is to make it normalized.

Sonia Gomez: Are you living in Colorado or are you in Maine and then come out to Colorado for filming?

Steve Schultheis: Yeah, that’s a really great question and we need to update the about me because I’ve been living in Colorado for a long time. Like I went back to the east coast for like six months but I’ve been out here pretty much growing my business in Colorado.

Sonia Gomez: And I was like, he’s a local but like, local to where?

Steve Schultheis: we need [inaudible] I’ve been thinking about that I was like, it doesn’t make sense anymore because I’m here, I’ve been living here in Longmont. We have our distribution space in Longmont and we’re about to open up our retail space in Longmont.

Sonia Gomez: Fun. I’m coming to see you. I lived in Longmont for a long time. My kids are still right over there off of Hoover and the 18th. And so, yeah, it’s I Longmont, it’s totally beautiful up there and a lot of the farms that we were working within the first couple of years of our business we’re right there tacked right at the base of the mountains just– it could not be a more beautiful landscape.

Steve Schultheis: Yeah, cool. Yeah, we’re doing a ribbon-cutting for the commerce on the third. You’re welcome to come up for that. And also our opening party.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, fun. I’d love to.

Steve Schultheis: Definitely.

Sonia Gomez: I’d love to. That’d be super fun. Okay, so I’m really curious about this all the time, three years in business and there are some standard challenges to this industry. So it’s kind of like kicking a dead horse, but like for sure just to mention them, merchant processing, really navigating the landscape of legalities, like what can we do? What can we not do?

The Importance of Banking and Merchant Processing in the Success of the Business

Steve Schultheis: Before you go too far, let’s just talk about processing because I know everyone wants to hear about processing.

Sonia Gomez: Oh banking and merchant processing, let’s do it.

Steve Schultheis: Okay, so you said I can bitch and moan so, as I’m packing in this joint right here, so merchant processing is always been a huge struggle. I’m not a pretty rebellious person by nature. And so I really was apt to figure it out. It’s like, I’m a problem solver by nature, I love to problem-solve. And so that’s what I’ve been doing for the last three years is problem-solving. And sometimes it’s been easier than others.

But really, I started off just kind of shadow, being in the shadows and just trying to get into processing history because once you get three months of history like you are way more open to getting accepted by someone that actually is way more legit. But the issue is if you have zero processing, it’s almost impossible. This is really hard. They’re going to give you high rates are going to give you high reserves and hold. It’s going to be hard for you to grow a business so I’ve dealt with it all.

I’ve gotten a ton of accounts shut down. I’m super happy I didn’t end up on a match list. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it is basically the list that doesn’t allow you to open up any bank accounts or any processing it just like blacklists you from all that. So with all my shenanigans, I’m glad that didn’t happen to me but it was a possibility. It’s like I could have been blacklisted for trying to get friggin medicine to people, like get farm hemp to people, and I could get blacklisted.

Sonia Gomez: I know people who have been on our show who have been blacklisted in there and they have like such incredible stories. Chris Martin, who runs a show called Haters Make Me Famous like literally went to prison and like has this whole really cool story but he’s fully blacklisted right now for following the rules.

Like he was following the rules that his merchant processor gave him, and they shut him down. And because– I don’t even know why, but they blacklisted him. And he’s now in this huge, huge legal dispute.

So merchant processing has got to be especially since June when the Elavon Exodus happened and if you guys don’t know what that is, and you’re listening like Elavon was connected to– was probably one of the biggest areas that CBD companies could process. Top three for sure. And they just onboard everybody so quickly started to do all of the transactions for the industry and then like one little tweaking compliance happened.

I’m of the opinion that that big business started to come in and say like, yo, yo, we’re coming in here, you shut everybody down like I’m a total conspiracy theorist. So I think that big pharma and big business had something to do with it. Well, that’s neither here nor there. But they shut everybody down didn’t matter how big or how small your business was. And I think another huge challenge was that they onboard everybody so quickly, trying to like profit from the green rush that they didn’t really create a standard or an SOP. Like what are the qualifications? What does the company need to be doing?

Steve Schultheis: [inaudible] have some people up?

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, they were just like fucking ain’t right, let’s do this.

Steve Schultheis: Make money. I’m sure they made at least a billion

Sonia Gomez: Oh easy.

Steve Schultheis: I’m sure that’s what their whole deal was, they’re like, we’re gonna make a quick bill off of this industry. And we’re gonna get fined but it’s not gonna be anywhere near how much money they’re gonna make. They’re charging people like 4% but they’re one of the top five processors in the world so they’re getting their interchange probably at a very stupid rate for probably pay no more than like 1% and then they’re charging the three extra percent on top and they’re doing that for you know, I knew 10s of thousands of people that were up on that and they accepted for much everyone.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I think there were like 43,000 businesses.

Steve Schultheis: Whoo. Yeah

Sonia Gomez: They got shut down. So anyway, it was a really significant armageddon day for the industry and a lot of people no matter how big or small their businesses are, have had to go through that recovery process. Good thing we’re in the CBD industry because it required a lot. We were getting high on our own supply, that’s for sure. Okay, so have you figured out merchant processing sense? Like, what are you doing for a solution now?

