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The Benefits to Vaporizing Kitchen Herbs with Your Cannabis

Did you know that – aside from cannabis – there are other herbs you can vaporize for medicinal value that have almost no psychoactive effect but still provide amazing benefits?

Many of these herbs are probably in your kitchen cupboard right now and have been used for centuries for their great medicinal benefits. Just like cannabinoids and terpenes, each herb – whether it’s basil, thyme or passion flower – has its own effects and different ailments it can help treat.

The great thing about these herbs is you can vaporize them alone, or you can add them to your cannabis for flavor and to boost your cannabis with extra medicinal value – the way you add a boost to your smoothie.

I’ve also found that vaporizing other herbs can be really helpful when you’re trying to cut back on your cannabis use, or to lower your tolerance.

I love to do this during the day when I am looking for a subtle shift but still wanting to be very present. Some of the herbs like thyme and basil even have medicinal properties that are similar to THC, so if you mix them in with your cannabis before vaping you will find that you can save some money and make your cannabis last much longer.

Learning about vaporizing other herbs has also come in handy for me when I am traveling some place where I will not be able to access cannabis.

To give you an idea, here are just a few of my favorite herbs to vaporize:

Chamomile: provides stress release and a calming effect, also relieving symptoms depression, headaches, mouth ulcers, and upset stomach.

Lemon balm: helps with blood circulation and also headache relief. It also relaxes the nervous system, which helps with sleep – and it has a minty citrus flavor.

Peppermint: helps alleviate allergic reactions and asthma problems. Also helps treat depression, brings relief from menstrual symptoms, gives you a boost of energy AND it can be an aphrodisiac.

If you want to give this a try right now, here are 5 Tips:

#1) Visual vapor difference: When you are vaporizing other herbs it’s quite likely you will see very light vapor or even none at all in comparison to vaporizing cannabis – but know that it doesn’t mean you’re not getting the medicinal benefits. The reason for this is that the oils and terpenes that come out of these kitchen herbs don’t vaporize the same way the trichomes of cannabis do, so that’s why you see less vapor.

#2) Cashed bowl difference: When vaporizing cannabis, you’ll know you’ve reached the end when the herb turns brown and starts to taste like burnt popcorn. But with other herbs, they will not look much different when they have been fully vaporized, so the way you would know you are done, is that you will start getting less and less flavor and vapor sensation in your mouth.

#3) Temperature is important: Each herb has a different vapor point when it comes to temperature and if you vaporize it past that temperature, you will start to burn off and even lose the herb’s medicinal properties. So it’s important to look up the temperature for each herb before consuming and to have a digital temperature vaporizer, which will allow you to set the exact temperature you need.

#4) Extra is needed: Vaporizing other herbs provides much more mild effects, and I have found that I end up consuming double the amount of legal herbs as I would when vaporizing cannabis to get a noticeable effect. This is not a big deal though because legal herbs are not nearly as expensive as cannabis and with the flavors they provide it can be quite enjoyable. You might even find that you want to consume more just for the experience.

#5) Create your own medicine closet: In the beginning it can be hard to remember all the ailments and effects each herb can treat. So I recommend buying a few different herbs you would like to try, put them in glass jars, and on the label put the vapor point temperature and the list of effects and/or ailments each herb is good for treating. This way each time you open up your cabinet you can quickly and easily look at your labels for what the best remedy would be for you.

Experimenting with different types of legal herbs was a really fun process for me personally. It was like I was conducting a big yet safe science experiment on myself! Once you learn the distinct taste and effects of each herb on your system you can start mixing them together to create your own custom blend.

I highly recommend giving other legal herbs a try – in vapor form. And when you are going through the process of trying each one bring a state of curiosity and excitement to the process and you will have a great experience.

Have you ever tried vaporizing other types of herbs? Let us know which herbs and what your experience was like! Please share your experience in the comments below so that we can all learn from each other as a community.

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