3 Must Watch Ted Talks About Marijuana

ted talks marijuana

You can learn a lot from a Ted Talk. In case you didn’t know, TED stands for “Technology, Entertainment, Design.” And these talks, created in 1984 by Richard Saul Wurman, have inspired countless people across the globe. 

The 18-minutes that speakers are given to share their message are typically highly polished speeches that allow the audience further insight to numerous different topics. Thought provoking pieces that can ultimately change lives. Never seen a Ted Talk? Here’s your opportunity. 

3 Must-See Ted Talks About Marijuana

1. Coming Out…Moving Beyond the Marijuana Monster Myth

“If you are someone who appreciates marijuana, either as medicine or diversion or both, come out. You don’t need to cast yourself as a marijuana spokesmodel, but stop treating your weed-based pleasures as a source of shame to be kept secret,” invites author David Shmader in this well-received speech. 

2. The Surprising Story of Medical Marijuana and Pediatric Epilepsy

With his brothers, Josh Stanley created “Charlotte’s Web”, the cannabis strain that changed the world. In this informative Ted Talks, learn about how pediatric use of cannabis began, and the little girl who sparked a revolution.

3. Why I Changed My Mind About Medical Cannabis

Hugh Hempel was once a technology industry veteran. When medical cannabis saved his twin daughters’ lives, he became a health care entrepreneur. Here is Hempel changed his mind about medical cannabis. 

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