Steve Schultheis: So we, as a company, we’re owed like $75,000 in processing? Yeah, a mix between– actually no, it’s actually like 100 now. We used to one. To one’s a big player in the game, but they have big reserves. So, you know, when you process a couple hundred thousand through that, that collects a big reserve. So they owe us like, 28 grand or something.

And they’re really fucked up because the second you stop processing, they no longer pay you out. So if you just like, stop processing, they will just stop paying you out. It’s so silly. Like the second you stop processing. They give you a warning. And like it’s like a three-day warning and alert and if you don’t continue processing, they’re like no, no more money for you.

Sonia Gomez: Dude, whack. I got a couple of my friends who partnered in with on manufacturing and like a lot of my work in the industry now, I’ve literally run the whole gamut of the space from legislative development to building and growing audiences online and education and all of this different stuff mainly all because I was a patient whose life was completely transformed by the use of cannabis as a teenager.

And I’ll tell you, I am not surprised at how many hoops were having to jump through. And a part of my passion in my role is making sure that we can navigate our way through as we are a self-governing industry and a lot of that this industry has always been true, that it’s all about who you know, and who you know, and what kind of relationships or partnerships you can cultivate with them.

So a lot of my work in the industry right now is just finding out who are the bullshitters and who are the bosses in the industry, and then making the strategic alliances with them, agreements with them, like kind of like godfather style, like, we’re gonna agree that this is what we’re going to do. You know, and like, everybody is on the same page, about all of that.

And so, one of my friends, who’s also an FDA compliant manufacturer, literally just bought a bank and he’s like, fuck this like if I’m going to be manufacturing CBD I’m going to own the bank too and make sure that all my people can continue to do business. so he’s like, completing the paperwork for that. I’m like, how boss do you have to be to buy the bank? For God, you know, so anyway–

Steve Schultheis: The industry’s booming so hard.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, it’s coming out super hard. And I’ll be excited to share that solution once it’s all once everything is online. Like, every single one of you guys that I interview says the exact same thing. So I can’t wait to be like, here’s the solution for you and for you. It would be really good.

How about marketing and advertising? I see your website. It looks awesome. Did you actually build your website? Or did somebody do version two?

Steve Schultheis: I had someone did version two.

Sonia Gomez: Okay. Well, it looks awesome right now. Have you had challenges with marketing and advertising? How are you getting people to find out, you know, in this ocean of brands, how is Steve’s Goods standing out right now?

How Is Steve’s Goods Standing out Right Now

Steve Schultheis: A lot of it is loyalty and we’ve just been around for a long time. A lot of our customers like online retail customers have just been with us for a long time. And they know we have high-quality consistent products and each time you buy, it’s going to be the same. And we keep lowering our prices.

But overall, we do a lot of just expos, and we’re just out there like people whenever they run into me, they’re like, man, I’m seeing you everywhere. We’re just like in local magazines in Colorado or we’re doing some advertisement or like advertising, with some cannabis agencies, there’s like, I guess I’ll shout them out there’s like Leafly and then there’s Merry Jane and then there’s Leaf Buyer as a bunch of this cannabis that can like Pay Per Click stuff which isn’t really the great conversion all the pay per click stuff but it’s like if you can make your money back and then also gain a customer that’s worth it.

So it’s just the marketing spend is really hard right now because we are successfully advertising on Google, there aren’t many people that are doing it I can’t really disclose how we’re doing it but it’s pretty expensive to win over our customers because we’re getting like wholesale and start targeting retail customers but it’s costing us like $20 a customer but if they can turn into a couple thousand each order then it’s like it works out.

Sonia Gomez: So let’s talk about that for a second. This is actually not a subject that I have brushed too deeply. Cost per customer. What does it cost to get a customer in you just mentioned like the $20 mark and I have a lot of people who asked me about this because we’re actually successfully advertising for cannabis and hemp online? We have a really specific what we call the long game strategy, like people, are either sprinting and doing CPC or clickbait kind of advertising where we’re really focused on community building and creating an internal ecosystem that takes– it’s a little bit of a longer run, but the conversions are incredible.

You’re not spending as much money upfront and you’re doubling or tripling your investment on the back end. And so a lot of people come to us to say like, how are you guys doing this? And we always have to say like, well, it’s a numbers game. It’s all about how low you can get the number down to where you’re turning a like or a follower into a captured audience and ultimately into a converted sale and There’s a certain number that comes along with that.

So we’re on average on Facebook seeing people spend anywhere from $1 to $5 on a click, and then they get their ad shut down. So what’s the lifetime value– A lot of companies have trouble conceptualizing the spending so much money upfront, they’re like, we just want to do a blast to test.

Steve Schultheis: It’s just yeah, it doesn’t work it, well, you have to realize this is all about, you know, dangling out your lines. It’s like, you can’t just have one line out there and expect that you’re going to keep getting bites, you need to have multiple lines, like, maybe this is his Instagram giveaways. And this is like Pay Per Click on Facebook. And this is like, you know, you can like, do stuff on Youtube whatever.

