Happy Birthday Bob Marley: Celebrating the Life of the Legend

Robert Nesta Marley was born on February 6, 1941 in Nine Mile, St. Ann Parish, Jamaica. Today, we celebrate what would have been Bob’s 77th birthday by honoring his legacy that has positively influenced countless lives around the world.

It’s been 37 years since Marley passed away, but his legend lives on. Through his music and high vibration, Marley has influenced music (and the world) like no other artist in history.

Aside from the music he contributed to the world, Marley’s message was one that transcended time. He spoke endlessly about love and unity, as well as reality of the suffering of the world.

It was Marley’s voice that offered mankind a different perspective.

In honor of Marley’s birthday, we’re celebrating the life of the legend. 

Celebrating the Life of Bob Marley

Herb is the Healing of the Nation

In the following interview, Marley speaks openly about cannabis, with herb as the “healing of the nation” and “alcohol as the destruction.” 

4 Fun and Fascinating Facts About Bob Marley 

1. Bob Drove a BMW

Okay, so he didn’t drive a Beamer for his entire life, but he did own at least one BMW in his lifetime. He didn’t care that it was a luxury car, he just liked that BMW had the same initials as Bob Marley and the Wailers.

2. Bob was Buried with a Marijuana Bud

When he passed, Marley was buried at his childhood home in Nine Mile, St. Ann Parish with a few of his prized possessions. Among these were a soccer ball, his guitar, a Bible…and a marijuana bud.

3. Marley Fathered at Least 9 Children…With 7 Different Mothers

Although Marley married wife Rita in 1966 and she remained his wife to the day he died, he fathered at least 9 children with 7 different mothers. By some accounts he had 11 biological children (and adopted 2 more). Of his children, 7 have followed in their father’s footsteps and become internationally-acclaimed musicians.

4. Marley Didn’t Eat Meat

Marley was a devout follower of the Rastafari religion, one that follows the principles of an Ital diet. Ital food is derived from the “vital food” and involves a natural way of cooking that tries to avoid processed foods, additives, preservatives, salt, oil, and sugar. While many who follow an Ital diet eat fish or other meats, it is usually vegan or vegetarian. Marley was a vegetarian.

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