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Mexico Soon To Announce Medical Marijuana Regulations

Mexico recently legalized medical marijuana, a decision unanimously welcomed by both legislature and citizens throughout country. Last week it was announced that the formal guidelines that will define Mexico’s medical marijuana program will soon be released.

Currently, medical marijuana laws in Mexico will only allow cannabis that contains less than one percent THC. It’s still unclear if this will change to permit both CBD and THC strains of cannabis once new regulations are announced.

Flower and Cannabis Cultivation Prohibited…Mexico to Import Cannabis Products

Something for certain is that the sale of flower will be prohibited. According to Arturo Tornel, spokesman for The Federal Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risk (Cofepris), Mexico medical marijuana businesses will also be forbidden from growing their own crops.

Instead, those interested in the distribution of medical marijuana in Mexico will need to import cannabis from other countries where the crop is legal. Once regulations are released, companies approved to sell medical marijuana will be permitted to begin importing approved products. Some companies could eventually be allowed to produce their own products with cannabis that is imported.

New medical marijuana legislation in Mexico will allow cannabis-based foods, drinks, cosmetics, and other medicines. Last week Tornel said that Cofepris plans to formally publish regulations for cannabis-based products within a few days. This would allow products to be on the market within the next month.

Will Mexico’s Medical Marijuana Program Help Cut Down Cartel Activity?

While Mexico remains in the midst of a deadly drug war with the cartels who make millions trafficking marijuana, many hope that newly reformed laws will offer a promising future.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has even contended that cannabis legalization in the US and Mexico could create a successful trade market between the two countries. This, Vicente has argued, could cut out a large amount of cartel activity and instead create a new source of income for both countries.

With the US federal government’s firm stance against medical cannabis (and Trump’s firm stance against Mexico), successful cannabis trade between the US and Mexico isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. Until then, Mexico will move forward to establish medical cannabis regulations with guidelines set to be released any day.

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