Like, you know, you seem to have all your fishes out there and yeah, it gets expensive. We’re a legitimate company now. It’s like we spend a lot each month on everything. And we’re like trying to figure everything out. We have a bunch of employees or just growing and it’s hard to put money into things that you don’t necessarily know it’s going to grow.

And you have to like, test things that people are telling us. Hey, we can– I mean, this just happened to us. They’re like, yeah, you can advertise on Facebook using yada yada. And you can sell unlimited topicals because Facebook doesn’t mind topicals. And then, yeah, it was stupid.

Sonia Gomez: boo, boo Kitty, right there, boy.

Steve Schultheis: But if you have a small budget, you can’t it’s like high risk, high reward because we put a budget into this Google thing. And we didn’t really know if it’s going to work. And then we put money into it and time, money and everything. And now it’s working. So it’s like, but we’ve done that for other projects, and it hasn’t worked. And it’s like, Damn, we just wasted a week on our super talented dude, as well as had to pay him and pay for the things that we tried to get going.

Figure out what works for you and what works for your customers because me getting my customers will be different from you getting your customers. - Steve Schultheis Click To Tweet

So yeah, we have a lot of lines in the water and really figure out what works for you and what works for your customers because me getting my customers will be different from you getting your customers.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah totally. Well, I tell people and again, I’ve said this like in every podcast, but it’s completely irrelevant to like really understand who your target audience is like people ask me all the time, are you on Instagram and I’m like, not really, because my audience is not on Instagram, my audience is on Facebook, I have a really specific demographic that I’m working with who responds more effectively to the content that I’m creating and the advertisements that I put out, and my messaging and all of that stuff.

So that’s where I concentrate my time, my attention and my dollars, that’s not going to be true for everybody else. So really understanding who you’re serving and what problem you’re solving will determine where you’re going to spend your most time and your most energy, what kind of sauce are you sipping on over there?

Steve Schultheis: So this is– it’s brand new. I hope you can see it but it’s our CBG slab, this is pure 99% CVG and you dab it and we’re partnering with devices are about to come out with the CBD starter pack, but yeah, if you’re here, definitely let you try it.

Sonia Gomez: I would definitely try it.

Steve Schultheis: Yes. So remember we were talking earlier about the zombie outfit? Yeah, like in the zombie video it’s like I’m like reanimated back to life because of my CBG isolettes.

Sonia Gomez: Oh my god.

Steve Schultheis: It’s actually really funny

Sonia Gomez: I’m dope. Get in on that Steve’s Goods CBG sauce, brain food right there, buddy. I love it. How’s the flavour on it?

Steve Schultheis: You know we don’t really add anything to it. So there’s not really, it’s all like– because we have a lot of like fruity flavours like blueberry and watermelon, different gorilla but yeah, it’s very plenty. It’s not you know– but a lot of people you can like mix it in with your dabs like THC stuff and then you can kind of combo a little bit.

I really think they marry well together CBG and THC and you know, let me just give you a quick pitch on CBG for the people that don’t know what CBG is. CBG is the mother molecule to CBD, though one of them that have plant it is CBG A. And as it matures it converts to CBD A or THCA or all the other cannabinoids, and then when you get that plant and then you smoke it, it turns from CBDA to THCA into THC or CBD.

So it’s like you’re converting it to that. So just to clarify, so it’s the mother molecule, it’s the precursor to what makes all the magic happen. So we’re able to extract it and put it into a concentrated form. And we really think it helps with the brain. You know, there’s, we’re gonna be doing some studies with CSU Pueblo, we’re doing one on memory right now and CBD, but I’m hoping that the study will go well and then they’ll let us do CBG and memory, you know, keep adding to the research.

Sonia Gomez: CBG and the CBN are the two cannabinoids right now that are sort of on the rise if you will. It was THC for such a long time and now it’s CBD and I just think we’re going to run the gamut all the way through. So for me, this is like a lifetime thing. But as more and Pueblo, by the way, is one of the like top research centres in the state right now there’s like D you and then Pueblo is like, totally crushing it on all of their medical studies, which I absolutely love.

I really hope that you guys get to do some stuff with the CBG because I think that there’s so much hyper-focus on CBD right now that we’re not paying attention to any of the other molecules, the THCA, the CBGA, the CBN, you know, like the the assets in the plant and the terpenes and the flavonoids that they’re like just barely starting to get the attention that they deserve, when in fact, a lot of those things are the most medicinal part of the plant.

Steve Schultheis: Yeah. So that’s why we’re really ahead of the curve because we’ve been dealing with CBG for over two years now. Where it’s honestly the There are business owners and people that own CBD companies that do not know what CBG is. That’s the problem. That is a problem. So we’re always going to be ahead of it. We’re launching this new vape, it’s going to be crazy. Like there’s nothing the market has ever seen this like this. It’s like a 12% CBC, there’s like 6% CBG, here’s like CBN in here.

