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Tom Tancredo, the Gubernatorial Candidate for Colorado says that he Won’t Be Anti-marijuana business in Colorado this Time

marijuana colorado

marijuana Colorado

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Tom Tancredo, Colorado’s Republican gubernatorial candidate has been making rounds in the marijuana Colorado discussion forums. He says that he’s been doing so to be able to attain better knowledge about marijuana legalization. His reason for doing so is that legalization of pot has come a long way and evolved manifold since his last campaign. It seems to be a smart move since he lost the last election.

This is what he has to say about the issue this time around – “I have a feeling no one’s going to bring it up this time. You know why? Because it’s (pot is) popular in the state and if it were on the ballot, it would pass again.”

Tencredo’s Approach toward Marijuana Colorado this Time

Tancredo seems to move ahead with a much changed approached this time, looking at the popularly that cannabis in Colorado has won in 5 years. He is also of the opinion that not even any of his opponents is likely to have a problem with the legalization of cannabis this time. Reasoning it out, he stated, “If they do, I’m going to ask them, ‘Well what do you want to do, repeal it?’ This time it’ll all be about me being a white racist, Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazi, you know, whatever possible epithet they can come up with. I don’t feel like marijuana will be an issue.”

cannabis in Colorado

cannabis in Colorado

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What is most interesting here is that Tancredo belongs to a party that has never been known for supporting legalization of cannabis in Colorado. Despite that fact being evident, Tancredo went ahead and called out the conservatives for their hypocrisy when it came to legalizing marijuana.

Here is what he opines, “I’m well aware how a lot of conservatives feel about (legal marijuana),” he said. “All of us have attacked – rhetorically speaking – when someone makes a law about a 32-ounce Coke or something like that. Well, why does the government have to tell me that?’

“It’s funny, conservatives want the government out of your life, unless you’re doing something they don’t want you to do, then it’s all OK,” he commented with a frank laughter.

How He Plans to Go about it Here Forth

This time Tancredo looks at it from voters’ point of view. He thinks that most Coloradoan voters, looking retrospectively, will feel that legalization of marijuana hasn’t changes their lives for worse.

“Marijuana legalization can be blamed for the mass increase in population here, that’s the worst thing I can see,” he opined.

However, he is yet to make a framework for how he is planning to reform marijuana Colorado penalties. Though, he did express his concern over those children who have borne the brunt of their parents’ negligence.

He does want to push more studies and research into the belief that legalization if cannabis in Colorado has caused opioid addiction to come down. He sees that as a massive benefit in the entire discourse. If elected, he also wishes to fortify the restrictions on the prescribed amount of addictive painkillers.

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