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Arizona Girl Scout Sells Cookies Outside Cannabis Dispensary

Girl Scouts across the country sell more than 200 million boxes of cookies each year. From late winter to early spring, Girl Scout’s selling their signature cookies can be found outside practically every grocery store in America.

Recently, an Arizona Girl Scout with a brilliant money-making idea set up shop somewhere else. Directly outside a medical marijuana dispensary.

On January 26, one girl scout sold her stash of cookies outside Harvest of Tempe Dispensary, offering medical marijuana consumers exactly what they want.

What stoner doesn’t want to get down on some GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies) and follow it up with the real thing?

This isn’t the first time a girl scout has had the genius idea of selling cookies outside a dispensary. In 2014, a 13-year-old girl scout set up her spot outside Green Cross Dispensary in San Francisco. In the span of just two hours, she reportedly sold 117 boxes of cookies.

At $4 a pop, this girl scout made a pretty penny. Apparently, people working at the dispensary that day said that the young girl called for restock after only 45 minutes.

One Phoenix, Arizona resident received over 112,000 likes when she tweeted, “Girl scouts are fucking ruthless selling right outside of a Dispensary.”

A redditor commented they felt the “girl was extra smart because most dispensaries…are cash only, so you know they’ve probably got cash on them for those sweet cookies.”

How does the Girl Scouts of America feel about this ganjapreneurship though?

The Girls Scouts of Colorado isn’t exactly on board, releasing a statement saying they disapprove of selling cookies outside marijuana dispensaries. The Girl Scouts of Northern California however, seem to feel a bit different.

“To date,” says Dana Allen of the Girl Scouts of Northern California, “we have not attempted to list either ‘permitted’ or ‘prohibited’ locations and have relied on parents and volunteers to make wise decisions for their girls.”

Northern California and Arizona girl scouts (with the permission of their parents, of course) have the right idea when it comes to getting rid of their stash. After all, who doesn’t want to eat girl scout cookies when they’re high?

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