Sonia Gomez: I’m coming to Longmont.

Steve Schultheis: Yeah, you should. I’ll make you one. We’re still on r&d, but I’ll make you one personally and they’re really good. We’re putting in our blueberry Oh gee terpenes and a little bar, a natural flavouring that is an MCT base and smokes really well and it tastes really good. Yeah, we’re going to be launching a pretty soon.

Steve’s Thoughts on the Vape Controversy

Sonia Gomez: Love that. So tell me a little bit about your viewpoint on the like, vape controversy that’s happening right now and you’re still developing vaporizers and, you know, dabble products. Are you concerned at all about the I’m going to call it controversy around vapes?

Steve Schultheis: Yeah, I would say that Juul is getting a lot of the pressure right now. And they’re kind of the main target. I would say at the end of the day. What we have done in response to that is we’re doing a non-PG VG vape.

So it’s basically we’re having a pure product. So we have a distillate that doesn’t recrystallize because that’s the main issue with CBD distillate is it crystallizes on an atomic level, so it won’t recrystallize so it will stay distillate in your cartridge. And then we’re just adding in the terpenes, plant-based terpenes and then all-natural flavouring that’s just MCT base.

And so basically what we’re doing now we’re removing all those toxic things that are really messing people up like Juul pods that’s a PG VG mix with concentrated nicotine, like awful like, like little rocks, and they like concentrated and they put in the nicotine. They put in the juice. So it’s like that’s what’s really screwing people up as a PG VG and that’s just kind of what we’re doing in response is just we’re not doing that.

We haven’t been really selling vape. We had it for a while, it was PG VG, I took it off, where I’m just not a big fan of PG VG, needs to be pure. And yeah, just like it should not be messing your lungs up. There’s a lot of issues with popcorn lung and, you know, I’m not trying to call the people that vape like, you know, if it helps you with your anxiety, do what you gotta do, but when people buy those big giant mods, and they’re getting those big, giant clouds, and they’re doing it really often, it’s just not really good for your lungs. And I’m not trying to tell people what to do, but they just think about–

Sonia Gomez: it’s a matter of opinion, freedom of speech up in here. Like, I found a vape in my kids’ stuff, and I swear to God, I reacted like it was crack. Like I’m a speaker. Yes. I was like, What is this bullshit like, I’ve got I got all I went fucking suburban mom on him like, and I’m like, cool. I want to you know if he’s gonna smoke weed here like I’m one of those cooler moms in the sense that I don’t want to if you’re going to do it, I’d rather you do it at home type mentality.

But I found the vape and I just like, I swear I beat him with his own shoe like I could not stomach it because there’s like, there’s whole fat amongst the teenagers where they’re just like ripping the biggest clouds that they can blow on them all over the place. It just tastes like strawberry jam and liquid form and I’m like, Man, this is boo boo. Like you don’t you [inaudible]

Steve Schultheis: [inaudible] addicted to nice flavours and it’s bullshit.

Sonia Gomez: I know. It’s something it’s good for them at all.

Steve Schultheis: Yeah, did you see the South Park episode when they made fun of it? You know, it’s an epidemic when South Park is making fun of it. But there was a whole there’s a whole episode about the kids like all the super young kindergarteners I’m not sure what grade they were but they’re super young and they’re all like all stressed out being a kindergarten or whatever.

And there’s like all there’s making fun of the whole industry but it’s so true. It’s like kids are now like getting people to buy them jewels like people Well used to get people to buy him cigarettes back in the day.

Sonia Gomez: yeah, it’s crazy, I think. So I’ve been watching the controversy pretty closely because I have kids, I have all the stuff and I’m on the forefront of education. So I’m like, always wanting to talk about more of these hot topics and stuff and, and it’s been a mixed bag. Like, for me, first of all, so many more people have died from tobacco than they have from a vape.

Second of all, it’s like the black market vape cart, you know that that is causing a lot of challenges and then the jewel, you know, and so for me, I’m like, I’m still the opinion that inhalants are the most effective to get the fastest results when you’re using cannabis and hemp.

Additionally, having a reputable source that will give you a high-quality product that you can use if you’re having an anxiety attack or need to sleep or any stomach issues or whatever like vaping or smoking is going to be the most effective.

Smoking is probably not the healthiest thing in the world, although it’s my favourite way of ingesting because I’m old cool and I got some of this like pushy Cush right here and I want to taste it and I also symbol it’s literally not called that but I call it and I’ll tell you why in a minute.

Sonia Gomez: So, I believe that God made this medicine as perfect as it could possibly be and as close as we can say to that is probably the best for us now while new sciences coming in, we’re seeing a lot more derivatives isolated, you know cannabinoids, so on and so forth. And, and that’s really cool. We’re going to see what the evolution of that provides.

But for the meanwhile, I love to keep it in the raw form. vaping is second-tier to that and then you get into the other delivery systems which have their own benefits. Probably the best way to microdose long term if you’re trying to just like nourish your endocannabinoid system, but you’re definitely going to get you know 40% plus absorption into your body if using an inhalant versus an edible and let me tell you the story about pushy kush before we move on to my next question, so I was in a dispensary and this is actually called purple punch and I’m an IndyCar person.

