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Benefits of Medical Cannabis- Is one of them having more Sex?

Everyone is aware of the benefits of medical cannabis. Michael Eisenberg, the assistant professor of urology meets a lot of patients those who find it difficult to perform in bed every day. So, he thought of finding the actual problem behind this issue. For this, a laundry list of regular activities has to be monitored. Often patients are eager to know if smoking less marijuana is the solution.

Marijuana medical

Is Marijuana Helping the Patients?

Not a lot of research has been done on the topic. However, with cannabis becoming legal in the maximum number of states, Eisenberg’s idea of exploring it is worth trying at least once.

And, then he found something that surprised him, completely.

Normally, people believe the more you smoke, the less you perform in the bed. But, is that really true? What he learned is completely different. Journal of Sexual Medicine even published his story.

What did the Study Analyze?

The study analyzed data from the US government’s National Survey of Family Growth. It surveyed almost 23,000 men and 28,000 women to know how often they were having sex in the four weeks before the survey happened. Women not taking cannabis were having sex six times on an average while others using marijuana were doing it for almost 7.1 times more on average.

effects of cannabis

Everyone was positive to see the effects of cannabis and this association between the users. Nothing mattered including the marital status, race, and anything else when the users were being monitored. Marijuana is effective in boosting the arousal. However, too much of it can even spoil the sperm count, making orgasm a challenge for you.

The cool epidemiological paper did the best with the data, but with certain limitations, of course. For them, it was unclear if cannabis was really taken before sex said Palamar. Possibilities are also that someone has consumed marijuana in the morning and having sex in the evening. So, the effect of marijuana is quite not clear in the study.

Palamar compared the sexual experienced of people who were having sex under the influence of marijuana vs. alcohol.

Benefits of regular cannabis

The Palamar’s Study

The research was done on 24 people and he found that people under the influence of marijuana have increased the feelings of self-attractiveness. Alcohol makes people bold and more social besides helping people in connecting with their potential partners as well. The study shows that the drinkers regretted after they slept with someone but marijuana users, on the other hand, tend to be more selective.

Benefits of regular cannabis

But many people still smoke in private because of the fact that marijuana is still illegal in many places. This may lead to more intimacy as compared to people who drink, as alcohol is almost everywhere.

If the patient asks whether the frequent marijuana use is interrupting their sex life, they are probably wrong. Benefits of regular cannabis can be experienced with the regular use of marijuana. For many, it can be a great motivator to perform well in the bed.

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