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An Air Force Veteran’s Journey From Military to Entrepreneurship with Troy Tucker

Episode 87 - Troy Tucker

Troy Tucker is a United States Air Force veteran, a hurricane Iniki survivor, tech-savvy, and an uber passionate hemp enthusiast who is supporting hemp brands and businesses to get exposure through his website, CBD Landing. 

In this episode, he talks about the benefits as well as the stigma around hemp and cannabis-derived products, especially in the military, and his untiring efforts to help push this industry forward.

“We are looking to be an oasis for everything CBD. If I can help you make money, I believe that I can make money as well.” – Troy Tucker

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

2:02 – Troy Tucker’s background and his transition to the hemp and cannabis space
7:21 – CBD Landing’s mission
11:55 – CBD Landing’s business model
14:25 – The obstacles he encountered to excel in this space
16:11 – Key pieces of advice to entrepreneurs who are getting started in this space

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Sonia Gomez: What’s up, guys? Sonia Gomez here on another episode of The Hemp Revolution Podcast. Super excited to be here with you. We are committed to sharing and telling the real story of the cannabis and hemp movement from the eyes of the entrepreneurs who are pushing this incredible industry forward. If you’re somebody looking for products that you can trust, check us out at and if you are an entrepreneur trying to break through the glass ceilings, if you need merchant processing, if you need manufacturing, if you’re looking for a stable supply chain compliance, whatever it is that you could be struggling with right now, check us out at We are happy to help. 

In today’s episode, we are talking to a United States Air Force veteran. A hurricane Iniki survivor and a tech junkie and uber passionate hemp enthusiast who is supporting hemp brands and businesses getting exposure through his website CBD Landing. Put your hands together and help me welcome our good friend, Troy Tucker to tell his story. How is it going, Troy?

Troy Tucker: [00:01:49 unintelligible] going well, Sonia, how are you?

Sonia Gomez: I’m doing amazing. Thanks so much. I’m gonna just flip off my camera here. Even though it’s going to be slightly awkward to see my husband’s face and hear my voice But I’m okay with that. Why don’t you tell me a little quick and dirty about who you are, what your background is, and how you ended up in the cannabis and hemp space. 

How He Ended Up in the Hemp Space

Troy Tucker: Okay. Like I said, I was born in Brooklyn, New York, I joined the United States Air Force after two years of Fine arts training in college. Air Force veteran. During that time, I was a cryptologic linguist. We basically kept tabs on the “enemies of America.” After four years of that, because I had been a musician and an artist. At least I thought I was. I decided to leave the service and go to San Francisco to try to create a band and play music and that sort of thing. Of course, none of that works. 

Long story short, though, how I ended up in the cannabis and hemp space is that I was offered the opportunity to move to the islands of Hawaii to take over a GMC vitamin store as the manager. And so that’s what I did. And in the course of my 12 years in Hawaii, I became very active in the cannabis community. I knew a lot of people who were growing cannabis. And of course, in those days, we didn’t know anything about Phytocannabinoids, and all the medicinal properties that have come to light in the last 15, 20 years, but it was clear that there was something about that plants that really helps with just a variety of ailments and conditions that people deal with. 

By now I’m in the hemp space because I found out that hemp does not have the psychoactive properties that cannabis does. And for a lot of people that make a difference.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I think that there’s a real challenge right now especially in the cannabis and hemp crossover. People who are on the cannabis side don’t like the advocacy for zero THC products and people who are on the hemp side, don’t like the limitation that they can’t use an isolate or something without THC, and are promoting that side of it. I think that there’s a little bit of a contrast right now where the audience just doesn’t know. 

There’s so much misconception there’s still a pretty significant stigma that a lot of the first time user doesn’t know. When you started to use cannabis– I mean, you’re a veteran. You’re far beyond familiar with the stigma that comes along with this. Why were you so excited about a non-THC product when so many of your fellow servicemen and women have benefited from the use of cannabis versus hemp.