So I was like I need something that’s just going to be like awesome totally relaxed me but not put me out so they gave me this thing here. And like I smoked it and within five minutes, like not even five minutes, I was like this from around the wall my husband in the kitchen and I was like he’s in there stirring the pod is live but was shaken a little bit and I was just thought. It was the hunter’s instinct kicked in quick and then you know, whatever happened on the kitchen floor, and like, Whatever happened [inaudible]. And like kids were gone.

It was an afternoon delight and like, I got up later with this like rat’s nest on the side of my head and I was like yo dawg I got somebody that pushy kush. me out for the rest of the day I had a permanent Twitch and everything so ever since then I’m like we’re gonna put this on the top shelf.

Steve Schultheis: yeah, Cannabis enhances you know the female’s desire needs so what I’m looking for there but definitely affects women sexually that way.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah it’s awesome. I there was another company called Quiver that gave me this like lubricants, like massage oil for your Yahya and I was like, check does this shit actually work? Like why don’t you do this with hemp? We can hit a globe, my rat’s nest, we can hit a global market and she’s like, with all due respect, Sonia, hemp doesn’t get your pussy high. And I was like, word. No need to say anything else.

So while you’re in the lab, it seems like you spend time in the lab like definitely conceptualizing your consumer, you seem to be really passionate about it. Certainly not true for all cannabis, or hemp companies, a lot of people are just in it for the money.

I’d love to hear from you. Like what is the absolute favourite part of what you’re doing in your business right now? Is it the formulation side? Is that product conceptualizing? Do you love just being at the visionary post in your company? What’s your favourite thing about the work that you’re doing right now?

His Favourite Thing About His Work Right Now

Steve Schultheis: Yeah, so you know, I decided a while back to brand me and brand my face and I kind of, you know, I like to joke around that I’m the weed man and I kind of have that thing going and that’s kind of where my role has changed. And we now have like, 25 employees and are like really becoming a serious business and super exciting. So, I love to watch the growth, business strategy, like I handed off a lot of operations to CEO, and he’s doing a great job, James Rowland.

And, you know, we’re just trying to still work together and make sure that the vision is still staying straight and making sure we’re doing all the right moves. And also supporting like, I really, you know, just like to make sure that the flow is good. And just being in business, I understand that cash flow is so important. It’s like you need money, and you need to be able to spend and have backups. And it’s been really cool because this is my first real business.

And I can say that from three years, I have never once had an issue paying people, which is super seller, it’s like, the best thing you know, we’ve just been able to do it and we’ve just always made it happen. And that’s why cash flow so important. You know, using the ability of money to make money and pay the people that are helping you make money.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I love that. I love that you understand the value of outsourcing. A lot of people like trying– I was just talking with another group who’s just like literally doing everything right now, and they can’t figure out how to hire and keep a good person on the team. Tell me a little bit– I mean, you already mentioned the importance of your team because as you delegate those responsibilities, you get to play in your highest role.

Talk a little bit about what it takes and what kind of– how do you get people enrolled into the vision and how do you compensate them so that they want to stick with you long term? What kind of support do you provide them to make sure that they feel confident and are competent in their role?

How He’s Supporting and Compensating His Team

Steve Schultheis: Yeah, definitely. Morale is a super important thing just to be on top of. We try to really do good by our employees and offer them good perks. We have a fridge in the break room and a table and we’re always providing– we’re always buying groceries and stuff and keeping that stuff stock so they always have snacks and stuff and we have like a beverages and stuff available for them and we have a ping pong table that we just put in our break room.

So we’re like separating everything off from a break room saying go out play ping pong, and they’ve been loving it like everyone’s just been like challenging each And it’s caused a lot of excitement. But it’s just exciting because we’re growing and everyone sees division because we’ve been growing and I’ve been doing it on my own for a long time.

So the vision was already there, and we were just progressing and we’re doing all the right things. And we just really feel confident and firm and the fact that we just want to offer this awesome product to people and we want to keep expanding, and I have really great formulation ideas. And I’m the main formulation ideas and I have a lot to offer this industry with our formulations and like I said, we’re, we started doing CBG two years before people woke up to the fact that that was needed.

And it’s like, we’re going to be on CBN CBC and you know, CBL and CBT and all the all these things that people aren’t gonna be upon or they’re gonna be too corporate to build a fall into, and we’re there we’re gonna offer to the public because as long as it’s safe, obviously, it’s gonna be tested and stuff, but, you know, it’s like, I’m a firm believer to give the people what they want, and they may not want it but we’re going to educate people. We’re going to do research studies and it’s helping people for certain things over time where it’s going to develop all this information and figure it out.

