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AR lawmakers attempt to gut medical marijuana amendment

Arkansas lawmakers are taking aim at the state’s voter-approved medical marijuana amendment, steps that could make it harder for patients. As the Medical Marijuana Commission moves forward with implementing the amendment, lawmakers are busy writing up laws to change what Arkansas voters passed by 53 percent.

At least four bills were filed on Monday, one of them would ban smoking, while the other would ban the use edibles such as gummy bears and muffins.

HB1391 would allow city councils or quorum courts to ban dispensaries and cultivation facilities within city or county limits without a public vote.

HB1392 would ban the manufacturing and selling of edibles, with the exception that patients could incorporate usable marijuana into food or drink to aid ingestion.

HB1400 would ban the smoking of marijuana in Arkansas.

SB254 would ban dispensaries from growing marijuana, leaving the grow to cultivation facilities only

According to the Alcoholic Beverage Council, since they’ll be regulating and inspecting this facilities, here’s the statement they released:

We are monitoring legislation related to Medical Marijuana which has been introduced before the General Assembly and will certainly do our job to enforce the law. At this point, we have a constitutional amendment which places significant responsibilities on the agency, and we are now working to meet those obligations. Our rulemaking process is moving forward and we are doing everything we can to ensure that the amendment as it is now written is implemented completely, correctly and on time.

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