Troy Tucker: Well, I mean, the true fact of the matter is anyone who has used cannabis knows that there’s a certain amount of effect that it has on the brain, on the mind. It definitely changes your mood, it changes your attitude. I found that in some ways, it’s– I wouldn’t say debilitating but it has made me feel like my motivation was not quite as high. If you pardon the pun, as it would be if I hadn’t used cannabis that the cannabis product. 

A lot of people like the feeling that hemp gives them because of the phytonutrients in the hemp plants, whether you’re smoking the flower, you’re vaping if you’re taking it sublingually you’re ingesting it. There’s no doubt about the fact that CBD does affect the body in some very wonderous ways without interfering with the brain’s normal function. So many, many people like that aspect about CBD-derived from hemp. 

Also, because of the stigma that you’ve mentioned, THC is still very, very much taboo and all the services. And so most service people, most civil servants, police, no first responders, people like that. They’re certainly not going to use THC because of the testing possibilities and losing their jobs. And in fact, there’s still quite a bit of worry concerning CBD-derived from hemp, even if it has less than 0.03% of THC or people worried that they weren’t tested, they come out positive and then they have no problems

Sonia Gomez: That makes perfect sense and there’s a lot of folks who are just able to even try it to see if it’s a viable option for them because there is that diversity and offering product that isn’t necessarily have THC in it. Can you share with me a little bit about your guys’ mission at CBD Landing?

CBD Landing’s Mission

Troy Tucker: So, what we want to do CBD landing is basically three things. We want to not necessarily be the primary Educator of the public, but certainly somewhat a source where people can come to find information about these products about CBD. As you know, CBD has almost become a catchphrase these days because they’re finding now the CBDG, the CBDC the CBDA, all these precursors that they call on these Phytocannabinoids that are sort of below CBD, in layman’s terms that they’re finding are just incredible in terms of reducing inflammation, being antibacterials, inhibiting cancer cell growth. 

I mean, the amount of information in the space is staggering, even for someone who has been in the industry for a long time. And so we want to be a place where people can come and they can find information and go as in-depth as they want to about these products. So we have links to sites like Project CBD, the Ministry of Hemp. I mean these websites just have an incredible amount of information. So that’s the first thing. 

Secondly, we like to help small businesses who might not necessarily have the resources to put up a website. If they have an outstanding product. If they have a product that’s been vetted, it’s been proven, the testing is transparent, what’s on the label is in the bottle. We want to help those small businesses get their product to market. So we would actually offer space on our website for free to these companies, all they have to do is send us a graphic, send us some information about the company itself, obviously information about the product, and we would put that off and distribute that to our following if you want to call it that. 

And then, of course, the third thing is we also represent a company called CTFO, which, in my mind is probably the best opportunity in the hemp industry for an individual to become involved in the selling of these types of products. As far as CBD oil, I use CTFO products, and I love them. So that’s our mission. And we’re up and running. We’ve been in the space for a little over a year or so. It’s tough sledding as you know because there are so many people out there. But we’re committed to that.

Sonia Gomez: Awesome. So are you currently building a business with CTFO?

Troy Tucker: I promoted and I advocated but I have been so busy in trying to build out my website space that I really haven’t had a chance to go out and market specifically for CTFO. I have all the information on my website and come to the beginning of the year. Now the website has taken shape and framework is basically where it needs to be. I mean, obviously, I’ll be tweaking it on a daily basis, but I’ll have more time now to go out and talk to people about this opportunity will CTFO and point them to the opportunity website, let them judge for themselves. And also their products come with a 60-day money-back empty bottle guarantee. So you can literally purchase a product from them use all of it, and then decided that it wasn’t for you to sign the model back and get your money back.

