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Blue Widow: The Perfect Strain To Go With Cannabutter & Desserts

This holiday season, if you are looking for a strain, which goes with cannabutter and has medicinal properties, then you’ve found one. Blue Widow is a low – key hybrid strain, which you can use for both – its medicinal properties and ability to blend with food. So, if you are spending some time with your friends this time, try out this amazing bud. You won’t be disappointed by the qualities it posses.

An extreme macrom shot of a cannabis bud that had been grown by hydrophonic process., blue widowEffects of Blue Widow

Well, it is true that neither of us love diving in deeper waters, without knowing what is in store for us. So, you might ask, what Blue Widow does to you. The answer it pretty simple, it helps you to relax. Being a hybrid strain, it provides you with the perfect balance of joy, bliss and relaxation.  You can use it during afternoon, but don’t try it in the mornings, especially if you are not in the holiday mood.  Even in moderate doses, you can retain your intellectual benefits. However, if you love taking high dose of everything, then this is not the strain for you.

closeup of dried marijuana and handmade cigarette in ashtra, blue widowPhysically, you retain your collectiveness after trying out Blue Widow, because the mental effects of the strain are seen first. You are blessed with a high level of euphoria along with a slow yet long lasting sense of physical high. If you are planning to party with Blue Widow, well, this is not the strain for you. This doesn’t evoke the ‘party feeling’ like other hybrids or strains does. It possesses a natural reputation of inciting a giggle.

Strain Details

Blue Widow is a hybrid of two immensely popular individual strains – Blueberry and White Widow.  This strain, thus, naturally comes with a sleep inducing feature.  It has mild to moderate THC content,  and is 14 – 16% psychoactive.  It might be a bit unsuitable for the hardcore cannabis enthusiastic, but is perfect for the first time cannabis user. This is especially suited for someone who wants to try out a moderate strain and not lack creativity and retentiveness, while pursuing the daily activities.

Additionally, because of the fruity and sweet aroma, this is a great strain to be used in desserts. It does inherit this property from blueberry, which has been used to create muffins and desserts. The sweetness, along with the earthiness of the strain, makes it easier for both the first time and the seasoned cannabis user.


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