And you know, there’s 180 different cannabinoids, it’s like– I think that the future holds like a concoction of those are ideal for you. There’s a concoction that’s the deal for me, you know, terpenes are super important too and vitamins and, you know, I think the future is going to just include a lot of this is just going to become common consumption is just, you know, CBD and other cannabinoids and or a full spectrum and I think we’re going to see a lot more in food.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I fully agree. I think that there’s going to be a huge revolution around personalized health care. One of my good friends has created like whole DNA analysis to find out what cannabinoids are actually working with your body and what where you’re deficient and being able to cocktail your cannabis or hemp experience from there, I think is going to be the future of medicine. Really similar to just normal supplement care or really supplement care, personalized medications are going to be the definite wave of the future.

But it all starts with this hemp revolution. I mean, without what we have done here as an industry in these first like three years and all of the arrows that we’ve taken, I don’t think that we would be experiencing such a significant healthcare revolution specifically, which for me, will be the biggest disruption to healthcare that we will ever witness. So that’s a really exciting thing to be a part of.

Talk to me a little bit about your philanthropic work, I was looking at different things in my stocking and investigation of you. I saw that you actually do quite a bit to give back to your community and this is this social awareness and social contributions like how you as the pebble are allowing your ripple effect to you know, bleed into your community too.

Tell me about the different philanthropic efforts that your company is making and the giveaways that you guys do and what kind of difference you’re seeing that make.

Steve’s Goods’ Philanthropic Effort of Giving Back to the Community

Steve Schultheis: Yeah, definitely. So I think the big one that we’re doing is we’re doing the Hemping Hands Program. And this programme is where people can submit their testimonials and stories and obviously, we’re all going to share them if they allow us to, but, you know, we’re just like, reading and engaging with our customers is super important because we have a multiple spectrum of customers, we have people that like, absolutely, like really need cannabinoids in their body, you know, can evidence in their body and they need to find a source for it.

You know, if that’s like preventing seizures, or if they’re actually trying to combat cancer or just like the whole issue with chemo with it makes you feel awful. Feeling your body like people just needing all that. So we have like, the full spectrum of people from those people to people that are just there for wellness, they want to take the oil for wellness and they want to do that.

So it’s just a wide variety of people and stories we’re getting so we just want to be more in touch with our customers and figure out what their bases and fill out from our connection because when we have people, especially when they’re local, and then they’re coming through, and they’re coming to the building, we’re learning more and finding out how we can help them and like, yeah, we’re giving them free products, but also just like learning and figuring out how we can help you better product makers for them and figure out what they need. kind of goes back to our 2500 our CBD oils, I actually crafted that, for Mary, there’s a testimonial on the site about that but she, it was a while ago, she came to me– she actually grows my marijuana.

And I love her dearly, for like 12 years. She’s super awesome. But we started doing an exchange where I was getting that and she’s getting products and it was like helping her out and then I was like, Hey, you know, I think I could really help you with something and she was paying like a lot of money for her CBD oil. And I was like, Hey, I think I can make you something. And so I just experimented with it and I just combined a couple of different things like some really like raw and reaching like crude and this really cool distillate and just like some isolated just made a really strong for and just combined in made it tastes really good she likes it when there’s like a ton of terpenes in it.

And yeah, I’ve been making that for like almost three years now like probably two and a half years and she’s been seizure-free for like three years now. Wow, really cool.

Sonia Gomez: A lot of the work that we did in our dispensary had to do with the medical refugees, The mamas and papas, even the kids who had moved relocated with their parents who are suffering from dementia or any one of these terrible, terrible life-altering conditions. And a lot of what we did was just education around how to properly dose how to select your delivery system, what are the different components or effects that you can experience and there’s a pretty significant gap in the industry as far as education goes, and I love that your company focuses a lot on the education.

I’d love to ask you what are– we have some people who are considering getting into the industry, some people with established brands, all different walks of life are represented here. What are some key pieces of advice that you would have for an entrepreneur that is joining or is a part of the green rush right now and is trying to build and grow their business? What are some key considerations or pieces of advice that you could offer somebody in that place?

Key Pieces of Advice to Other Entrepreneurs

Pick your niche, find something that you're creative about, do it because you want to help people and in turn, it will help you. - Steve Schultheis Click To Tweet

Steve Schultheis: Yeah, pick your niche, find something that you’re creative about, do it because you want to help people and in turn, it will help you. If you’re just trying to create a sloppy looking brand and you just want to make some money, you’re not going to succeed. But if you put a lot of time and effort into making a brand and making yourself stand out and actually put quality products out there you will outstand a lot of these brands that are not doing that. And that’s just super important.

Like we’re going to be an able long-lasting brand because we understood that from the very beginning, like, we need to get the message of the people but it needs to be high quality. We always source from Colorado, it’s all Colorado hemp, we don’t go outside of Colorado at all, you know, and the first year, they started using CBG we had a source from California but now it’s all in Colorado, which is super exciting and us need to you know, we’re just doing formulations that people aren’t doing.

