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Cannabis Plant for Chronic Pain – Brief History

Seeds, flowers, roots and buds of cannabis plant have been in use as oil, powder, drinks, paste, drugs and edibles in the treatment of health problems for many centuries.
For the past many years, cannabis has been considered as a drug of stoners and hippies who are always found smoking it to the harm of their logical functions. This case of misusing cannabis can be regarded as one of its cultural aspects, but marijuana is a class of plants containing three main species with seven further sub species which have been found useful in medical treatments for hundreds of years.

Physicians, several hundred years back, used to mix cannabis plant into teas and medicines to treat ailments and pain. At that time cannabis was not so much controlled as it is today. It is included in Schedule 1 drugs together with heroin and LSD. Following is a short description to show its use in the past up till now. Back then, a general crop used for agriculture was hemp. It was cultivated for its oil, fibres and protein-rich seeds for clothes and rope. Although hemp is one type of cannabis, it is devoid of the effects which are caused by marijuana.

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Cannabis Plant around the World

Long ago, people in China and other countries of the world, mainly used hemp as a source of food. Later, people found out that different types of this plant could be employed in medical treatment. The early spread was started way back in China, later spreading all over Asia into Africa and Middle East. The physicians hesitated in recommending it as it was thought that it might cause patients to see evil spirits.

Marijuana tea was officially prescribed in China by emperor Shen to cure different health conditions including rheumatism, gout, poor memory and malaria. According to history, as compared to Japan, China and Western countries, India has used cannabis for spiritual, religious, recreational and medicinal purposes. The most popular drink of this kind in India is bhang, made from milk, spices, ghee and cannabis paste.

Cannabis was used in surgery, as anaesthesia, for the first time by a Chinese surgeon. He ground cannabis plant into fine powder and mixed wine with it. It was offered to the patient to drink before surgery. Some physicians at that time used oil, leaves and roots of cannabis to treat tapeworms, blood clots etc. The use of cbd oil for seizures was also common.

Cannabis Plant in Middle East

After a few years, Cannabis became quite popular in Middle East. Due to its ban in Islam, some Muslims started smoking marijuana (known as hashish in Arabic). Hashish was used as a general medicine in Arab. Middle age herbalists and physicians advised not to use it excessively as it may cause harmful conditions including sterility.

Cannabis was brought to South America by the Spanish but the hemp industry there wasn’t familiar with its medical uses. Years later, its uses were recognized in many health problems in America and England. Cannabis was introduced in the US by Mexicans enhancing its popularity for recreational purposes. Decades ago, non-medical marijuana was declared illegal. The debate went on for years and now finally 28 states in US have allowed the use of medicinal cannabis to certain patients.

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