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3 Reasons Why you Should be Drinking Cannabis Tea

The health benefits of cannabis are now well publicized and the way the revolution has been picking up is all but just amazing. But to many people, consuming cannabis can only be done via two ways, either by smoking it or by taking in cannabis edibles. Although the two above methods of consuming cannabis are correct, they aren’t the only methods of consuming cannabis that are around, there are a lot of other methods.

But even though there are a lot of other methods for consuming cannabis, in this article I want to focus on one cannabis consumption method that’s often neglected and poorly publicized. In fact, this method is one of the healthiest cannabis consumption methods around largely because it is simpler and doesn’t cause any grievous bodily damage as compared to the other cannabis consumption methods.

What am I referring to, you may ask. If you saw from the topic, I’m talking about cannabis tea or ingesting cannabis infused tea. Cannabis tea is the best alternative to smoking because by drinking it you would help prevent against health hazards such as inflammation. So, if you prefer to be a non-smoke but still enjoy the pleasure of having cannabis, then cannabis infused tea is the perfect solution for you.

I know, if this is a new concept to you, you might be questioning the effectiveness of cannabis tea. Well, here are some great reasons coupled with benefits of drinking cannabis tea.

1. Helps relive against pain

This is not entirely new to you. You are probably aware of the fact that cannabis is a very effective pain reliever, which explains why the herb in itself is very popular. In the 18th century, cannabis has been used effectively to leave people who suffered from chronic diseases like arthritis from pain. If you want to learn more on how exactly cannabis relieves pain, you can read it in this article here.

I might have referenced the 18th century above but cannabis through cannabis tea is still a very effective pain reliever now as it was then. The advantage it brings is that it will be infused via the digestive system where it will last longer as compared to the respiratory system.

2. Effective against Autoimmune Disorders

For autoimmune disorders, it can’t be questioned, cannabis is the most effective treatment for such. Cannabis is made up from Cannabinoids and these cannabinoids have been proven to reduce conditions such as inflammation. This is due to the fact that cannabinoids such as CBD, when exposed to the system, they can engage pathogens and cells within the system and cause various internal bodily changes.

You can read in depth on how this happens here. By drinking cannabis tea, quoting from the first paragraph, it will get to enter through the digestive system where it lasts making it more effective.

3.  Great Health Benefits

i. Helps Prevent against Alzheimer’s

Go through any harmful effects of cannabis, you see something that relates to brain damage, well, that not true! THC or Tetrahydrolcannabinoid can help either slow or block the production of Beta-amyloid proteins in the brain. Alzheimer’s emerges from these proteins, so as you can see, cannabis is the perfect cure for Aizemers as compared to all other medicines and treatments out there.

ii. Improves Digestive Health

If you smoke cannabis, the cannabinoids are believed to go straight to your brain. Imagine what ingesting it by way of drinking would do? When you drink cannabis tea, the cannabinoids in this case, would be absorbed by the receptors in the digestive tract before reaching the stomach. In the long run, this will help prevent against constipation.

Lastly, there are a lot of other amazing benefits of drinking cannabis tea and the only way to enjoy them is by actually drinking the tea.

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