It’s like we’re not super corporate so, it’s like the industry super unregulated and until it’s regulated, we have more opportunity to experiment with different concoctions of just toilets and stuff and our lab is like producing some really incredible stuff and able to capture more full-spectrum than it was and like the quality has gone skyrocket like from what I was doing my thing back then to now it’s just like non stop skyrocketed, like, labs have figured it out. Farmers are getting better too and everything’s going really great.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I love that. Where do you think the industry is going In the next, let’s say three years.

The Industry in the Next Three Years in His Opinion

Steve Schultheis: Yeah, I would say that’s a good solid question. It’s very interesting and it really all depends on what happens because I think there is some variable there. Like you know if like Pepsi and Coke decided to come in and like, was it late like laser that big conglomerate company, they’ve decided to put it in all their food and it’s just like the reference is– it’s just like when a big corporate company comes in and they cornered the market.

That’s just what potentially could happen to a lot of this like, they could just come in and just buy up all the farmland and buy up all the material and then put it into all the food products that people don’t need CBD products anymore. That could potentially happen no take a lot of money. I don’t know if they’re like that on it.

But I think that’s where like boutiques will still survive is people are going to want people are going to need extra exogenous cannabinoids and people are going to want those farm trusted sources, it’s just gonna be kind of interesting if it goes that way, because it might not, you know, it might be like just a big conglomerate that buys up all the smaller companies like, I think there’ll be a lot of buying up over the next five years of these big companies that have raised a lot of money, and they’ll just start scooping up people’s clients and everyone that they’ve been working for about buying up their companies.

It’s like Steve’s Goods, we service, over 20,000 retail people a month, and we have over 500 wholesale customers. And we have like, 10, pretty decent sized distributors. So it’s like, we as a company, could potentially be reached like 50,000 people a month. So it’s like when you are a big company and you want to be a big conglomerate, you’re like, Okay, let’s buy their 50,000 customers, let’s buy theirs and theirs and theirs and then offer them something that they wouldn’t make anywhere else. And then it’s just a big company.

So I definitely see that happening. Like, you know, especially with people like the been interacting with us and trying to buy equity. It’s like, it’s just like a shark game out there. It’s like who can Yeah, you the biggest company in having the most infrastructure and stuff. So it’s kind of interesting. There’s like, a lot of big players out there they’re doing their different things.

I’m saying you gotta do your niche and do it well, like, you want to launch a product that’s on the market, do your market research, making sure that something people actually want to buy, talk to people don’t just launch a product without talking to people, it’s a bad idea.

Sonia Gomez: Are you out on the speaking circuit? And if so, what are a couple of the upcoming events that people can check you out at?

Upcoming Events

Steve Schultheis: Yeah, so we’re working on it like this is like a part of it us meeting with you and doing this podcast. I’m trying to do more podcasts and interviews and trying to get out there more. But the last thing I went to was in Tennessee, I did not personally speak but I went you went–

Sonia Gomez: You went to the SHE Conference?

Steve Schultheis: Yeah, yeah. Yeah because Cindy Sovine is to speaking there because she is doing lobbying for the industry. And she’s doing a lot of great things. So we went down into some domain stuff and those like the last, you know, like to go to expos. So as last time, I did that, but The next thing I’m doing is actually in Boulder at the Riverside and Boulder.

Sonia Gomez: Love Riverside.

Steve Schultheis: Yeah. Nice. Once a month they do these boulder meetups, and it’s a cannabis meetup. So I’m going to be doing a presentation on CBG.

Sonia Gomez: Awesome. What is that? Yeah, let us know. And we’ll let [inaudible]

Steve Schultheis: It’s on the 30th. The 30th of this month. Boulder Cannabis Industry Meetup featuring Steve’s kids, that’s me. Yep. Cool. So it’s going to be at 6:30 pm to 9 pm.

Sonia Gomez: I’m gonna come check you out.

Steve Schultheis: You should? Yeah, I’ll share this with you. But I think that if people are interested, they can go to the website. They can just go to the meetups website, and then they go, they search for Boulder Cannabis Industry, and they should go find it.

What Keeps Him Committed to His Mission

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, awesome. I would love to hear from you. And sometimes this is a tough question, but I’m gonna ask it anyway. For me, I feel like I sacrifice quite a bit to be a part of this industry. And yet every day I find a reason to justify my continuous involvement. What do you think are some of the key sacrifices and some of the key wins that keep you committed to your mission here?

Steve Schultheis: You know, helping people not have seizures is pretty cool. Yeah. Yeah, just? That’s a good question. You know, I think that I’ve just been doing this for the last three years. And I’ve so personally invested in it. And I’ve just launched the mission. And now there’s a bunch of people behind the mission, and we just need to keep continuing on the mission.

And there’s just like, no doubt in my mind that this is what I do. And I’m going to show up every day, and I love what I do. I’m not saying every day is not stresses and we all deal with business stresses but we just figured a lot of those issues out and we’re just on a good track right now, and we just kind of know what the people want, and I just want to keep offering it to them you know, that’s why I said we’re like interacting with our customers and the retail space this can be super exciting.

