10 Images of the Best Weed-Inspired Street Art and Graffiti in the World


There are countless artists around the globe who take their talents to the streets, producing some seriously stunning pieces of street art and graffiti. Mix in a love for cannabis and you get some spectacular displays of visual genius. Following are 10 images of some of the best weed-inspired street art and graffiti that can be found. 

10 of the Best Displays of Weed-Inspired Street Art and Graffiti

1. Ganja Goddess

2. The Revoluntionary

3. Saying it Like it Is

4. Alley Art

5. A Dab’ll Do Ya

6. Puff, Puff, Intimate Joint Display

7. Yo

8. A Small Section of the Berlin Wall

9. Joint Smoking a Joint

10. Sweet, Sexy Sativa



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