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Over 50 Members of Congress Demand President Trump Restores Hands-Off Approach to Legal Marijuana

Apparently, President Trump hasn’t received the message that the war on drugs has failed. When Trump appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Americans waited to see how Sessions would handle legal cannabis laws enacted throughout the country. When he rescinded the Cole Memo earlier this year that gave legal marijuana states protection against federal prosecution, pro-pot proponents were left reeling.

Congress Members Strike Back Against Trump and Outdated Policy

Now, members of Congress are striking back. A bipartisan group of 54 Congress members guided by Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Colorado Representative Jared Polis is calling for Trump to reestablish the federal government’s hands-off approach to legal marijuana.

A letter was sent to President Trump on Wednesday that criticized Sessions’ decision. The letter, headed by Warren and Polis, stated that rescinding the Cole Memo “upends the careful balance struck between federal and state governments on marijuana enforcement.”

In the letter, its noted that President Trump said that marijuana policy should be “up to the state” during his campaign. It also refers to the illicit marijuana market, and how uncertainty instigated by the federal crackdown could have a “chilling” effect on the efforts of states to eradicate the black market.

It was also written that state laws “have been carefully reviewed and thoughtfully implemented in communities across the country. The intent of these laws,” the letter reads, “has been simple: follow the will of the voters and provide common sense, responsible regulations for marijuana that balance public health and safety needs with limited criminal justice resources.”

Trump and His Team Fight Against the Will of the People

Following the will of the voters and using common sense is something the new leaders of our country have apparently forgotten how to do. Despite the fact that polls consistently show that the majority of Americans favor the legalization of marijuana, the countless studies that highlight the medical benefits of cannabis, and the endless stories of lives its saved, marijuana remains classified as a Schedule I Substance by the federal government.

Although marijuana remains on the list of the most dangerous drugs available, with a federal government leading the war on weed with outdated policies and Reefer Madness mentality, members of Congress aren’t giving up on what the people have voted for.

Since Sessions waved his magic wand that left marijuana open to federal prosecution, various Congress members have introduced bills to remove cannabis from the list of Schedule I Substances. What happens remains to be seen. It’s clear however, that pro-cannabis supporters aren’t giving in without a fight.

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