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5 Great Tips to successfully farm Cannabis as a hobby

You’ve heard it being said before; you should have a green thumb to successfully farm cannabis. Growing cannabis in itself is hard and challenging work regardless of whether you are talented or not. You will always encounter some challenges when cultivating marijuana but nevertheless, it’s possible to grow it and flourish whilst doing it.

Here are  5 tips you should adhere to and follow if you wish to grow the magical herb.

  1. Put time and money into research

The first thing about Cannabis is that it is a topic under heavy debate especially around the areas of legalization and policy. So, you have to understand the current regulation in your state regarding to whether or not it has been legalized.

Also, look for and take time to learn about the cannabis strains you want to farm and also understand the relative concentrations of cannabinoids in that particular strain.

  1. Be clean

Cannabis is very high in disease susceptibility, meaning it can easily get affected by various plant diseases. There are some things you should take note of if you are to prevent your plants from being affected. The first thing is to make sure your hands are clean before you handle any cannabis plants. The water, the tools and the surrounding environment should also be equally clean.

  1. Pay attention to your Soil and your seeds

You need both the right soil and great seeds if you are to succeed in growing marijuana and these should be significantly invested in. The soil used for growing marijuana should be slightly acidic with Ph. in the 6-6.5 range. When getting seeds, you should put it in mind that poor quality seeds will either not grow or result in Cannabis that is of low quality.

As said in the first point, you should do your research carefully and part of this research will include carefully searching for the best seeds to buy.

  1. Pay attention

Normally, when growing cannabis, a lot of people usually get very excited and stop paying attention to some fundamentals that should be taken note of. Using both too much water and fertilizer will not by any means aid the growth of your plant. It might even result in its destruction. Be sure to do everything in moderation and you will flourish in growing cannabis.

Also, when watering your plant, make sure that there won’t be any moisture more than three inches under the soil, this will help prevent saturation which might eventually result in the death of your plant.

  1. Consistency

Just like humans, cannabis plants are seemingly influenced by the forces of habit. Make sure that the environment they grow in always maintains consistency with regards to the humidity and temperature. You should also tend to the plants at the same time each and every day.

Growing marijuana as a hobby is fulfilling and will help effectively kill extra time. I know, there are a lot of other tips around this particular topic but if you want a head start in growing cannabis, then you should adhere to these tips. If you do, you will be successful.




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