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A Company Committed to CBD Quality and Consistency with the Help of a Technology Called TiME with Kim Rael

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Kim Rael is the president and CEO of Azuca, a company that markets chef-quality edible products.

In this mini-series of The Hemp Revolution Podcast, Kim shares Azuca’s cutting edge culinary technology that transforms CBD into its purest and most delicious form making it easy for the body to absorb it, as well as their efforts to continue to innovate and find more simple yet effective ways to create high-end CBD infused ingredients.

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I do think that it’s really important to have companies and brands in the sector that are really committed to quality and consistency. – Kim Rael

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

1:04 – How Kim ended up in the cannabis business
3:37 – Emerging market place in 2020
5:09 – Using culinary technology
7:04 – Expanding the market with Wana
11:26 – Where to find them

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Sonia Gomez: What’s up guys! Coming to you live from MJBizCon super excited to be here our broadcasts are sponsored by Medicine Flower manufacturing as well as Quivver Pay processing with your CBD brand or business out there and you’re looking for manufacturing, formulation aromatherapy, flavors, or you need solutions immediately for baking and processing. Check out Quivverpay and Medicine Flower manufacturing with Alysia Gaye. 

Super excited to be here with you guys, this is the official launch of The Hemp Revolution podcast where we are sharing and telling the stories of the entrepreneurs who are working to innovate and create this industry as we know it so that you guys have safe and legal access to the highest quality products that are available on the marketplace. 

Our guest today is Kim Rael. [inaudible] president and CEO of Azuca commercialize this, its own line of chef-quality edible products, all of which I have sitting right here. They’re amazing. I can’t wait to hear more about them, as well as partners with other major retail brands to power their products and create more consistent, fast-acting edibles. 

We were just finding out about your proprietary technology and how you have dubbed it. Why don’t you real quick and dirty tell me who you are, what your background is and how you ended up in the cannabis [inaudible] CBD?

How Kim Ended Up in the Cannabis Business

Kim Rael: Sure. I’m the president CEO of Azuca and I partnered with the founder and chief creative officer, Ron Silver – a chef in New York City. He’s been in the restaurant business in New York for over 30 years and he’s a fantastic chef and also a cannabis freak for many, many years. Not a good way of you know. So Ron sent out years ago to solve the edibles problem. Slow onset long lazy time, so people are going to have a hard time finding their dose and edible form. 

So Ron put his love of cannabis and his chef hat on at the same time and created what we have. Now granted is time infusion. So time is an acronym for a fusion process that makes the cannabinoids fast-acting. Right so our edibles ticket into the 15 minutes, so you can see one of our animals and you’re not going to have that 45-minute hour-long way to see when this is going to kick in. Right. We solve that problem. They’re also delicious. They’re created by a chef.

Emerging Market Place in 2020

Sonia Gomez: Amazing my husband was just craving about the flavors and your dark chocolate. Being a woman in cannabis yet women C level executive in cannabis, and in you hemp I say cannabis [inaudible] cannabis, but I am really interested to hear your perspective. Somebody with your background, your experience representing now at these products where do you see the industry going and what will be how will be showing up in the new and emerging marketplace in 2020?

Kim Rael:  So I think that this industry is here to stay public once high-quality hemp CBD products we need it everywhere. My mother who doesn’t even drink a glass of wine loves CBD. She just told me every Thanksgiving that she didn’t know what her quality of life would have been the last two years about her hemp CBD props for arthritis. So it’s just changed completely change her quality of life. I hear story after story about these products, literally changing people’s lives. 

So we’re here to stay. And I do think that it’s really important to have companies and brands in the sector that are really committed to quality and consistency. So every one of our products you ever see this brand it has been tested. We absolutely are committed to our potency, our quality, and love our culinary brand. And you ask [inaudible] a video about the technology–

Company Committed to CBD

Using Culinary Technology

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, tell me about the technology and what sets you guys apart?

Kim Rael:  It’s called TIME Infusions. Yeah, and time is an acronym for Thermodynamic Individual Molecular Encapsulation to what it is it’s not nano emulsification it’s not like a sun based it’s a culinary technology. And the way we process the distillate and [inaudible] these products, the process them in this full culinary environment that ends up individually encapsulating each oil molecule at a very small size with hydrophilic or water-friendly water seeking coating. 

So that does two things. It’s about 1.5 nanometers. So the order of magnitude smaller than three other competitive technology I’ve seen out there for rapid onset. So because it’s a tiny, tiny molecule and your body bodies of water combination of the hydrophilic [inaudible]and the small molecule size is what creates the rapid onset and the really positive experiences in the body. 

Sonia Gomez: So in layman’s terms, that basically means that they that the oil molecule or the cannabinoid is shrunk down to a size molecularly, where the body can actually absorb and benefit from the oil or cannabinoid that you’re putting into your system. Generally speaking, the cannabinoid molecule is actually too big, right or the human body to absorb naturally, which is why sometimes we see consistency and effectiveness and therefore the brand gets a bad reputation. 

But really, it’s just the technology or delivery system that is needing to be advanced. And now we’re seeing coming into 2020. Here, all of the featuring of the different CBD and cannabis brands that are starting to use what I would call traditional science or mainstream science to advance the way that we are able to benefit from this plant is absolutely incredible. What are some of the cool things that you’re really excited to see here at MJBizCon?