Sonia Gomez: Nice. So tell me a little bit about– I think there’s a lot of people who are listening to the podcast who are always wondering, “How can I get started? What are some of the things that I can do to be a part of this industry?” Network marketing and multi-level marketing is certainly something that infiltrates every industry and it hasn’t stopped at cannabis. So this is definitely a realm where we’ll see this business model taking off and we have with companies like HempWorx and CTFO and several others. My question for you is, what is your particular business model? Knowing that you love specific products? I see multiple products displayed on your website. What is your business model? And how do you specifically make money through your site and things like that? 

CBD Landing’s Business Model

Troy Tucker: That’s a good question. I think my answer might be a little bit different. Honestly, what we’ve been trying to do is to help other people. I can tell you I haven’t made a lot of money on the website yet. In terms of the way that I would make money, it’s all through affiliate marketing right now. So, anyone that I have off on my website, any company that you see represented on the website, I have some sort of affiliate deal with so that if someone comes to my website purchases a product through their portal, using my link, then I would get a small percentage of that sale. I also [inaudible] the small businesses that I do offer space to however I don’t demand any type of marketing deal with them on the face of it. I offer free space at no cost. That’s my business model, which is to help other people first, I really believe that I do enough of that, that it will come back to me a hundredfold. So, to answer the question specifically is through affiliate marketing, it’s through social media, Instagram, Facebook, just putting ads out, inspirational quotes, visuals, videos, snippets of information with links that allow people to get more in-depth about educating themselves. We are looking to be, I hope to catchphrase this, an oasis for everything CBD. If I can help you make money that I believe that I can make money as well.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I love that. I would love to hear from you. We talked a lot about the challenges and we talk a lot about the triumphs of being in this space. For you getting kick-started here, I know a lot of the challenges have been in the marketing and the advertising, where to get customers, or how to raise more traffic. For you, what have you found some of the challenges in building your particular business or, you know, success in this space? What are some of the challenges that you’ve been faced with as a new entrepreneur here?

The Obstacles He Encountered to Excel in this Space

Troy Tucker: Well, I think primarily, the largest challenge for anyone who wants to come into the space is the fact that it’s so crowded right now. And unfortunately, the space isn’t occupied just by people who are passionate and committed to these products–to CBD, to the endocannabinoid system and phytonutrients. There are other people who are looking just to cash in on what they consider to be a fad. A fly by night type of thing. Which is why you can go to basically any gas station these days and find some type of CBD products. 

So initially that’s, that’s the first thing there–so many people involved. And it really makes the space crowded and it makes it murky, and it makes it really difficult to navigate. Secondly, you know, advertising is brutal. The people who you can contract with to advertise for you are going to extract every dime that they can out of you. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s not an inexpensive thing to do. And, again, there are so many people who claimed to be able to boost your website and to get you on Google’s top 10 list. And you know all those things. It really takes time to vet all these organizations and find out who you want to go with. And the best way to spend your dollars.

Sonia Gomez: I love how you combine your little words of wisdom and advice with expressing the challenges because my next question for you is going to be, knowing what you know now, what would be some two or three key pieces of advice that you would offer somebody who’s just getting started in this space to help them you know, achieve results better and faster.

Key Pieces of Advice to Entrepreneurs Who Are Getting Started in This Space

Troy Tucker: I think number one would be true to what you’re doing. If you really believe in the medicinal value of cannabis and hemp, then you’d be in the right place. You really have to believe in it. 

Be true to what you're doing. If you really believe in the medicinal value of cannabis and hemp, then you'd be in the right place. - Troy Tucker Click To Tweet

Number two, that belief has to be it has to come from you. You have to have personal information about the effects of these nutrients, these compounds so that you can speak honestly and concisely about your experiences with CBD. 

You have to have personal information about the effects of these nutrients, these compounds so that you can speak honestly and concisely about your experiences with CBD. - Troy Tucker Click To Tweet

And then also number three is I think you have to have a clear vision of what it is you want to accomplish in the space. Whether that is creating the number one website in the world for CBD or creating the number one website in the world for information about CBD or whatever it is, you have to have a clear mission because it’s really easy to get lost and sidetracked out there right now.

