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Boulder, Colorado Podcaster Offering Scholarship to Students Who Want to Study Weed

Matt (Kind) McCabe is the host of Boulder, Colorado podcast, CannaInsider, and he wants to pay for students to study weed. McCabe, who is better known as his stage name “Kind”, has created the CannaInsider Cannabis Education Scholarship. And he’s looking to award it to a person who “best demonstrates the passion, curiosity, and commitment for cannabis necessary for success in this historic, blossoming industry.”

$3000 Scholarship Will Allow Students to Enroll in Cannabis Training Courses of Their Choice

The scholarship is worth $3,000 and will be awarded in the first quarter of 2018. While it doesn’t seem like a lot of money, it’s enough to enroll a student in several of the cannabis universities throughout the US.

At legendary Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California, 14 weeks of classes based around cannabis history, law, science, business, and economics only costs $1295. Those looking to get into Oaksterdam’s horticulture classes, where students learn how to grow from seed to harvest and all about cultivation laws, will only have to pay $1595.

THC University is a Colorado-based online learning forum costs only $480 for the entire year. Individual classes can also be taken for $50 a pop.

The CannaInsider Cannabis Education Scholarship is plenty enough to cover the education of any budding ganga-preneur. And according to Kind, the industry is “dying for people to come in.”

Interested in Applying to Get Your Canna-Education On?

The scholarship is open to students aged 18-25 who are currently enrolled in a two-year or four-year education program. They aren’t required to drop out of their current classes, but are required to enroll in the cannabis training center of their choice and complete all the coursework.

Interested in applying to take your education to a “higher level?” You’ll need to write a 500 word essay along with your application that covers your “passion for cannabis”, as well as what you hope to learn from the experience. To apply or learn more visit:

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