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Amnesty Boxes Set Up at Las Vegas Airport so Travelers Can Ditch Their Pot Before Takeoff

Recreational weed is legal in Las Vegas, making pot tourism in the City of Sin a huge industry. Remember though, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Including cannabis use.

Officials at McCarren International Airport have just made it easier for tourists to leave their pot behind by installing 10 amnesty boxes at the airport so travelers can ditch their pot before their flight takes off.

Leaving Las Vegas? Ditch Your Weed Outside the Airport Before You Go

McCarren International Airport is once again a marijuana-free zone. From January 1-late September, if TSA found a person in possession of cannabis, Metro Police would be called to assess the situation. If it was under the allowed amount, the individual was given back their product and allowed to go on their way. If it was over, they would be arrested for a felony.

Now that amnesty boxes have been installed however, rules are returning to what the were pre-legalization. Metro Police are called when anyone is caught with cannabis. Possession of under one-ounce (the legal limit) will warrant a citation and confiscation of the product. Possession of more than one-ounce warrants an arrest and felony charges.

Those who forget to trash their leftover stash before they get to the airport however, can now dump whatever marijuana they have left in any of the 10 large green amnesty boxes that sit outside various airport entrances.

Amnesty Boxes at Airport and Rent-A-Car Center for Easy Accessibility

The boxes are undoubtedly identifiable. They would be hard to miss. They’re a lot like mailboxes you’d find on the street. You simply drop any remaining cannabis you still possess in the box, and you’re good to get on the plane. The amnesty boxes are designed so you can put products inside, but can’t get anything out.

Christine Crews is a spokesperson for McCarren International Airport. She says, “The drawer pulls out, you drop your stuff in and you close it. You can’t really get your hand in there. If you start tampering with them you’d be detected pretty quickly.”

Along with the amnesty boxes at the airport, there are also 3 cannabis disposal sites at the rent-a-car center that is located near the airport. There are also plans to install 7 more boxes that will be divided between Henderson Executive Airport and North Las Vegas Airport.

What will happen with the cannabis that ends up in the amnesty boxes hasn’t been disclosed.

Las Vegas isn’t the first place to come up with a way for cannabis users to leave their leftover weed behind before they travel. Both Aspen and Colorado Springs have installed airport-based amnesty cannabis disposal boxes.

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