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Some 3 Common Cannabis Myths you Should Definitely Stop Believing

Cannabis is often portrayed in the bad light and normally, when most people try to discredit cannabis, they give reference some heinous crimes people have committed after allegedly taking cannabis.

And normally, when a lot of stigmatization revolves around a topic of interest, a lot of myths will arise. As usual, there has been a lot of myths revolving around cannabis and to my surprise, a lot of people around the world actually believe some of these myths to be true, a fact that is worrying on its own.

Before we delve deeper into some myths around cannabis, it’s important that we take a bit of time to explain what it is and some of the major components that cannabis is made from. In total, there are an estimated 400 different chemical compounds in marijuana. Although these might seem like a lot, there are only two known cannabinoids namely THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD or cannabinol.

The way these work is very simple. When you ingest cannabis by way of swallowing or smoking, these will stimulate the receptors in the brain to give a resultant effect which is amazing.

As for the effects, Cannabis with a high concentration of THC will give different results as compared to that with a high concentration of CBD. For example, CBD has a nonphyscoactive effect which is among a lot of things believed to reduce anxiety and depression.

Now that you have a basic idea of what marijuana is and how it works, let’s delve deep into some cannabis myths that are not by any means true.

Myth One. Cannabis is growing weaker with time.

According to Dr Ryan Vandrey at John Hopkins University, this myth is not even remotely true. Actually, according to him, the concentration of THC in marijuana has been continuously increasing which is making cannabis stronger than it ever was. From what I said, you’d assume that people now are getting more high than their parents did back in the 60’s. Well, that’s not true either, the difference now is that it’s only taking a little dosage to get high as compared to before.

Myth Two. You’ll get the same kind of high regardless of the strain you smoke

To most people, there are only two kinds of marijuana plants around, indica and sativa. The effects of smoking cannabis and the kind of high you’ll get from smoking these two strains is different. Although the differences you will get from smoking these two are not yet clear, researchers are putting a lot of work into understanding the exact differences between the two especially when comparing the THC and CBD levels of each.

Myth Three. Synthetic Cannabis is safe.

Synthetic marijuana is also referred to as spice and you will hear some people call it fake weed is not safe. In fact, it can be up 100 times stronger than the usual natural marijuana and in itself, the manufacturing process if this type of cannabis is often very secretive.

The reason behind the creation of synthetic marijuana was for researching how the brain is affected by cannabinoids. It was marked as legal until it started resulting in nasty side effects such as vomiting, acute physcosis and sometimes, death. It was banned but later on allowed after a few alterations were made.

Believe it or not, cannabis has some great effects and some of these cannabis myths are just there to shield off the great effects of cannabis which is why I had to prove how they aren’t true. Learn more on cannabis by going through some current studies of Cannabis being carried out.

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