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Best Cannabis-Inspired Valentine’s Day Dates for You and Your Stoner Sweetheart

Whether you’re in a serious relationship or spending time with someone new, there’s plenty of ways to put a cannabis-twist in your Valentine’s plans. If you’re a couple who loves cannabis, you can pretty much pair weed with anything and be good to go.

Getting out of the routine date rut on Valentine’s Day though is something that’s almost required. How many times have you gotten high with your significant other, ordered a pizza, and had a movie marathon on Netflix?

This Valentine’s Day, break out of the box and do something special with your stoner sweetheart with any one of these cannabis-inspired Valentine’s Day dates.

Best Valentine’s Dates for Couples Who Love Cannabis

Get High and Go to an Art Museum

Getting high and going to an art museum for a few hours is one of the most awesome ways to spend an afternoon. It can be especially incredible sharing the experience with someone you care about. Strolling hand in hand with your sweetheart and browsing at different exhibits when you’re baked can bring a whole new perspective to the world of artistic imagination.

Grab a Blanket and Gaze at the Stars

Stargazing and smoking weed are perfect companions. This Valentine’s Day, take a less-traditional route than dinner and a movie and head outside to look up at the night sky. Stargazing while stoned is something every cannabis consumer should experience in their lifetime. Make this Valentine’s Day special and pack a blanket and bag with a bowl and couple of your favorite strains and hold your sweetheart close as you gaze at the vast wonders of the star-filled sky.

Wake and Bake in Bed

Valentine’s morning is the perfect day to for a wake and bake in bed with the one you love. Get a hold of some sensual strains and start your morning off right. Have a joint rolled and ready for when you wake up and smoke it slowly with your sweetie. You might just end up staying there all day.

Go to a Couples Yoga Class

Couples yoga is one of the most intimate experiences you can have with your partner. It requires an extreme level of trust, connection, and concentration on one another. If you’re lucky there’s a yoga studio near you that combines cannabis with yoga. If not, take a few hits before class starts and enjoy an extremely intimate connection with yourself and your sweetheart.

Spend the Day at the Spa

Nothing beats getting high and going to the day spa. Consume a bit of cannabis before your couple’s massage is scheduled and let yourself relax naked next to the one you love while someone else rubs you both down. After your massage, treat yourself to some chocolate edibles and steal away to the sauna or steam room to keep the sensual spa vibes rolling.

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