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8 Best Weed Snapchat Accounts You Must Follow

With the ever expanding cannabis culture, more and more people are pooling into get a taste of this magical herb. Scientists and doctors have carried out thousands of research and experiments to delve into the secrets of this plant. A lot has been uncovered. A lot remains a mystery. Nevertheless, cannabis has now worldwide fame.

Social media is an excellent way to keep in contact with the latest happenings in the cannabis culture. Sites like facebook, Instagram, twitter and Snapchat are some of the more frequently used social media sites. Here is a list of 8 weed Snapchat accounts you got to follow.

weed snapchat accounts#1: SnoopDogg (snoopdogg213)

Now who hasn’t heard of SnoopDogg? This famous musician has a special place in today’s cannabis culture. You’d probably always find him with a blunt in hand and slightly red eyed. Follow his Snapchat account and you’ll know everything there is to know about weed.

#2: Schoolboy Q (hoovaq)

This guy is a musician and a family man. You will love his Snapchat stories that are not only friendly and family oriented, but also help you in getting an insight into this cannabis enthusiast. His account is one of the most loved and followed weed Snapchat accounts in the world.

#3: Scott Rosinski (Mrgrayglass)

Now if you are into glass art and pipes and bongs, this account is for you. This guy’s Snapchat account will give you an insight into the beautiful world of blowing pipes and cannabis.

weed snapchat accounts#4: Wiz Khalifa (khalifathecap)

Wiz Khalifa is probably the biggest name in the cannabis music culture in the world today. Follow his account to learn about how cannabis affects his life and follow him on tours that involve marijuana in some part or the other.

#5: DazedDaisy

If you are into selfies of an attractive girl and cannabis at the same time, this account is for you. DazedDaisy started out in Instagram and gained fame in the cannabis community with time. Now she is a Snapchat cannabis star.

#6: Angela Mazzanti (Angela.mazzanti)

Angela used to be a model until she decided to move into the cannabis space. She is the host of Cannabis Capitol and her account gives an insight into her personal life.

The word CANNABIS written in vintage letterpress type, weed snapchat accounts#7: WeedHumor (weedhumor420)

This is one of the funniest weed Snapchat accounts out there with the more hilarious part of cannabis community. Follow the account now for a little laugh and some high.

#8: HighSocietyLA

This trendy group account follows the cannabis stories of its employees. It has a big fan following in California. Follow this megabrand to keep yourself informed.

If you are into cannabis and how people around the world see it, follow these 8 Snapchat accounts. You’ll be a ganja-pro in no time.

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