Sonia Gomez: I really couldn’t agree more. It was just an MJBizCon and I saw over 3000 exhibitors, many of which were in the CBD space. And so I’ll piggyback off of what you said, and share that in a noisy marketplace, you really have to have some key differentiators and it’s not always going to be the formula that is the differentiator. Oftentimes, you know, we have one chance to make a first impression, and branding is the thing that will connect and move somebody towards your product. If it has the aesthetic, if it has the look and feels that attracts your ideal customer, that’s definitely something to take into consideration. 

The second thing that I learned from interacting with some of the highest level companies in the entire space is facts tell stories sell. There’s only so much that the human mind can absorb around the science of a product but a story is every time through and through, somebody will be able to repeat. So I encourage you guys to find the story behind the product. And again, remember facts tell stories sell. So having a really powerful story that captures the attention of your ideal customer connects with them authentically. And then ultimately, you’ll be able to effortlessly move them into a conversion or into a sale for your brand or product. 

The second thing that I will say is– for the third thing, sorry, that I will say is, you can’t put all your eggs into one basket. You really have to understand you can make multiple millions with one product. But your product should not be your only revenue stream. Providing education, information, a hub, a platform, building a community, a membership. There has to be some other things and the spokes of your wheel that allow you to generate revenue. That way you’re not putting all of your eggs into one basket and you can diversify your offerings bring more value to your community and therefore more revenue to your business. 

At the end of the day, no sales equal no business. So make sure that you’re out there on the hustle and in the grind so that you can be a part of this incredible movement for a long time and continue to change more people’s lives. Any final words I love absolutely love this interview. I love hearing the perspective where you’re just getting started, and you’re really just trying to help elevate the community and the consciousness of the industry through your website. What are some final words that you can share with us, Troy before we end today’s interview?

Troy Tucker: Well, first of all, let me just say, I appreciate what you’re doing because I’m new to all of this. So just that final statement that you just made, I agree with everything you said. And it helps me because it reinforces some of the things I need to be doing with what I’m trying to accomplish here. So thank you for that. I really appreciate it. 

It’s people like you and your podcasts that are helping support this entire industry forward. So I can’t thank you enough for that. As far as CBD Landing and our future, well, you’re right, we definitely need to generate revenue. There’s no doubt about that. But we’re going to continue to focus on what we’re trying to accomplish, what our mission is, we’re going to try to continue to fine-tune our websites and our membership, as you say, and try to become more and more involved in the community locally. And, look forward to what we’re about to do because we’re going to continue to change this thing up and really trying to occupy space that may not be being served as well as it could. So that’s our plan, Sonia. Hopefully, [unintelligible] keep in touch.

Sonia Gomez: Absolutely many more things to celebrate. Congratulations on the success you guys have seen so far. And I really measure success in two ways–impact in income. And the income is a direct representation of the impact that you’re bringing into the marketplace. So I continue to toot for you. And let me know how I can continue to support you in your growth. 

At the end of the day, this is all about how we can elevate each other so that we, as an industry can be successful. I appreciate you very much. Thanks for being on the show. And for those of you guys who are listening all the social media handles– you can find our good friend Troy here at Go ahead and check out his site for any of the products that are in the industry that you may not know about are listed right there. 

And if you look down in this blog and all of the written content around this incredible interview, you will see show notes and highlights from today’s publication. Please make sure that you check it out, as well as the other social media handlings. And when you like and share content just like this, you are a part of our ability to impact millions of people’s lives around the world. 

If you’re looking for products you can trust check us out at And if you’re a budding entrepreneur looking for resources, tips, and tricks, check us out at, we are happy to help. I’m your hostess with the mostess Sonia Gomez and this is The Hemp Revolution Podcast. We’ll see you on the next show, guys. Thanks so much.

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