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4 Reasons to Pair Your Workout With Weed

Whether you crush it at cross fit, hit up the gym after work, or keep toned with regular weight training, pairing your workout with weed can take your fitness game to a higher level.

There are plenty of athletes who swear pot enhances their performance. Just look at Michael Phelps. And Ross Rebagliati. NBA all-star Cliff Robinson even loves weed so much he started a cannabis sports brand called Uncle Spliffy, whose products will “significantly enrich the athlete experience and outcomes while improving preparedness, focus, recovery, and relaxation.”

If you work out, smoke weed, and haven’t tried putting the two together you might want to rethink your game. Here’s four reasons why to pair your workout with your weed.

4 Reasons to Combine Your Workout with Weed

1. Weed Puts You in the “The Zone”

You know those workouts that really put you in the zone? When your body and mind are aligned, and you’re completely focused in the moment? Consuming cannabis before your workout can help you more regularly achieve this state. Smoking weed can help enhance your connection, increase your focus, and make you more aware of the movements of your body.

2. CBD Can Help with Pain-Relief Post-Workout

Pro-football quarterback Jake Plummer has used CBD for pain relief for over a decade. You don’t have to get high for weed to enhance your workout. Anyone who works out on the reg knows that sore muscles are a huge part of a routine fitness regime. Using CBD post-workout however, can help prevent sore muscles. It’s powerful inflammation-reducing properties can also assist in soothing sore muscles.

3. Marijuana Can Help You Motivate

Don’t feel like working out? Don’t worry. Marijuana might help. While there are several people that contend marijuana decreases motivation (which it definitely does in some), there are others who say marijuana actually makes them more motivated. Sativas are known for increasing alertness and energy and can be a godsend for people who aren’t motivated for their regular workout. One study found that Jamaican farmers who regularly smoked weed worked harder and showed more concentration.

4. Cannabis Increases Your Metabolism and Helps You Lose Weight

A big reason many people hit the gym is to lose weight. THC and cannabidiol (two of the main compounds in cannabis) help increase metabolism and how quickly someone loses fat. A 2011 study showed “the prevalence of obesity is lower in cannabis users than nonusers.” A 2013 study found “significant associations between marijuana use and smaller waist circumference.” Paired with a regular workout, weed can help you lose weight.

Do you pair your workouts with weed? Any strains you find better than others for working out? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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