A macro of cannabis flowers with trichomes clearly visible.

When it comes to looks, this strain hits the ball out of the park. Black Cherry Soda not only has a quirky name, it looks cool to boot. The quirky purple color definitely makes this strain a conversation piece.  And what’s more, like every belle of the ball, the history of this strain is shrouded in mystery. Suffice it to say, nobody’s sure about the origins of this strain. But with a THC level of anything in the range of 18% to 23%, there’s a lot to cheer with Black Cherry Soda. Because of the high THC levels, this strain is suggested use only to those who have previous experience of cannabis use and are okay with the high THC levels.

Black Cherry SodaThe strain has a fruity fragrance and a cherry flavor, definitely one of the most unique ones today.  This tangy, heavy taste makes it a must-have for cannabis users looking for newer experiences with strains. This is a hybrid, with both sativa and indica showing off in its color and texture.

Black Cherry Soda Effects

The effects of this strain are a bit different from the other strains that are available. Users experience a fast onset and even have a cerebral high. There is an increase in the user’s alertness and some even report feeling uplifted.

The best part about Black Cherry Soda is that you do not feel lethargic, drowsy or tired after trying out this strain. So, if you are looking to get something done, Black Cherry Soda is your friend for the day. Whether it’s pondering with your friends, or getting on a project that needs your enhanced attention, Black Cherry Soda is a good addition to the day.

A macro of cannabis flowers with trichomes clearly visible, Black Cherry SodaHow High Does Black Cherry Soda Make You Feel

The Black Cherry Soda strain offers the right amount of an upbeat high. It does not make the user feel anxious or panicky.  Other than that, Black Cherry Soda eases the body and mind. The strain also makes it easy for the user to unwind after a hard day at work.

This is a good option for recreational users looking to add to their experience of an eventful day. While the strain is known to invigorate, continued use might induce a mild relaxation. On the ailments front, people suffering from Insomnia might find this strain beneficial.  People with mental health issues continue use of the strain. Others suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic stress and ADD/ADHD also use Black Cherry Soda. People with an upset stomach and those in pain might also enjoy the focused high that Black Cherry Soda induces.

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