5 Must-Watch Movies About Weed Currently Streaming on Netflix

Since marijuana’s gone mainstream, there’s certainly no shortage of sitcoms and movies about weed. While Weeds was one that will forever go down in history, and Pineapple Express is undoubtedly a classic, there are now far more options for weed-related entertainment than there was a decade ago.

Following are 5 shows about weed that are currently streaming on Netflix. Pack a bowl, roll a joint, or get your dab rig ready. These shows are ones you pot-loving people won’t want to miss.

The Legend of 420

This is the most recent installment of weed-related movies available to watch on Netflix. It explores the trend of marijuana that’s gaining momentum across the US, touching upon the ongoing battle for legalization. It’s been described as “fun and engaging”, and if you’re new to cannabis culture, this film gives you a good look into what marijuana now looks like in mainstream America. Made with scenes that will make you laugh, and scenes that will likely make you cry, this is a must for anyone interested in learning the different sides of people’s marijuana stories.


This series starring Kathy Bates focuses on a dispensary called Ruth’s Alternative Caring that is the center of the entire show. Character development is done right, Kathy Bates is at her best, and it blends cannabis culture seamlessly with cannabis facts. If you can get past the laugh tracks, you’re likely to enjoy it for all 10 episodes of Part 1.

Super High Me

This 2008 documentary is the marijuana-version of Supersize Me. It follows Doug Benson, former Stoner of the Year and hilarious comedian. Although it was released almost 10 years ago, it’s still a great take on a guy who abstains from consuming cannabis for a month, then smokes weed with reckless abandon for 30 days straight. Don’t expect to be educated on the effects of smoking weed for a month straight or some strong social statement, but do expect to be entertained by one man’s 30-day journey of consuming everything cannabis he can.

The Culture High

This 2014 documentary looks at the arguments and ideas of both those for and against the legalization of marijuana. It takes a good look at how government and corporate America operates for profit, rather than for the good of the people. It takes a pretty balanced look at both sides of the coin of legalization, as well as a good look into what is really driving government and big business in the US.


For anyone interested in learning more about what it’s like to be a parent who chooses their child’s health over anti-marijuana law, this is a great film to see. An excellent documentary about a mother’s desperate attempts to get the one thing that will work to save her daughter’s life.

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