We’re gonna do a ton of CBG education there and that’s going to kind of be our hub for you know we won’t be able to fly to Colorado to come to Longmont to come to the CBD store just to learn about CBG and all the cool things we have to offer.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, love it so exciting. I can’t wait to continue to follow your guys’ stuff. Definitely coming up to check you guys out in Longmont. I love it when I get to interview the local companies. I’m right down in Denver and I used to live you know right off of the foothills highway up in between Boulder and Longmont. And I love to just come and like build my community that way.

So I’d love to come and check you guys out there and maybe do a live on the broadcast. Any last thoughts that you’d like to share with the community before we bounce out today?

Steve Schultheis: Cool. Yeah. So I do want you guys to all know that Steve’s goods products are available for private label and white label. Yeah. So if you want a Super awesome CBD brand that has a ton of different products we have oils and edibles and concentrates. And you know even have a beauty product so we can offer a wide variety of products for you.

It’s all Colorado-based, all really great pricing. We’re like super competitive. We’re usually 25% cheaper than anyone on the internet, and we’re super competitive with pricing. We have a really super seller in house designer so if you want a really well-crafted brand like Steve’s Goods, we can definitely do that for you. So if you’re looking to get into and you want to get in the right way we can definitely point you in that direction and help you out.

For people that want to try products, we should offer these dates on Stevesgoods.com. You know, we have award-winning concentrates and edibles are vegan and organic. They’re like super amazing gummies Yeah, we need some news. I was surprised me and send me a package. I’m sorry.

Sonia Gomez: That’s okay. I’d be sitting here eating them.

Steve Schultheis: Seriously, you should be able to just show you one of these guys. They’re like huge like big tower gummy. So, yeah, you like five of them they’re like 30 milligrammes, you get a five-pack, like 18 bucks, super cheap. It’s like really high-quality CBD that’s organic and vegan and really high quality gummy and stuff. So, you know, we’re just staying focused with that and having good ingredients and good high-quality products.

Sonia Gomez: When did you launch your white label program?

Steve Schultheis: It’s been a little while. We’ve had it for probably a year, year and a half and we have some really successful CBD stores that worked for us and some other clients that are super happy with us.

Sonia Gomez: Very cool. Yeah, I’d love to come and check it out. We run a high-level business mastermind. It’s called The Emerald Circle, inspired from the Emerald triangle. And it’s really just a network of people where we’re plugging them into manufacturers distribution, solving for marketing, and advertising as well as merchant processing and banking. So I’m always looking for new relationships with white label, or just places that we can come and tour and show folks like, Look, this is how a business could and should be done.

So I would love to tie you into that network. I think that that would be an incredible value add, the more research that I do on you guys, and I’ll get to come and see it firsthand. Now that I know that you’re here. It was unclear to me before I thought for some reason that you guys are on the east coast. But now that I know that you’re here, I’m going to come and check you out for sure. And we should definitely talk about getting you plugged into the community.

I get hit up every day from people who are looking for any inquiries that people are looking for hundreds of bottles to add to their store or doctors who are looking for an opportunity to develop their own brands like deal flow is all around and that’s a huge part of knowing that you’re doing the right thing at the right time is being in flow with the universe when opportunities are just coming to you all the time and knowing which ones to take it vantage of I think are is really, really important.

So, stevegoods.com and that’s where they can find you. And any like, must try is it is your gummies like your top recommended product to try and get started with?

Steve Schultheis: Yeah, I mean, I personally am a big gummy fan. I love gummies just like in general. So you have any fuse gummy and I’m just, I’m all over it. I think they’re just really incredible. They’re vegan and organic. And so that a couple times, but you don’t get that in a lot of gummies and yeah, you know, there’s like different things about gelatin but gelatin can be kind of gross, and you know, it’s just like the pectins way cleaner, the plants that have an animal So overall, it’s good, you know, even though that it helps with the beard and stuff, you know, gelatin, but I get that through my vitamin supplements.

Sonia Gomez: I love it. I love it. All right, well, I am so excited to have had you on the show. This is like just an awesome interview. Great to have a little sesh with you too like, everyone’s so nervous all the time to just be themselves. And I’m like, Listen, I own the net. Like, imagine I’m Harpo right now like why we get to do what we want to do I on the network, so happy to have a sesh with you.

Thanks so much for your time today and for the incredible work that you’re doing in the industry think it’s so cool. And all of the links guys, for those of you who are tuning in all of the links for Steve’s Goods, will be posted inside of the blog.

Make sure that you check out the blog for today’s show highlights if you are a budding entrepreneur or an established brand and you’re looking for some ways to condense time and make those quantum leaps into your successful future. Check us out of theemeraldcircle.com or you can also find more episodes just like this.

If you are a consumer looking for the best brands and products, check us out on medicalsecrets.com where you’ll find products, just like Steve’s Goods listed there. And I’m your host Sonia and this is The Hemp Revolution. Any last words?

Steve Schultheis: Nope, No last words.

Sonia Gomez: All right, guys, much love to you all. Thanks so much for tuning in and being a part of our incredible community. We’ll see you guys on our next show. Cool. Thanks, everyone. Bye.

Steve Schultheis: Bye.

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