Expanding the Market with Wana

Kim Rael:  Well, one of the things I’m excited to see is just the general level of energy in the industry, right? Because there’s been a lot of negative information about the capital markets in the industry lately. And I walk here, you know, I went through the tech bubble burst, right in my previous career. And this does not feel like an industry in a downturn, right. So I think the capital markets are going to catch back up with the talent and incredible creativity that is, you see everywhere on the floor here. So really excited about that I come out of the tech world. So I spent most of my career in tech and finance. 

Company Committed to CBD

I decided a few years ago to call myself a recovering venture capitalist. And I love startups. I love having, you know, complex business challenges and, you know, have a marketing issue here and an operational issue there and strategy here. So I love the diversity of my old life is a venture capitalist and startup entrepreneur. But I want to live in the wellness sector, never in a million years for the thought cannabis but I was asked to actually be the focus group to sample bonds products. 

And so I did I actually sampled one of his tasty products and it was an infused sugar that I put in my coffee when Sunday morning, not being a cannabis person and went for a walk. And I was immediately sold. I mean, I knew that these are going to be great products. You know, for me, I mean, I love wine, for example. 

So for me, it was like having a couple of glasses of wine 90% of your calories. Like I’m like, it was my immediate reaction was women are gonna love this product. My daughter said –I love the products. They’re great products. Anyway, so I fast forward a few months, they asked me if I’d be CEO of the company and companies in New York. I live very far away from New York, but it was a sort of destiny. So I’m really glad that I partnered with this team to get these products to market.

Sonia Gomez: Well I’m really excited to watch the growth of Azuca. And I’m duly impressed and continuously see this sort of corporate to cannabis jump that is happening right now, calling it the third wave. We’re seeing advanced entrepreneurs, advanced business owners, people with very specific developed skill sets, who are integrating into this market right now is truly advancing technology, formulation, communities. 

And I’m one of the things I’m most excited to see here is the ethicacy the social responsibility so that the communities of the entrepreneurs are a part of businesses that are starting there, the success of those companies are starting to reflect in the communities that they are started. So I’m really excited to see that advanced a lot of our focus in 2020 is going to be telling the story of the women who are pushing these incredible companies forward. 

I'm really excited to see that advanced a lot of our focus in 2020 is going to be telling the story of the women who are pushing these incredible companies forward. - Sonia Gomez Click To Tweet

New for you and I always have to ask this because you come to a conference like I’m [inaudible]want to get connected to the people or the projects or opportunities that you’re looking for to advance your company for you, you are those ideal partnerships or people that you’re wanting to get in touch with and collaborate. with MJBizCon what would move the needle for you guys?

Kim Rael:  So we would love to work with brands who would like to have a rapid onset line extension you know for their product line. So we have a line of products that really my big hairy audacious goal is to help other brands be better but hemp and THC 

Sonia Gomez: So to license the technology–

Kim Rael:  So licensing technology so I’ll give you an example of the type of thing that I would love to do more of last year and it is fun. I met I just serendipitously sat down next to her at lunch. I met Nancy Whiteman, who’s the CEO of Wana brands love her have recently done a license agreement with Wana to put our fast-acting technology in their edibles line which we’re just so excited about. I got–

Sonia Gomez: Oh my god I got I will talk all about on the podcast. She is like She’s my spirit animal. I watch her and her business so closely, I carried her some of her first products in our country before we sold it. I’ve just watched her entire journey. And I’m so excited about boss women in this industry who are really looking to innovate, create fire, give back, that she’s such an incredible example of that. 

Kim Rael:  And do so with integrity. 

Where to Find Them

Sonia Gomez: Absolutely I cannot wait to announce the technology into the Wana gummy, which has national distribution right now. So super exciting. We have to have you ladies come on for a full-scale interview. Oh my god, I’m so excited. Okay, any final words? Where can people find you if they want to find out more about the technology or, you know, retail locations, we do a ton of online and offline distribution. So where can folks find you if they want to do business or try your products?

Kim Rael:  So they can find our products online at azuca.co or [inaudible] and then they will be rolling them out to bricks and mortar in targeted states in January so we’ll have some bricks and mortar locations. So that’s where you can find them and you can find our THC products right now on the market in Massachusetts partnership with Mayflower Medicinals. And then we’re coming to market soon Wana and —

Sonia Gomez: I mean, what else do you need? But Wana I can bring up top [inaudible]that’s amazing, congratulations! You are amazing. I cannot wait to follow your guys’ journey and to share more about the journey of sharing this incredible technology on the advancement of Azuca, we have a global following of over 1 million people. You’ve impacted hundreds of millions around the world and it’s our mission to tell the story of the entrepreneurs who are pushing this industry forward but also help get you guys to the consumers who really need it. Want brands like yours, help them transform the way that they function. 

So for you guys who are listening, thank you so much for tuning in with us. We are on a mission to help you You get access to the highest quality products that are available on the marketplace. We are at MJBizCon in Las Vegas 2019 celebrating the official launch of The Hemp Revolution podcast. 

I’m so grateful to our sponsors Quivverpay, who can help you with any of your solutions that you are looking for CBD or hemp-related processing, as well as Medicine, flower manufacturing out of living Oregon, super excited to have them in partnership with us. 

Give us a shout out when you like and share content like this, you are helping to be a part of the change that we want to see in the world. So thank you for being a part of this community. I’m your hostess with the mostess Sonia Gomez and this is hemp revolution podcast. We’ll see you guys soon.

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