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Join, Sonia Gomez and James Brinkerhoff as they expose the REAL secrets of the Green Rush. NO SUBJECT IS TABOO as we are lifting the skirt to reveal the best-kept secrets and the truth from the pioneers and leaders in the fastest growing Industry in the World. Modern Society has demonized these plants, big corporations stand to lose billions of dollars in healthcare and multiple industries. Learn from the successful people in our network. Hear from the patients whose lives are being transformed. Get inside the ‘Emerald Circle’ to access the tools, resources, and relationships you need to thrive in the worlds fastest growing industry.

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[Intro] Welcome to ON THE RISE podcast. Join Sonia Gomez and James Brinkerhoff as they expose the real secrets of the green rush. No subject is taboo as we’re lifting the skirt to reveal the best-kept secrets in health and business. Learn from the successful people in our network. Hear from the patients whose lives are being transformed. Get in the Emerald Circle to access the tools, resources, and relationships you need to thrive in the world’s fastest growing industry.

James Brinkerhoff: All right. Well, welcome to ON THE RISE podcast. My name is James Brinkerhoff, Jr. and this is…

Sonia Gomez: Sonia Gomez, what’s up guys?

James Brinkerhoff: And we’re really excited as this is really the intro addition of On The Rise as Sonia and me have been in the cannabis and hemp industry for many many years probably over 30 years combined. I’ve been cultivating and building cannabis businesses for a long time. And most recently we’ve been publishing information on education online for the past two years and have built a massive following of over a million followers on our social media channels. And we thought we would kick off this show and continue on this quest to teach the world the truth about the hemp and cannabis industries.

“And we thought we would kick off this show and continue on this quest to teach the world the truth about the hemp and cannabis industries.” -James Brinkerhoff Click To Tweet

Sonia Gomez: I’m basically here to have a good time. No, I’m just kidding. What are you guys going to get from watching this show? Well, you’re going to get the nitty-gritty, dirty and flirty information about the behind the scenes information that’s happening inside of the industry. Everybody claims to be the best. Everybody claims to have the best. Everybody wants to be the one who did all of the cool shit in the industry. The fact of the matter is, is that the industry is chopful. Like many others chopful of false pretenders. And we have done our fair share since we have been serving this industry for as my darling husband shared a little over 30years now.

Sonia Gomez: And we are parents of four kids we have to talk about this type of stuff with our teenagers, is all over everything that we do we dedicated our lives to it and our professional space.

Sonia Gomez: And we know that you guys have questions about how this industry is working what the opportunities are in this space how can you get involved if you have a little bit or a lot of money if you are just advocating and an activist and you want to be able to participate and make a massive splash in this space.

Sonia Gomez: This is the place for you to be because the ‘green rush’ is on the rise. Everything that we are doing right now is shaping the way that this industry is going to continue to evolve. The world starting here in the United States over into any part of the world that you’re living in we serve a global audience and we want to invite you to be a part of our community and a part of our families so that you can stop getting fed bullshit and start to get real about what is coming down the pipeline.

James Brinkerhoff: Guys. I’ve published over a thousand articles on this blog, medicalsecrets.com and a lot of it’s been focused towards health and news what’s going on in the government. What’s going on in our local states. So I am going to continue to bring you guys the fire when it comes to doctor and patient stories, we’re going to continue to talk about the health of this industry.

James Brinkerhoff: We’re going continue to talk about the business of this industry. We’ve got a great network. I want to bring a lot of my friends in. I lived in Humboldt County, California for 16 years. So I’ve got a lot of great characters to bring on to teach you guys about how to grow cannabis how to make hashish, how to make extracts, how it’s working for people all around the world.

James Brinkerhoff: So really the show is going to be all about the health and the business and the fun, and the humor, and the comedy of this industry as well. As tapping into all of our friends. There’s a lot of great characters in this industry.

James Brinkerhoff: I can’t wait to share with you guys. So if you are looking for cannabis for health or you’re looking for a cannabis business, we are going be publishing episodes at least twice a week. Mostly Tuesdays and Thursdays are when we put them out there so look for our podcast all over the place. Apple, iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud. I’m sending it out all over the sound ways for everybody so we’d love to have you on the podcast.

James Brinkerhoff: Please leave us a review on iTunes. And share this podcast with your friends. We want to get out there to everybody. And we want to make it interactive too hopefully we’re going to be including some live sessions where we can do some phone call, take phone calls and do some Q and A like that. So we’re really excited.

Sonia Gomez: We’re really excited. We’ll see you guys at the next show. Make sure you tune in for episode 1. We are interviewing amazing incredible entrepreneurs and innovators from all different walks of life who are somehow jumping from where they are to where they want to be inside of the cannabis space. So check out episode 1.

James Sonia Gomez: Welcome to On the Rise. I’m Sonia and this is James. We’ll see you guys on the Internet.

James Brinkerhoff: Make sure to subscribe guys. See you soon.

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