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5 Surprising Countries With Legalized Marijuana

Where is weed legal? Well – it may surprise you where and how much marijuana is legal around the glob. Besides certain US states, the countries on this list may surprise you.


Russia, as a whole, has more liberal drug laws than the U.S. In Russia, the possession of six grams of flower or two grams of hash has been decriminalized. What’s more, before 2006, Russians could have up to 20 grams of flower and five grams of hash, until drug policy became stricter.

Russia has a long history of growing industrial hemp for fiber. At the end of the nineteenth century, Russia was producing 40 percent of Europe’s hemp, according to the Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary. However, by the 1930s, hemp product was in decline, in part because of a genocide against peasants known as the “Dekulakization”.


In Italy, small personal use amounts of weed are considered a misdemeanor, most likely resulting in a fine and possibly, suspensions of documents, like driver’s license or passport. Medical cannabis was legalized in 2013 and is available to purchase from licensed state-run pharmacies with a prescription.

It’s still illegal to cultivate cannabis at home or use it “recreationally,” but many Italian lawmakers are looking to change that. In 2015, 250 lawmakers supported a proposal that would allow adults to grow five plants at home and join together to start “cannabis social clubs,” much like they have in Spain. The measure still hasn’t been approved, but with international cannabis legalization gaining steam, it’s still on the table.


Norway can very recently be added to the list of “Where is Weed Legal” countries – or at least, decriminalized, that is. Back in December, Norway’s Parliament voted to decriminalize all drug use, including cannabis, cocaine, and heroin. The vote begins a slow but progressive process to change the law from punishing drug users to providing them with help. It’s following Portugal’s successful lead to treat drug use and addiction as a public health concern rather than criminal matter.


In Switzerland, weed has been decriminalized since 2012. But a weird thing is happening with CBD in the country. Since 2017, cannabis that contains 1 percent of THC or less is no longer considered an illegal substance. This has led to the boom of high-CBD strains of flower that can be legally bought and sold in head shops across the country.


According to the United Nations, six percent of Estonia’s population smokes weed, putting them in the top 30 biggest stoner nations in the world. However, the public opinion on the plant still appears pretty low. A 2016 survey found 93 percent of Estonians were opposed to cannabis use and 87 percent were against legalization.

Regardless, cannabis possession of up to 7.5 grams has been decriminalized and is only punishable by a fine. However, larger amounts or intent to distribute could land you in jail for up to five years. Cultivation is also still illegal.

Is marijuana legal in your state/providence/country? Let us know! 


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